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Re: Psychic sees killer across a room

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Herbal tinctures and supplements
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Psychic sees killer across a room

137000, I studied divinity, self thought control in church for decades, so I do not think a thought that has negative effects for me, I know better.Once in awhile I will pick up other peoples fearful thoughts etc then I quickly cast it out of my thought when I notice it. is there. Sometimes if I am sleepy I will catch a negative thought trying to creep into my head, boom I chase it out.

Negative thoughts are like blackbird crows, to be shewed away. I use a broom to chase negative thoughts away.

I watch religious tv or listen to religious tapes as I do not want bad tv programmers in my head.

I always had spiritual memories, as a child I knew I used to live in the midnight blue sky on a star. I could later remember past lives etc. It was when I oj fasted for long periods, 21, 25, 30 and 40 days and used mhs herbs to cleanse my physical body that other abilities got clearer. I used to write down my past life memories and look them up in libraries and find obscure places and countries I never heard of but knew all about from past life memories. I have seen trapped dead spirits haunting/stuck in buildings and sent them on into heaven or the light. I worked to clear areas of negative spirits, ie. places where confederate , union soldiers and indians slaughtered each other and thier dead warring spirits were still trapped there creating havoc on humans who entered these areas.

I can see good and evil spirits in humans. Some humans are surrounded by angels. Other humans are filled with very dark bad spirits. 

I turn this ability on and off as needed.

This is called discerning of spirits.

I learned in church how to silently command  evil spirits to get lost, go away. I have stopped many a robbery in progress by silently commanding the robbing spirit(s) to flee in the name of God by the power and authority of God. Bad people are just humans full of bad thoughts. Thoughts attract spirits. Good thoughts attract good spirits. Bad thoughts attract bad spirits. The human is a spirit in a body. Some humans are so spiritually wasted they are almost hollow inside and filled with dark spirits. Other humans are overflowing with a good spirit and many good spirits surrounding them

Telepathy is hearing the thought of the spirit. Evil spirits send evil thoughts. Good spirits send good uplifting thoughts. These thoughts are visible, like a knowing or understanding. Most peoples heads are filled with thoughts from TV, radio or media and thier thoughts change very fast.

A woman I know has demonic spirits in her that do not like me, every time I go near her I silently ask God and my angels to protect and guide me. This woman is attached to her evil spirits so I do not cast her spirits out as she will only chase after them. She always knocks stuff down or tries to drop objects on my shoes or spill things on me by accident etc.. It is the demon spirit in her that is reacting to me. My angels get a workout making sure hot cups of coffee etc that she spills, do not fall in my direction. This is happening without the womans awareness, she is just a hollow vehicle for the demon spirits inside of her. I will have to pray how to handle this as I do not want anything dropped on my foot by her evil spirits. Spiritual warfare is natural to those educated in it and unknown to those who are not operating in the spirit realm.

Another woman I know is so filled with a good spirit and surrounded by so many heavenly angels it is a joy to spend time in her presence.She does a lot of good  work and is a blessing in very real tangeble ways to all she knows and meets..

I often know what people will say before they speak. I can see thier past lives if I focus . I know who is calling before the phone rings.I have seen the dead in heaven appear in spirit form and have spoken to them. I have seen Heaven. I saw a fully possessed satanic being about 15 years ago. I saw a giant angel appear in my bedroom. I had angels give me directions while driving before gsp directional systems were invented. Many a night I go to sleep in Gods lap. I just curl up in Gods lap and fall peacefully asleep. I have a very close relationship with God. In times of danger I stick by God like glue.

I think I know why all the esp and indigo children are coming into earth, they will have thier battles to do. I study a lot of interplanetary stuff and know there is more out there then we are aware of. I met an immortal. As you posted a lot goes on that humans are not aware of. And proving things to disbelievers becomes a silly fruitless prospect.

I have enough on my plate just managing my daily life, handling the gifts I have and figuring out what God wants me to do next. Keeping the human body diet and health in good shape takes a lot of time and work. The devil could not really attack my mind as I love God since I can remember, so the adversary used to attack my physical health, physical body, via wrong diet and wrong diet info causing me to get clogged and congested with physical health problems from sad, like so many other humans suffer.

Best Wishes to you. Keep developing your abilities. OJ fasting, mh's herbs and physical health tips and the prana practitioners who post on the prana boards helped me clear a lot of stuff.

The one thing I do know is Heavenly Angels can create with thier thoughts alone. If a Heavenly Angel thinks something, it appears. That is how truly powerful and awesome thoughts are.

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