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Re: Liver Pain
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Liver Pain

Thank you, plzchuckle! Finally an answer.

Do you have any idea why MH is not responding? He’s answering other posts, but not this one :-(. I also sent him 2 emails. I previously reported random strange, localized abdomen pains and he recommended an OJ fast or chiropractor. But now I’m 90% sure it’s liver and reporting this to him, but he’s not responding. Probably thinking I’m annoying with same questions over and over?

MH won't play guessing games with any of us!  "One cure, cures all" and he apparently recognized your liver issue in that he recommended liver formulas and plant fats and fasting is full body cleansing.  His answer hasn't changed because you've become more enlightened to the actual issues.

So let me summarize your recommendations. More plant fats, lecithin, “OR” MH’s liver formulas.

Yes ... 3-5 tablespoons a day of good unrefined, cold-pressed oils.  Flax, hemp, coconut, Udo's oils ... I recommend a variety of these taken daily.


And best – liver flush? Did I get it right? So I might try to increase intake of fats first since liver flush is somewhat scary for a beginner as you might know.

I can assure you that I've taken gallons of plant fats over the last 6 yrs; my liver needs flushes in conjunction with them.

Scared of liver flushing?  It never dawned on me to be scared; I wasn't digesting anything I put in my mouth ... I was certainly more afraid of dying!!!!!!  Liver flushing is NOT painful, not at all.  Messy, yes ... inconvenient, yes ... not painful.

MH recommended me his liver formulas, but said that I can substitute them for plant fats to save money, which I did (my first order was already very costly). He also said that liver flush can be substituted by daily plant fats intake, which I’m doing (hopefully taking enough?).

I eat oils, I take liver formulas periodically (took them on a rotating constant basis early on), I flush on a periodic basis now (I flushed every 4 weeks for a year and a half).

Regarding fats: what is the best source? I’m now taking coconut oil. I also have flax seeds – should I start taking them as well?

unrefined, cold pressed, virgin/organic are the words to look for on labels ... ALWAYS buy all but olive oil out of the cooler section in a supplement dept.

Regarding lecithin: what’s the best form? Any particular brand? In granules or gels? Dosage?

My opinion?  I like soy lecithin the best.  You need to buy organic OIL.  Know that it is very thick and needs to be cut with something like olive oil to make it easier to deal with ... play around with it and get what's easiest for you and your body.  1 pint of lecithin should make enough oil formula to last for MONTHS.

Liver flush: I might be able to do my first one in one week.



Protocol states zapping as first step. I don’t have a zapper, but taking dewormer now. Can I skip zapper or it is a MUST?

Parasite cleansing is the point here!  I've never used a zapper a single time and I'm not going to.  What's natural about that?  If you start reading my post, you'll see "this ain't rocket science" is one of my frequent comments.


Regarding Ornithine: can I substitute it by 4 drops of diluted Oregano Oil (25% Oregano, 75% Olive) in the 1/4 cup of Olive Oil which is part of protocol?

Ornithine is an amino acid, not an essential oil.  Ornithine, per Doc Sutter, helps to alleviate problems from the amonia that liver flukes release when they are dying .... I can testify to the fact that there is alot of amonia from them but it didn't give me any problems.  I never used the ornithine since I don't do lab products.  If you experience alot of nausea, take it next time??


I found this MHs recommendation here:

MH recommends Hulda Clark flushes.

No I didn’t take much Rx in my life. If my liver was weakened then this hasn’t manifested anyhow so I could notice it. But it could be weakened, why not. Hepatitis-“A” was at age 12.

As a child I had Biliary Dyskinesia (my understanding of this is when gallbladder’s duct is curved which prevents enough bile from entering the stomach). I was told that this is a birth defect, but who knows. This was giving me severe pain after eating until age of 12 when I got treated by antibiotics. No pain since then. I guess that accumulated bile created inflammation in the curve and that was killed by antibiotics…

Plenty there to show why you need to work on that liver!  BTW ... I've never read that clean blood can CURE anything except Dyskensia!  Yes, ever birth defects can be corrected.  WEED AND FEED!!


Hope this helps!



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