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Re: Day 19 on Albendazole.
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Day 19 on Albendazole.

it is not funny at all but I had to laugh because I was at the same point - taking Albendazole for a very long time

but it did not help at all

the reason is that my best guess (you can call it dowsing or intuition) tells me that you are dealing with filarial worms and no matter what they might write about albendazole killin them it really does not do anything to them

sounds from your sypmtoms that you either have dirofilaria immitis or onchocerciasis (this is how the medical field calls it) and it is basically a coctail of worms - Wuchereria Bancrofti plus Brugia, Loa loa and Onchocerca Volvulus

some time ago I found an excelent article from the German practitioner who wrote about this and how to treat it but all treatments were not available here, but still I will try to find the article and post it here

all the filarial worms are very difficult to get rid of because they have many stages of development and to catch all of them is somehow tricky and some of them reproduce regardless of adults present, because their microfilaria stage has a longer time to develop I guess.

I am using DNA frequencies of what is available - dirofilaria immitis and onchocerca volvulus and Newport-dowsing created frequencies for the other ones

What I found most helpful lately is using Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils (separately, no need to mix) in a skin cream or in the hot bath with salt or sitz baths. Also Spearmint essential oil works. Again, I found article about these to be alternatives to Ivermectin and you would do better taking Ivermectin anyway because that is the only one that kills microfilaria

Getting rid of fungus/Candida at the same time helps a lot too because they thrive in fungus and bacteria.
I guess that is why you can read that doxicicline (antibioticum) helps to kill filarial worms after a long time using, because when you kill the bacteria they eventually die, they are so dependent on it.

I am using large amounts of Colloidal Silver , does very good job killing bacteria and does not give you other problems like Antibiotics do.

The best what worked for me is using frequencies and using the essential oils I wrote about above and taking hot salty baths with one of those three essential oils added and then massaging in my skin and scalp cream with those essential oils added.

Wuchereria Bancrofti loves the throat but maybe other do too because I found out that even dirofilaria immitis or onchocerca volvulus is there and the same for the scalp, that is why I think it is true that once one of them finds some path all of them follow because they like to be in layers and create together with candida a bacteria huge snake-like forms in the body and go everywhere - starting from head to toes.

Wormwood kills d-immitis, Fenugreek works for Wuchereria Bancrofti microfilaria and Cilantro tincture works for Wuchereria adults.
From my own experience the hardest kill is d-immitis and onchocerca volvulus, mainly because both of them are loaded with candida and bacteria and it is difficult to reach them so even with herbs or some other stuff you will not reach them until you clear the junk around them.

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