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I cured my body odor (bad breath)
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Published: 11 years ago

I cured my body odor (bad breath)

Hello everyone, I been on here reading comments for 4-5 years now trying many different things.

About 4-5 years ago I developed a sudden strange Body Odor at first it was like a burning smell but gradually it became worst and worst often smelling like sewer, mold, yeast, dirty feet, poop. People could smell me a few feet away it was like i was passing gas eventhough I wasn't.

I tried a bunch of external medicine from antifungal creams, deodarants, antibacterial soaps and nothing worked. I kept thinking it was sweat from my feet but my feet actually did not smell so i thought it was coming from my pores of my skin.

I then began assuming it was an internal issue so i began changing my diet thinking it was candida or sibo. I took detox pills, metamucil, mushroom extracts, drank tea's took clorophyll and a boat load of other things. I even took Antibiotic called flagyl and that worked for 2 months but then the odor came back. I noticed eating sugary food made my odor worst for some reason.

Now the breakthrough was when I noticed many times when I have this odor i can feel like there is something on my throat like post nasal drip mucus but not all of the time. I decided to do a saline nasal flush that targets the upper sinuses and it did not work. I was breathing like never before and the post nasal drip reduced but I still had that damn odor. Not until recently I read about how one person added grape seed extract mixture to their saline solution and it worked for them. I decided to try it but I added 20 drops of it and i paid for it bigtime it burned my nose and throat but it was well worth it. The next day when I went to work I had no odor. I suggest if you do this add a less amount of gse because it burns your throat and nose. If you do it like I did make sure to have pain killers handy so you can at least get a night's sleep.

The info i got from this page.

I wish everyone good luck. Don't give up.

This is the message that helped me:

Dec 30, 2008

I had the same problem for like 4 years and it has just recently cleared up in a week. i had constant white coating on my tongue, would brush/scrape 3 times a day. i could not talk to people up close. I mean my breath was terrible, people would hold their nose, cough and turn away. One of my nostrils would block every now and then. The smell go so bad that i had to stop going out on social occasions.

First thing i did was buy a nasal irrigator machine which passes a saline solution through the nose and sinuses. this helped a little with the blockage but the smell was still there.

The real breakthrough came when i bought grapefruit seed extract (GSE) 100 ml bottle from the internet (there are many brands).

This stuff kills bacteria, yeast and fungus.
i first put 12 drops in a glass of water and gargled with it sip by sip and then swallow. i did this 3 times a day after brushing and this stopped my breath and cleared my throat for many hours. (but did not totally cure it).

I experimented one day and put 15 drops in my irrigator machine with the saline solution in the morning and to my amazement my breath was fresh all day. after doing this for a week i had no nose blockage and no bad breath what so ever.

I still brush and tongue scrape morning and night and drink 12 drops in water twice a day. this product has changed my life.

I just hope i can help others because i know how life sapping having this curse is.

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Feb 19, 2009
To: ss1981

There must be a reason that no one posted since your response. Could it be that they have all been cured? Possibly yes. I tried your suggestion on a whim, immediately I noticed the odor had diminished, I mean immediately.

Now I have been suffering from this debilitating disease/symptom for over 12 years and I have tried everything. In my mind it started after an over use of Antibiotics to fight sinus infections. I went to ent's, allergists, dentists, gastrointestinal docs, psychologists, natural healers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. I've tried everything including dietary changes, nasal washes, therabreath, food grade hydrogen peroxide, pharmaceutical grade nystatin, more Antibiotics , anxiety meds, virgin oils, sinus massage, saunas, reflexology, steam oils, a thousand different supplements and herbs, etc., etc., etc. I mean the breath I had was Godzilla like and it did not matter how many times I brushed, gargled, or scraped my tongue. Gum or mints had no effect. I used to inhale when I talked to people in order to spare the recipients. I mean people would duck my conversations better than George Bush ducking a flying shoe. God help the poor ******* that should happen to draw a seat next to me on a plane. I would have to pretend to sleep the entire flight in order to save him/her from sheer nausea.

I am a restaurateur and have the need to be in constant social situations with customers as well as close conversations with my employees. It has been difficult to say the least. I have been using the grapefruit extract now for about 5 days and I feel for the first time in years confident enough to talk closely with my employees, friends, and customers again. When I wake in the morning I can literally give my girlfriend a kiss now, exhaling with an open mouth without even brushing my teeth is amazing. She noticed a immediate difference in my mood. I am almost certain that the odors were due to a fungal infection of sorts that would produce disgusting smells while attaching itself to stagnant mucus from post nasal drip and drainage. I was hacking constantly. I could scrape what seemed like fur off of the back of my tongue at times, especially when I drank milk, soda or beer, ate bread, or had anything sugary to eat. The mucus would accumulate like you could not imagine, it was like old yogurt that never went away. I was constantly clearing my throat or hacking and spitting. It was truly disgusting. I would have to keep a waste basket next to my bed to expel the **** throughout the night or I felt like I would choke. I disgusted myself not to mention the anxiety I felt around my girlfriend and other people.

