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Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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Published: 10 years ago

The Curezone Forum my MH

For a few, they have came, tok notice, self-experimented, went, cam back, learned around the world, etc. and made this forum worth while. I just got this story and will read it as I post it here, I assume it will be of interest and help others, it has some pictures, but assume they will not show up on my paste job here:

Keep in mind, this fellow is an airline captain of the super large jets, so he is no dummy, born in South Africa if I remember correctly. Few people in current times have taken as much interest in their personal health as this fellow. He takes advice so well, that when i last seen him, I suggested he get married and low and behold, he finds a gal, or she found him and they were married wam bam....and having a super party to celebrate, but since he lives on the other side of the world, I will have to be saticefied with his pictures.

My Story: My Brief history of My Herbal Use.
Over the next few years I would find my self coming privy to a remarkable
body of knowledge that would allow me to become my own physician. I would
come to see through the biased medical model that seeks to treat symptoms
and not the cause. The underlying cause of so many of societies ill’s and
diseases are well known, yet the medical fraternity chooses to look else
where in favour of corporate profit based upon the suffering of millions. We
are no further out of the dark ages than in the year 1600 in terms of the main
stream mind set. The cure for cancer has been long known, yet conveniently
put aside by mainstream medicine in favour of toxic and expensive treatments
such as chemo. Cancer victims are seldom encouraged to clean up their inner
terrain. They are never encouraged to clean out their potential parasite loads.
Instead they are exposed to toxic pracrtices which bring about meager results
at a tremdous price. The same goes for every civilized disease.
In April 2006, I found a treasure trove of knowledge as passed on to me by
the Barefoot Herbalist.
The knowledge empowered me with the basic foundation that allowed me
over the next three years to turn my health around entirely.
I chanced upon the knowledge whilst trying to find a solution what I believed
was a fungal problem that I was experiencing. I appeared to be experiencing
symptoms sytematic of candida or fungus within my body. Associated
symptoms where chronic constipation, brain fog, less than optimum mental
performance. Frequent hemorrhoids. Constipation etc etc the list goes on. All
of them, on their own non specific but collectively detracting from allowing me
to experience the fullness of life sprectrum
Medical fraternity incorrectly diagnosed my symptoms as Chronic
Fatigue/Depression. They were quite quick to prescribe prozac as a means of
dealing with the in-correctly diagnosed fatigue depression. At no stage once
the situation was correted (several years later), was I asked as to what I had
done to resolve the situation. They simply didn’t care. The bottom line is noone
caresabout your health, and thus you are abligued to take responsibility
for this vital aspect of your life.
My initial reaction to the herbal advice offered was resistance to using fruit to
assist in fueling the body at a cellular level whilt cleaning up the waste in the
body, fruit is considered cleansing, ASSUMING the elimination organs were
effective and dropping bodily waste down and out. It was patiently explained
that if the Bowel and kidneys where functioning efficiently, there would be no
backing up of waste. If there was no backing up of waste, then the Candida
problem would disappear. Candida (fungus was natures solution to a problem,
the problem is this case was an excess amount of waste backed up to a
cellular leveling the body) So simple a solution, yet misunderstood or even
unknown by the so called medical profession that I entrusted to assist me.

Since my bowel was hardly functioning efficiently, it was pretty obvious that
that was the first aspect that needed addressing. Much had been written
about, pertaining to a herbal bowel formulae that had a fifty year reputation for
not only relieving constipation but restoring bowel function. This formule was
made famous by the late Dr John Christopher and was named “the Lower
Bowel Balance” formulae. At that stage I had no idea of the unusal shape and
complexity of my colon in comparison to an “average” colon. A bowel x-ray
over the next few months would bring this to light. This unusual shape I can
only guesse stemmed back to birth, possibly caused by the use of
vaccinations or chemicals of some sort, thus a contributing factor to my poor
sporting performance and lack of co-ordination whilst growing up.
The hemorrhoids I was experiencing was basically constipation of the tissues
of elimination. The herbal sitz bath and LBB capsules work great, but to get to
the cause, all the animal protein and contributing poisons had to stop or the
system will remained clogged.
Sensing that the LBB was what was required to restore bowel function, and
with a sense of forbidding that this was yet another useless supplement that
would produce little or no lasting result. The Bowel formulae turned out to be
life changing. Little did I know that later it would prove to be a life saver for my
Wife who had been struggling against CF all of her life. At the same time I felt
it apt to try out the parasite formulae. I subsequently sought out both of these
herbal blends as well as the kidney formulae. I had these shipped to me via
friends within the US, going half way round the world. US customs restrictions
on herbs had made it so impractical to order direct from the Source. Big
brother at work clamping down on methods that do actually address human
health at cause.

