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Re: Psychic sees killer across a room
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Psychic sees killer across a room

Psychics and spiritual people I met ''have nothing to prove and no one to prove it to.'' Why would they bother ? Once you try to PROVE something you become SUBJECT to the demander who is demanding PROOF and no amount of PROOF ever satisfies a demander.

There is lots of proof already in archives of the Catholic Church and many other churches but critics do not bother to read the proofs. LOL, if I asked you Mh to sit at the vatican library and read the archives of the miracles documented you would probably rather build a new pond and prefer to call them all liars at the Vatican. LOL. I think MH you had a rough past life with some crooks who infiltrated the church. Not all spiritual and psychic people are evil crooks.

Why would truly spiritual and psychic people exploit thier gifts for money? They have jobs and incomes. They have churches and other psychic groups to affliate with. The gifted spiritual people and  psychics I met avoid greedy exploiters, they know better then to be exploited or exploit thier gifts like judas for 30 peices of silver. And they keep their gifts away from critics, as no one benefits from critics low levels of consciousness  negative intentions or negative energy. Psychics can recognise other bad psychics, just like we can recognize some bad con artists.

I believe the preacher Brenan you speak of could kill with words, JC said the power of life and death is in the tonge, words. Imo people ready to pass on were drawn to Brenan and he did this with Gods approval. If he tried to use the devils energy to kill with words he would fail.

It is impossible to teach some humans to trust God, that God provides all human needs and that God is running the show and that there are millions of Heavenly angels ready to help sincere seekers. Some humans are stubborn creatures that only believe what they see and can  touch hold and PROVE. When the ascended risen from the tomb Christ stood in front of DOUBTING THOMAS the apostal, doubting Thomas had to touch the ressurected Christ before Thomas would believe his own eyes that the Christ had risen from the tomb and was standing again before him as a SPIRIT in physical form. And even if we had photos critics would say they were doctored photos and the apostals and wittnesses were liars.

Mh does not usually suggest herbs to people taking 20 rx pills  day who love medical testing  because mh knows those people are NOT READY to heal naturally or to use herbs.

By the same token, angels, spiritual people and psychics do not reveal themselves to people who are NOT READY to learn about God, Heaven, ESP, angels, spirits, other abilities, gifts and realms.

When the student is ready the teacher appears. Seek and yea shall find. Mh is a great teacher to everyone who reads curezone and many have been healed by herbs and oj fasting and others who were not ready to heal are drinking lugols iodine or taking rx pills doing other things to try to improve thier health.

The prana eater whose blog i posted earlier will not post his photos because he is superstitious and does not want millions of strangers on the internet mocking his photos or maligning him and his photos for practicing living on prana. He is wise for his particular circumstances as that much negative energy sucks to have to transmute....

He is a young sensitive, a prana eater and he may not have developed his spiritual ablities of transmutation is wise not to subject his photos to criticism.. to each his own.



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