Since taking the grapefruit extract the mucus is still present, but less sticky which makes it easier to swallow, and is no longer odorous. Food tastes better than ever and I no longer have that nasty bitter sour taste constantly in my throat. I feel like a new man. I hope to soon get back to living my life. I went to the dentist today for the first time in 2 years and felt confident having my mouth open for the better part of an hour. I ate white toast and cereal with real milk for breakfast today and suffered no repercussions. It feels like a miracle and I want to especially thank you for posting on this board, which I just happen to come across after I googled smelly post nasal drip. I have been on hundreds of threads hoping to find a cure and this appears to finally be it. Thank you again! You are the man or woman?! My family, friends, employees, customers, and especially my wonderfully tolerant girlfriend of 5 years thanks you as well.

Last thing, I did notice a bit of a tingling or numbing sensation on my tongue since I began using the extract, just wondering if that has happened to you as well and if so how long it takes to go away if ever. My research on grapefruit seed extract turned up some info this symptom as a possible side effect. Also, I still do seem to have a fair amount of mucus still, I have not used a nasal irrigator but have used a neti pot with the extract. Just wondering, did your mucus issue go away more slowly or do you have another suggestion to alleviate that problem? Thanks in advance. Rick.


Oct 04, 2009

*I tried this and copied a post I made on another page...reference the flip turn method, if you're interested.*

OK Friggy, I had to give you the update and post this so that it can help others. I had done the flip turn since Wednesday morning. Wednesday during the day, the smell coming out of my nose must have been horrible. People were making faces etc. When I tested my breath, that was bad too. I was really upset. I was so depressed, I didn't even do it in the evening when I got home. I did it again Thursday morning. Awful smell from the nose during the day. People were coughing and saying it smelled on the bus. I stayed home Friday. I had battled bad breath for a LONG TIME. But, the bad smell from the nose was a new thing (which I can't smell/test myself).

It's one thing to just keep your mouth shut, it's a whole other thing to not be able to exhale/breathe without being thoroughly embarrassed. I stayed home Friday and would not leave my apartment. I was so upset. I didn't do any flip turns (though I had planned to). I stayed home Saturday and did not do any flip turns. I was still very upset. Here's the thing. When I would do them, with the saline I wouldn't get any real gunk out. It was just thick, clear, with areas of whitish mucus, but nothing extreme. I went back to this site and saw a post about using grapefruit seed extract and it being a miracle worker. I had used Grapefruit-Seed-Extract in my neti pot before and was convinced that this was what brought on the BAD exhalation smell in my nose. But, I figured I had nothing to lose and added it to my saline solution for the flip turn. I did it a number of times (laying back on the edge of the bed the way someone suggested in the comments.

This was four in the morning (yes, I stayed up that long b/c I was so upset). I did a ton of flip turns, holding each one for about 30 seconds or 45...I didn't really time it. After a series of them (I had gone through maybe two ounces of solution). I went to pour out the container I had used to expel the solution from my nose, there were BIG SOLID chunks of white stuff in it. It resembled pieces of crumbled ricotta cheese. I had never seen anything like it. There were a whole bunch of these if I had chewed up ricotta and spit it into the container!! I did it a few more of these. I didn't get any more ricotta cheese (maybe one little piece that you could barely see) and decided that it was time to go to sleep. It was 5am. I brushed my teeth, tongue, gargled w/ Grapefruit-Seed-Extract in water and went to bed. I woke up at noon. I tested my breath by spitting on the back of my hand, letting it air dry and smelling (as I do every morning). Usually, I catch a whiff immediately. This time, I had to search HARD to find it. I eventually did, But the smell was not nearly as putrid. So, I can say that 7 hrs later (upon waking, no less), my breath's intensity has diminished AND the smell that is released is not as bad. Usually my breath could smell after an hour and at FULL FORCE. This is a true miracle for me. A blessed Sunday. I thank God for letting me discover your flip turn method and the other post about Grapefruit-Seed-Extract (putting those two together may have just changed my life). I don't know about the smell coming from my nose. I'll have to test it tomorrow. I'll probably got to the campus health center, tell them I'm sick and as the doctor or nurse if they smell something when I exhale (otherwise I'd just be wayyyy too embarrassed to ask anyone else). But, yeah I'm going to keep doing this forever. b/c it can only get better from here.

You know, I had bronchial pneumonia when I was two and always got bronchitis when I was younger (until my mom switched me to soy milk).