The LBB arrived and I began taking it. The results were miraculous for me
from the beginning. My bowel began to move between three to four times per
day. (24 May 2006). For the next nine to ten months, my bowels would with
regular abandon eject enormous amounts of fowl smelling dark matter. This
happened several times day and night.
Up until this stage I had been struggling with constipation for as long as I
could remember. Over the years I had tried all manner of things. Ranging
from Physlyium husk, Oxypower, Miraculous Magnesium, even Epsom Salts.
If anything the effects were good for one or two days and then, back to square
one. I later learnt that many of these type of commercial products do more
harm than good, and don’t address the true cause. Diet.
I continued taking the Parasite cleanse, and LBB. The bowel continued to
move and with each passing day I continued feeling better and better. The
contents of bowel movement continued to reveal ascaris type worms along
with loads of flukes. No wonder I had been feeling lousy.
I begin the first in a series of liver cleanses after being on the parasite cleanse
for a few days. I’m astounded to have hundred of little flukes emerge with just
as many stones. I had seen the stones before in previous cleanses, but never
the parasites.
Transition from a full vegan diet to a Raw Food diet.
July 2006 saw my beginning my first 14 day OJ fast. The result -mental and
emotional well being improve massively.
Each day that I was on the OJ fast, I was eliminating LARGE amounts, ie 300
grams twice a day, for 14 days! It just didnt stop.
Around this time I begin reading “Book 1” for the first time.
I noticed the following observations upon being on the LBB after a couple of
months, this taken from my diary at the time. ”I started using LBB 20days
prior to a 14 day orange juice fast. I had acute constipation at this time. Upon
using LBB, constipation problems solved. I take as many as required to get
things moving. I notice a lag time of between 24-48 hrs, which tells me things
are cured fully even now. All through the months of taking the LBB, I have
observed stuff being expelled that I defitinly did not eat "recently". Loads of
Old mucus. Loads of Black Tarr (not often, but there) Over last 6 weeks I
have gone over to entirely a fruit diet. This has reduced the amount of LBB
required. I notice a few days go by, and things clogg up. I up the LBB, and to
my dismay notice loads of FIBRE/WORM texture mass being expelled in
mass. I can only wonder at where this stuff is coming from. But there again I
guess quite a bit can be hidden in 24 ft of intestine. Once out, flow gets
better until the next occasion. I notice feeling lousy when things clogg
up. How I would ever have gotten a handle on my situation without the LBB is
something I cringe to even tthink about.”

Several months have passed as Feb 2007 comes around, which heralds in
my third long Fast, Koh Sumui Thailand.
I set out to do a 20 day Juice fast, so as to continue the improvements and
healing process as seen before on previous fasts, and as testified in so many
books on the subject.
At this stage I have totally mental and emotional alignement on what I am
doing. I have full faith that I will get my goal. This later aspect is viatl and
served to keep me motivated to stay on the diet whilst the healing occurred.
I broke this last fast on the 14th day. I felt the weight loss had reached a point
that I felt was as far as I was prepared to go. I’ve yet to decide if this was a
real limit that I came up against or a perception. A limiting belief. Im fully
aware that after the fast the weight does come back on to pre-level fasts. I
certainly had not hit the “Hunger threshold where the body had said
ENOUGH. The decision to stop was an emotional one, intellectually
I used Pineapple juice on this fast. Occasional coconut water was taken too.
In hindsight, I will in future stick to citrus. The only negative thing about using
Thailand as a fasting venue, is the non availability of REAL oranges. What
passes as an orange here is actually a small sweet orange type fruit, thus I
was reluctant to use it, yet its still citrus. Pineapple is reputed to be a stronger
cleanser than Citrus. I suspect my intake of pine apple was not diluted
enough, thus slowing the cleansing reaction by supplying too much fuel to the
The use of various Thai massage was once again proved in-valuable, as this
facilitated in keeping the body in-balance. I found daily yoga class to be
benefit in balancing the energy body and keep a heightened mental state. I
also found the occasional use of a highly experienced Chinese Reiki
practioner/energy healer to be of value in centering and clearing the Energy
The Slumps from the detox ended after the 7th day, whereupon it became
business as usual.
I had been using a table spoon of longevity spice each day up until the 10th
day, occasionally adding this to the juice.
I found adding a drop of Oregano oil to my litre of drinking water worked well
as an anti fungal.
I needed 1-2 LBB every hour to keep the bowel clearing once a day.
Some days it didnt, and felt lousy next morning until the gut cleared.
1 table spoon of dewormer taken twice daily. Once upon rising, once before

