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Just How Real is Healing from Liver Flushing
karlah1217 Views: 2,163
Published: 15 years ago
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Just How Real is Healing from Liver Flushing

Hi All,

I hadn't visited the site in a while. I wanted all newbies to know how terrific Liver Flushing is.

I started out vomiting, nauseated, and bloated. I finally started to turn yellow, then I practically looked green. The gastro told me I had no choice but to have my gallbladder removed. Well...

I ignored him, and that weekend I discovered liver flushing. My first flush I drank almost 2 cups of oo and dropped around 150 stones - one almost as large as an egg. The next few yielded less stones, but I only consumed 1 cup of oo, and the stones kept on comin'. Then I switched to coconut oil. At that point I had lost about 40 pounds since the sickness set in. On the second coconut oil flush I dropped about three toilets full of biliary sludge - bright green. My next two flushes were done with flaxseed oil. Each time I dropped about 200 small green, soft, pebble-sized stones. Finally I switched to Macadamia nut oil. At this point I had stopped worrying about how many stones were coming out and worried more about getting better and especially getting rid of the jaundice. After I did my first macadamia nut oil flush, the jaundice cleared up considerably. In between the macadamia nut oil flushes I have continued taking flaxseed oil.

I have gone off of the all fruit and a little vegetable diet and have gone to the paleolithic diet. I continue to flush. There is no more yellow in my eyes, my natural skin color is back - in fact my skin tone is so much nicer than it was even before I got sick, I have lost over 50 pounds, my nails, teeth, and hair look great, and I no longer feel worn down for a whole day after I flush. I don't count stones, I don't even look for them anymore. I just know that the flushing has helped to heal me and I will continue to do it.

At some point before the flaxseed oil flushing my family went a little crazy and tried to have me committed for suicide because I was treating myself holistically rather than listening to those "oh so brilliant" MDs. They tried to have CPS help them kidnap my daughter, and I even had one family member tell me to just have the gallbladder removed to bring peace back into the family - sure I'll do that if you have your ears cut off...just to make me happy. I was mad at them but now I just feel sorry for them.

In all it was about six months, since I got sick to the second or third macadamia nut oil flush. Before I stopped counting stones, I guestimated I dropped between 800 and 1,000 stones. Thank all of you for being here during all of the turmoil I experienced during this process.

FYI: I never followed Hulda Clark 's method. The only laxatives I used were the salt water flush - until it didn't work anymore, then I switched to the liquid magnesium citrate. Now I just ingest the oil without any laxatives before or after. It doesn't bother me and I do have bowel movements.

Take care,


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