I used to drink regular milk all the time. What I expelled this morning is probably residual from back the '90s!!! For anyone curious, I bought the Nutribiotic GSE (can be found on amazon or in any healthfood store) and added the amount of GSE they recommended for a nasal rinse to my hypertonic saline solution for the Flip Turn. The amount of GSE I gargled with was also the amount this company recommended for gargling. I will also post this on the other forum (the one that told me about the GSE) so that it can help them as well. I think the Friggy flip turn + GSE can help a lot of people! Thanks again and have a blessed day!! Oh, and for people wanting to view either forum, just click on my profile and find the comments I've posted. That will take you to the other site so you can view the discussions in entirety.


Feb 21, 2010
To: All members
Here is my summary of research for all post nasal drip sufferers (I am a 10 year sufferer, still looking for a cure but i feel i am now armed with very useful knowledge that may bring me to a cure / significant improvement, this has been gathered from a variety of articles, websites and forums over a number of years), i believe that the following list of issues are interlinked and if tackled progressively we could see improvements, traditional doctors and medicine will look at managing symptoms but not necessarily a cure, thats because in my opinion there is not a single cureable condition that the doctors can pinpoint and eradicate chronic post nasal drip, merely a number of factors that combine to produce the symptoms we experience:

1. Acid reflux and digestive problems - correct with use of probiotics (acidophilus and bifidobacterium) and digestive enzymes - to restore balance of digestive system where problems can begin. Acid reflux linked to post nasal drip but the reality is that both problems are likely caused by a third party condition/source rather than one causing the other, doctors will aim to correct acid reflux to eradicate post nasal drip but that doesn't work in most cases.
2. Amalgam fillings - replace them for white fillings and commence heavy metal detox (cilantro and chlorella) - remove toxic metals from body capable of causing many problems and exacerbating others particularly candida. A lot of hype and paranoia currently surrounds amalgams, but I genuinely believe that the presence of mercury in the body from Amalgams can increase the power and toxicity of other illnesses, whether or not they cause illnesses single handedly.

3. Candidiasis - Use anti candida supplements and diet to eradicate candida albicans from body - Overuse of Antibiotics , presence of mercury in the body (amalgam fillings), poor diet etc. cause overgrowth of candida in gut which can spread to other parts of body causing mayhem. White tongue, oral and oesophagal thrush, skin problems etc.... Long list of signs of candida presence and potential symptoms. Amalgam removal essential to assist eradication, plus anti-fungal remedies, probiotics and anti-candida diet.

4. Leaky Gut Syndrome - a result of candidiasis and poor gut health. Basically holes are formed in the gut wall allowing things through to parts of the body they shouldnt reach and as a result the body may react to those "things" as foreign invaders and trigger allergic response. Eradicate candida, take steps to improve gut bacterial balance, other natural supplements can help reduce and correct leaky gut syndrome.
5. General detoxification - Use natural detox remedies to detox a)Liver (eradicate toxins, improve immune function etc). b) Kidneys (poor kidney function = poor health), c) Colon Cleanse (clean out toxins and excess body waste). The internet is full of resources to advise on the method of detox.

6. Quit Smoking if you are a smoker. Prevent further damage of lungs, sinuses, internal organs etc. Quit drug use if this applies to you also.

7. Allergies - This is the hardest part, so much conflicting opinion and doctors love to put undiagnosable conditions simply down to "allergies" without truly investigating the root causes. Allergies can potentially be reduced and even eliminated by some of the steps above, but investigating allergies in extra detail is recommended with an allergy specialist who will invest some time and energy into you. Allergies can be a symptom of poor internal health including digestion. Common allergens related to post nasal drip include Milk and Wheat / Gluten. After following steps 1 to 5 we should be much more healthy internally and if we still experience problems then allergies may possibly be the final frontier.

8. Vitamins and Minerals - Just to assist good health in the process of recovery and detoxification.

9. healthy Diet - another obvious thing to consider on the path to recovery.

Sinus washes, nasal operations, stomach operations and acid remedies, allergy nasal sprays and antihistamines etc are all just efforts to reduce symptoms and usually fail for most of us. Few doctor I have heard of will look to address the internal root causes of what we are experiencing, its more than they have the time or energy for.

The above list is likely to be a long and experimental journey for most of us, if you research each of the above list in relation to your symptoms you will see there is definitely a link! Much of the above wont be seriously addressed by mainstream doctors, the type of people who can assist with them will be holistic and homeopathic doctors as there is a lot of natural remedy and herbal aspects to some items particularly natural detoxification. You need to keep an open mind, homeopathy has its cynics including myself, but a good holistic doctor may succeed where traditional medicine fails. I am not suggesting homeopathy is the single path to cure, just an assistance along the way with a "thinking outside the box" approach.