1 teaspoon of lethitin/olive oil taken at night before bed.
I found mental and emotional dips throughout as the whole body detoxes, this
lessened after 7 day, then hit a plateau by then.
I found that Ideally one would want to fast alone, or at very least with a fellow
faster. Mixing with people not aligned to one regime brings in the possibility of
doubt due to their ignorance of what is going on.
More Sitz type baths could be taken. I wound up doing only one on this fast.
Re-reading the fasting books/material is great to keep the mind aligned to
what is going on. Educating the mind is such a vital aspect of the whole
healing experience. No hunger experienced at all, despite taking some of my
juices in the restaurant where food was being prepared/cooked.
Fast Arizona Nov 2010
Up untill this time all of my fasting experiences and success had been based
upon the use of Citrus fruit/pinapple juice.
Having found great benefit by adopting a raw food diet, I decided to travel to
the Tree of Life in Arizona, home to (Sir) Dr Gabriel Cousins leading mind
within the raw food movements, a man twice knighted, a medical doctor.
Here was an individual who not only walked his talk. At the ripe of age of 65
could drop to the ground and deliver in excess of 600 pushups. A Raw Food
diet is at the core of his practice and philosophy. A raw food diet has be party
to a hightened state of conciousness, mental performance, physical
performance, and spiritual achievement. His simple approach to using a raw
food diet to cleans and purify the body of accumulations, has made him world
famous in assisting many of his clients in achieving multiple healings from
Thus I decided to venture to his facility to not only try out his system of fasting
using Raw Vegi Juices, but also to see first hand his approach at growing and
preparing foods in their Raw state.
The 7 day green juice fast was easy to work through. Juices where
consumed four times per day with lots of water in between. The Tree of Life
did not see value in seeking out an effective preventative parasite approach
as per the Barefoot Herbalists teaching. Their system is brilliant, however
based upon my experience I would say this would be their single biggest short
coming. Another aspect that concerned me was the lack of using a herbal
approach to rid the bowel of its toxic accumulations. My previous three years
of experience, indicated this was vital to a deep and thorough cleanse.
I followed the Tree of Life veggie juice fasting regime, adding in my own
unique herbal bowel cleanse efforts, and continuing on with a new Barefoot
Parasite cleanse intended for fasting application.

This approach adopted a three in one broadside approach at the potential
parasite problem. Up until this time I had possibly consumed more parasite
formulae than any of the Barefoots clients. I began the three in one approach
in October of that Year, a month before getting to the TOL. The first few
weeks saw my frequent mild headaches initially get slightly worse, and then
begin to clear up. The approach consisted of taking a parasite tincture orally
three times per day, using the rooms spray in a confined room at least three
time of ingestion, and the herb would go into the blood directly and be taken
to the liver for assimilation. The liver would pull out the minerals and elements
it would use as anti-parasite properties and then re apply them via the body
as was required. Thus the herbal affect would transit the blood brain barrier
and be effective to any parasite that may be within the celebral hemispheres.
The herbs would be effective in chasing any worms and parasite out of the
organs and cavities within the body and into the bowel. My headaches
stopped shortly afterwards, I thus believe that this approach did work.
A worm lure taken with the first meal after the fast, lures specific parasites into
the bowel for immediate evacuation upon the first bowel movement. I am
astounded to find 15cm – 20 cm tape worm contained within the contents of
the bowel movement. It was so obvious it could hardly be missed. The fasting
thus provided a fantastic vehicle to make the parasite cleanse more effective.
The worm lure taken when back on solid foods, seemed to be the fina part of
the parasite success as shown on this picture.
Incidentally after this parasite emerged, I was never again plagued by the
herbes cold sore on my lower lip at odd times through the year. A definite
correlation between the virus and the bodies parasite load. (Ascaris)
Sadly this kit was a once off, and when the batch was done, no more was
Ascaris worms removed after fast with the Three in One parasite kit.
(Advanced Kit)
PWE (June 2011)
About three months back, I switched from the LBB to the new PWE formulae.
The PWE formulae is result of MH’s life long quest to find herbs from every
continent that have subsequently been lost to herbal approach. When

