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a barefoot alert!!!
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Published: 16 years ago

a barefoot alert!!!

Today my friend told me his wife, who has been a Wal-Mart manager for many years told her husband that 1 management person came down with a rapid flue! She calls him at work today and tells her husband that 1/2 of management called in today with severe flue symptoms!!! I naturally called my family and friends as did many people we work with and told them to STAY AWAY! Some said they wouldn't even come to town!

His wife said we all think we have that "BIRD FLUE THING"!

I told him I do not believe the Chinese connection or that it is plain flue, BUT, if it is and wal-Mart sells what? Mostly Chinese made products and who knows how many viruses travle in all those millions of boxes??? If I believed the Governments warnings about the bird flue, then naturally I would think Wal-Mart would have it first!

My friends and I all took 1-3 drops of the safflower/oregano oil. "IF" we hear of more flue, that will go to 1 drop per hour 8 hours a day as well as having pure oregano in water with a fan blowing over it each night while we sleep.

"IF" so much as 1 person dies or the paper says coughing up of blood starts, then the dose is 1 drop of the "PURE" oregano in an empty capsule up to 8 per day if needed.

All dairy and basically all commerical foods would be avoided "IF" a full blown epidemic explodes as Uncle Sam believes it will.

"IF" thousands or millions die rapidly as the CIA fears along with BUSH will happen, then fasting along with full blown germ warfare defense with Maximum dosages.

We always hope nothing bad ever happens, but history tells of stories where millions have died of simulair problems that have resulted from mutated flues with germ warfare during war times and the situation the world is in today may make all the past stories seem very mild. People need to take a few hours of education on germ warfare and flue epidemics and take a few precautions.

Dr. John R. Christopher just days before he passed on predicted many things, mostly that days would come when people would not be prepared and when they needed help there could be no help available. Today the predictions are that people will not have electric for a long period, there will be no money and food will be a huge problem, there can be no shipping, no receiving, so what you have is what you have, period. This basically is what Dr. John predicted would happen in about 50 years. Dr. Christopher was one of the very best and one of the most gifted, he asked God's help for every patient all his life. Lets hope the 50 years is not up and things can not get as bad as every major and most all news papers have been predicting on their front pages for the past 2 weeks.

If we stick our heads in the sand and hope the lion will walk by with out having us for lunch, we may be taking a risk! It never hurts to be a little prepared.

I believe the nut butters make a great food preparation. A case of organic almond butter is not that expensive and taste great and even us toothless people can enjoy it, maybe a few cases would be better! This type of food list is endless.

People prepared for Y2K needlessly, the threat of germ warfare/flue mixture makes Y2K kids stuff, millions have died rapidly with germs while living with out electric a few days is nothing in comparison.

I would caution people to beware of their surroundings and read up on what the news papers is warning the world about right now.

(The people that examine dead bodies are not looking for bird flue, they are looking for anthrax and plague!)

The BAREFOOT Herbalist

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