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Re: Best Source of Chlorphyll? Grass, Juicing. something on Miracle 2 and laundromats.
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Best Source of Chlorphyll? Grass, Juicing. something on Miracle 2 and laundromats.

I prefer all natural, organic grass myself. Plus grass can be found almost everywhere and there is NO known toxic grass in the world. According a one leading reseacher of grass. Be careful of additives though, Bruce Haney mentions this in his book. Have someone stand on fresh cut garlic for 30 minutes and then smell their breath, it will smell like garlic, so the same is true for oil, aromatherapy oils and yes toxins that were sprayed on the ground. It really sucks to take your children to a park that consistantly sprays for weeds, those parks may as well spray them directly on your children. GET PETITIONS GOING. Healthy alternatives are pure essential oils and for insects, going to have to weed by hand or use a best garden tool and tiller in the industry. .

Certain algaes contain lots of nutrition too, and none are initially toxic, however algaes quickly become toxic by absorbing toxins from the water they grow in, and with all the modern pollution and dumping from big corporations and of the countless little dumpings from every little household who have been so diligently trained to use TOXIC cleaners and personal SO called care products in nearly every facet of modern life. Cell Tech algae is one of the best, but I wouldn't hold my breath as to how much longer Lake Klamath will remain clean.

Juicing, Trituated and Pressed juice is the best, in health and taste. Dr. Walker discovered that toxins are stored in fibres of fruit and vegetables and not in the juice. SO homemade pure veggie or fruit juice is best when the produce is in question. Though the juice remains pure after the toxified pulp removed, the question remains, is it still energetically the same, and also will the genetically altered produce still contain the chemicals (for gene splicing and altering) that break down dna?? Anyways, I know if I can't get natural organic (vital Organic), I will option for the (live) non organically grown than, something man decided to make and sell for money any day of the week.

Laundromats are the worst of the bunch (we the people have been tricked to poison our own Earth). or org has all natural cleaners.
Miracle 2 is actually pretty good, though the company professes giving glory to God for soap (I don't buy into that part), and laundry balls not amounting to much, maybe a little cleaner clothes, but not worth the headache from spending a lot of cash on something the dog may make a chew toy or the children may lose in a game of kickball or something of the sort. I did first of all test the soap at Dr. Clark's school in San Diego, it was mostly clean, but it had some trace of Wood Alcohol and Benzine. I rarely use Miracle 2, in fact a 2 ounce bottle lasted me 3 months (not expensive if used sparingly). The interesting part about Miracle 2, 10 people in the house were useing it, half were complete health nuts (though not to the high stadards of those in Barefoots forums.) One person only ever used Dr Bronners soap, he was chemically sensitive and could not handle any other soap. When he tried the Miracle 2 his cataracts dissapeared in a few weeks. Another ladies wounds healed much quicker, and the huge callused skin (constantly cracked and bled) on my feet healed completely in a few weeks also (only a couple drops were used per bath per day)(and I put a fresh grape in the original soap to extract some of the wood alcohol and benzine). Anyways, people in the cities will buy whatever gets in their way, and in general are not concerned with organic soaps, especially vegan soaps, and nor are they interested in making their own cause they are struggling the just make it another day scism.
Water is the best cleanser / solvent of all and I prefer that over any other cleaner and when I do happen to use Miracle 2 I always make sure to get plenty of all the vitamin B's in natural form, the reason is Benzine is extremely toxic and stays in the system for 5 days... way too much damage, Dr. Clark discovered that when you take B vitamin's the benzine is easily broken down into simpler molecules that are not hazardous and leave the body within one day.
Wheatgerm has a lot of B vitamin. any other suggestions.?

If you want a glimpse into the life of chemicals and what damage they do watch the Batman movie (the one with the Joker) and read "Brain Fog" by Bruce Haney.


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