I am beginning by having Amalgams replaced. then i will address the heavy metal detox, candida, stomach acid and detoxification over a period of 12 to 24 months and see where I end up. One thing for sure is by the time i am finished I will be internally 90% healthier than I am today, so that has to be worth the journey. I am going to seek an experienced holistic professional to help me and advise me along the way, i recommend the same to others.

Good Luck to you all, hope this has helped in some way



Aug 05, 2012

You can flush your sinuses with every herb, solution, or mixture you want, and you are NOT going to get rid of your stinky post nasal drip. Chronic, stinky PND and bad breath is DIET RELATED. Let me say that again, it's DIET RELATED. Get that through your head. DIET RELATED!!

And not to mention, that grape seed extract that people were talking about above is HORRIBLE for your body and brain. Do some research and you will realize that it's pretty much like spraying Windex up your nose. DON'T DO IT.

Every chronic condition is caused by your diet. Diabetes, MS, bad breath, PND, allergies, high blood pressure, bad skin, EVERYTHING. You HAVE to eat clean or you are wasting your time and money on so-called "cures" and you are hurting your body eating the junk that you consume on a regular basis.

Eating clean means ONLY eating grilled chicken (NOT FRIED), fish (NOT FRIED), all vegetables and the supplements that I will list below... and the occasional grass-fed beef. NOTHING ELSE. Drink water and ONLY water with every meal and between meals. Drink 8 LARGE glasses a day, at least.

Obviously, this dramatic change in your lifestyle/diet is very tough to get used to, especially after you are used to eating whatever you've wanted in the past. I used to have a big sweet-tooth, drink alcohol with my buddies, and pretty much eat whatever I wanted. In return, I had nasty breath, nasty post nasal drip, and an embarrassing social life.

I wanted to kill myself for a long time. The nose grabs, the disgusted look on even my FRIENDS faces was just a nightmare. I remember I was at a bar one night with some friends, and I thought our waitress was so pretty. Then one trip over, she said, "Oh my god, what is that smell?! It smells like rotten cheese!" I knew exactly what she was referring to. I wanted to cry. I DID cry once I returned home. It was just horrible. Nobody should have to go through that. And guess what? It's not your fault. All the processed food that's promoted these days are ruining the health of millions of people. Oh, and doctors don't give a crud about your problem. They just want to put you on a drug or refer you to another idiot doctor. That sounds like a conspiracy, but it's the truth, whether you believe it or not.

ANYWAY, once I realized that my diet was what was causing my chronic condition (thanks to NO doctor), my life changed forever. I STILL am on the same clean diet that I started 7 years ago and I still have great breath and perfect sinuses. :)

food allergies (the b a s t a r d s that are causing your agony) take sometimes up to 60 days to go away. HAVE PATIENCE, PEOPLE! Stick with what I am telling you, and you will want to kiss me once your problems are gone (and you won't feel self-conscious when you do kiss me, because you'll have fresh breath lol).

So, go out tomorrow to your local grocery store, stock up on fresh fish, chicken, tuna, and vegetables (green vegetables are the best IE: broccoli, celery, lettuce, spinach, etc). I will be totally honest with you, the diet ***** out loud getting used to, but it is totally worth it in the end. I am as healthy as I have ever been. My skin glows and my mind works like a finely tuned race car. I'm not bragging, it's just the side-effects that come with this clean lifestyle. Oh, and I sleep like a freakin baby every night!

And the good part is, you can eat as much as you want of the above and you will still lose weight and keep off the fat.


The supplements that I take every day are as follows: an organic daily multivitamin (I take New Chapter Organics), 1,000 extra IU's of vitamin D3, Super Quercetin (2,000 mg's), 1,000 mg's of Bromelain, 1,200 mg's of N-Acetyl Cysteine, a 10 billion colony Probiotic, and flaxseed oil. All of these supplements help with the flushing of mucus and are great for brain support. MUCUS is bad and causes a lot of problems inside your body (not just your stinky odor).

ALSO, if you are a mouth breather, you NEED to stop. Tape your mouth shut when you sleep (I'm serious). Mouth breathing is really bad for you. Do research!

I promise you, if you stick to what I have just laid out for you, after 60 days, you will be a new person. Not only that, but once you are used to the diet, you won't want to eat the junk you were eating before.

OH and exercise a few times a week. Sweat out the bad stuff and take in the good!

If you are wondering why I am posting this on the forum, it's because I am wanting to write a book on the subject. I know that millions of people suffer from this problem and I want to help them.

If you have any questions, post them here and I will answer.

I would say good luck, but you won't need any luck if you follow my advice.


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