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Small update; turn to God for deliverance.
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Published: 10 years ago

Small update; turn to God for deliverance.

Hello people,

Haven't posted here in a while because a couple of months ago I came to the conclusion that nothing and no one but God can deliver me from this mess. This coincided with a spiritual climax or crossroads I was having at the time, and I was led back into the Bible. This time I gave the Bible an honest read and I believe I've found the truth in it.

I'm still eating only chicken thighs, but I was able to add one or two egg yolks and small amounts of purple dulse seaweed and celtic Sea Salt to my meals per day. Still have to eat every two hours or so before I get fatigued, my brain stops working properly, my emotions get irritable, I get weak, etc.

Been having moments of strong Depression and even bouts of feeling suicidal because it's exhausting being sick like this, feeling like I'm fighting for my life every day. I hardly even go outside. Haven't been outside even to the sidewalk for a couple of days. Haven't been out for fun of any kind since December last year. I've been incapacitated and disabled with all this since 2007, but I've been dealing with sickness and pains my entire life. Life has been rough.

My body is still eating itself up, muscle loss, bone loss, teeth going bad, pain in the arteries, heart problems, etc. I have some lab results like fasting insulin, etc., sitting at the doctor's office, but I've lost motivation to even go see what the results say. There's no point. Doctors couldn't even cure a fly.

Herbs, vitamins, etc., etc., are worthless as far as curing an illness, especially when it is so far progressed. This is why some of us are here for years and nearly no progress.

Herbs and vitamins are great for maintaining levels of health, or maybe adding a boost, but for curing disease, it's not going to happen.

It seems there are only two things that can cure a disease.

One of them is our body's natural processes. Sometimes if you endure long enough, your body will fight it off. Herbs, vitamins, methods, drugs, etc., only perhaps augment the body somewhat, but the idea that the herbs and drugs are responsible for the healing is false.

Now, obviously many of us are here for years because our bodies just aren't going to overcome the illnesses and diseases. People spending thousands on herbs and supplements, spending time and money on doctors, etc., etc.

If you've been sick for years and have stayed the same or only gotten worse, like me, chances are your body is unable to beat the illness. Period. You may not be so far gone that you're verging on death, but you're also not going to overcome the disease either.

At that point, only God can deliver you from illness and disease.

This is where I'm at right now. God is my only hope for healing.

There are many testimonies, etc., of people getting healed, and my life has been heavily saturated with spiritual experiences, so there is more than meets the (blind) eye on this topic.

So yeah, I've been seeking God for these past several months, and weeks in particular. Read the words of Jesus Christ, they're all true.

We don't see many true healings of God from Christians, because frankly there probably aren't many true believers. A lot of professing Christians, but where are the signs of the believer that Jesus mentioned?

The only type of "healing" that goes on in mainstream Christian churches is those of charlatans and those caught up in deception in all these "revivals" with this kundalini spirit infecting everyone.

But aside from that, I do believe there are true Christians who are sound in doctrine and have the signs of the believers like the Apostles had.

Check out this video from Youtube that I found. It's from a small, and seemingly very dedicated church of believers in Ukraine. It will give many of you hope!

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