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Will Iodine kill systemic parasites?
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Published: 12 years ago

Will Iodine kill systemic parasites?

I have a very active parasite infection and now H Pylori infection to go along with my heavy viral load. I have a Colloidal Silver protocol specifically for H pylori I found here on cz which I will follow (and am buying Colloidal Silver until I can figure out and decide which home method I will use in the future but right now this particular situation is consuming all my mind space).

My question is about parasites and iodine. I have been taking 50mg of Iodine per day plus the boron in water thing along with added magnesium, B's (all of them), selenium 400mcg (just starting to go up to 400 from 200) and 3+ gm of c.

Is this enough to kill parasites? I will increase Iodine slowly because I can feel my body sucking in the Iodine - seriously!!!!

My diet is gluten free, Sugar free, milk free (I eat some raw cheese infrequently), grass fed beef, coconut oil, doubly filtered water (I want to make sure to get out cadmium/lead/fluoride!!), eat kimchee with each meal, just started juicing 1/4 wedge of cabbage + 3 carrots before each meal, am eating raw veggies, fruits with low Sugar (granny smith apples, lemons, grapefruit), no soy, no gmo's, majority organic, free range eggs bought locally, etc. etc. etc. Also starting glutamine, colostrum, beta glucan and monolaurin.

I have hashi's resulting in low thyroid and I listened to Dr Mark Starr say that when you are low thyroid you are basically a walking infection factory for life and need to be on dessicated thyroid forever.

I am thinking that if I can stop the onslaught of toxins, eat healthier and take some supplements, I shouldn't have to take any meds. But with all the activity with infections, I am wondering if he is right. Any advice? I have to say, by making all the changes I did in terms of of diet, stopping the fluoride/bromide madness, taking supplements, I was able to get my numbers into the normal range WITHOUT MEDS!!! Woo hoo!!!!! But now I look at all the infections and it makes me want to cry (I am actually weeping now as I write this because this struggle is really taking the wind out of my sails). Maybe I just need to get this all handled and for every two steps forward there might be 1 step back for a little while longer. Anyone have any advice to share on that?

I had just finished getting my body into a healthier state of being where the metals were finally being released. As soon as they were ( doing highly effective simple things to get out mercury/lead/cadmium), low and behold, the parasites flourished. I am really needing to get these things OUT! I have tapes & flukes which are exiting now that I've finished a 30 day HumaWorm. I know there are many left and I do not want to stop fighting them off waiting to do the next round.

It is in my hopes the iodine (along with everything else I am doing) will help my body get into a better state where these things cannot thrive.

Is that a false sense of hope or is there something else I can be doing to get rid of these horrific things?


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