combined with some of the old deworming formulae, and mixed with portion of
the LBB, and Kidney herbs, a rather effective all round cleanse was the result.
Within days of beginning this approach I noticed my bowel beginning to
become more regular, and stool well formed resembling what the old
herbalists referred to as “cashew nut” in shape. My skin began to regain some
of its natural healthy colour. My face regained its colour. Most significant to
me, was my body beginning to tone and shape as a result of my daily fitness
efforts. Previously any attempt to gain weight, tone in the gym/sport resulted
in insignificant results. This change is ongoing. My weight has moved from 65
kg to 69 kg (154 llbs)
It took several weeks for the occasional joint pain to disappear in total. This I
understand to be a result of the parasite herbs actively working against the
tiny worms within the joints and bones. Old herbalists call this Lymes disease.
Apparently pandemic proportions for the last three hundred years.
Recenty MH improved his PWE formulae adding finishing touches to it.
Calling the new improved blend Batch ii. I’m finding it to refine the previous
version even more. The headaches returned for several days and have also
receeded into the past.
Due to the unusual shape of my colon I will most likely need to be very
diligent with my diet, and require a continuous amount of bowel herb. This
would no doubt be a life long quest.
I have found that when travelling to countries where I can procure a large
amount of fresh greens and ample amounts of fermented foods, and good
bowel flora, I am able to keep the bowel moving regularly.
Keeping the liver open and flowing is an on going project. Plant fats have
been written about at length to assist with this. The BFH make a great Liver
Gall bladder cleanse with iodine that when taken regularly facilitates the
continuous trickle of stones and chaff, keeping the liver free. The stones are
often evident in the stool. Their shape and size and colour is unmistakable.
A few months into taking the above mentioned Liver Gall Bladder Formuale, I
tried another Epsom salt liver cleanse and only noticed the smallest of liver
stones. A huge amount of bile, but no stones. My bowel seemed to work even
more efficiently after this liver cleanse, as if the liver was purged of an
accumulation of mud and was now much more effective. Theory is, that as
long as the plant fats are consumed the liver will remain stone free. Time will
Herewith, a summary of PWE/LBB as per a recent email to MH.
“Having used the LBB and Dewormer products for as long or if not longer than
anyone here aside from MH, here are my observations with the PWE based
upon my own use and those around me. I have been using the LBB for the
last five years. During that I time I have seen extensive cleaning. With herbal
products I have seen much in the way of worms/parasites released. This
continued over many years even until as little a 3 months ago. The LBB

seemed to work well for the first 3 years. The effectiveness began to taper off
after 3 years. At that stage I tried upping the dose, and at one stage was
taking up to 24 LBB/day to get my bowel to move. When at that stage I
realized that the progress I had made was probably ending and the success I
had from the LBB had reached its peak, and was in decline. (Diet was as
close to Fruit and Raw Veggies as one could get at that stage) As the
effectiveness of the LBB declined I would use a half a quart of distilled water
enema to keep my bowel moving. This I was doing for the last 18 months,
untill the PWE came out. When taking the PWE, I noticed another bout of
worms emerge. I didn't trust the PWE completely at that stage thus would use
an additional LBB or two with the PWE to get the bowel to move. Since found
it entirely unnecessary. Over the last three months, I have brought the dose
of PWE to 2 capsules 3x per day, and the bowel is moving daily LIKE CLOCK
BEFORE! The stool is well formed/shaped. There is no mark on the toilet
pan, telling me digestion has improved. I have colour in my face again for the
first time in years. My skin looks healthy/glows. I have grown in my chest by
one shirt size. My weight has moved to 154 LLBs. (doing mild weight training,
and martial arts training...nothing hectic) I am amazed to see my body
changing shape. After a five year struggle, I would say that my bowel issues
are about 95% healed. The LBB did the initial cleaning, and the PWE has
completed the work. My wife started taking the LBB in December, and for the
first time in her adult life came of conventional medicine designed for special
cases to move the bowel. She had been in and out of hospital for years with
bowel issues. Fortunately they never cut anything out. In the last 6 months,
she has never had to touch that medication again. Her bowel moves and
clears. In the last 3 months she has taken the PWE, and is now using 2
capsules 3x per day and her bowel us functioning entirely normal. This is
miraculous based on where she was coming from. When combined with the
plant fats she is releasing large amounts! I have even begun a few
experimental minded beginners on it, and they are reporting spectacular
results. MH The PWE is by far your best herbal products. Please do NOT
discontinue it. I understand the impracticalities of making it, but its worth the
effort. In comparison the LBB formulae, is like a bulldozer, gets the job done
BUT the PWE is like precision surgery. Elegant and precise. Please also
think about making another batch of worm lure. Its the best way to end a fast
after using parasite products. ”
This concludes my summary of my exploits and adventures with a herbal
approach. The learnings, experience and application there off have provided
me with the finest real life education, empowering me to be free of the medical

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