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Wow what a mess

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grace2010 Views: 1,420
Published: 9 years ago

Wow what a mess

And each one of us has a share in it.

No one here is innocent, all well intentioned perhaps but not innocent.

I've been a bit of a bull in a china shop. Please understand my metaphor. None of us are the China, we all seem to be pretty strong, but trying to have community over things that we disagree on is the china shop.

I should never have brought a personal minister into this environment. I am sorry I stirred the pot. Nothing has been gained for any one. I do not ever want anyone to tell me that a minister that I have trusted for 3 years is a false prophet when they have no experience of him. That is not helpful and the bible warns against criticizing men of God. To me or to anyone else. I understand that you hope to help, I really do. I am totally guilty of the same thing, in different forums. Telling people what they do not want to hear, as if I know better than them. I do it out of my own wounding around misdiagnosis and lost years. I want to help, and perhaps I react to the helpless feeling of listening to all this suffering.

So no fingers being pointed. We all have wonderful knowledge, spiritual gifting and connection to God. I shared about Bill to meet a couple of needs. One to see others set free, two to have a sense of support, community around big spiritual learning and movement happening in my life. Validation. If I were in a debate forum bringing bill up and having people challenge his perspective would be more acceptable. But I am here in a support environment looking for support. I have been doing the same left and right. But I will not be doing it anymore.

So I was wrong, I gained conviction on something that was nagging at me.

I apologize for my presumption that anyone here needed ministry. I overstepped. I feel God wants me to help others, and I am trying to learn how to do that in this environment. This effort was not a success.

The effect of yesterday was to flatten out my connection to God. This causes me to not want to post here anymore. But I must take responsibility for my own connection to God. If it is flattened out that easy, how strong is it. That's okay, I know how to build it up and I will.

I am sad over the missed opportunity here. I have read back through some of the posts that have been on this site and they are awesome. So much that I agree with was summarized. But this needs to be a place of validation not a place of challenging things that are not overtly harmful.

I am all for learning, but it needs to be invited.

Can we share what is good in our life and receive validation here despite our differences. We all want to teach, help, be a watchman. But this is definitely not working.

Moreless, Vektek. Please don't drag all of us into your arguments. All respect to you both and I appreciate all the good stuff you have said. But people rely on coming here and this being a good place. Peopel who are not Christians will look at this and it will leave a bad taste in there mouths. You already know all this, your both wiser than this. Go to God and stay in his presence until this heals or work it out in PM.

So it is in your hands now. Can this be a house of God for all of us to share. Can we put aside our need to teach and be mirrored in our individual ways to come together on the big things we agree in. I don't know how we can learn from each other but I know we can support each other.

Perhaps if someone posts something that others find difficult, they can just post this isn't my way but is it working for u. Tell me how it feels, what it is producing for you in your life.

Do other people have ideas about how this can be a less conflictual place to be but not be a place of just staying on the surface. UGH... I hate the surface. It really is a quandry.

I am going to think about this more.

Refreshed: You asked for scriptures to support the idea that faith grows through rest. Here's another one, I came across. Its lovely... I just want to live inside it.

In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength (Is 35:10).

I truly do respect all of you. This is a china shop. And we have all been crashing tea cups. Maybe we need ot have a prayer service for Gods presence here. I wish I had just typed that one line and only that line.


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