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Re: How dare you try to silence us
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: How dare you try to silence us

Many people who come to curezone may be in bad shape, on deaths door, or just seeking alternative opinions and they appreciate any greeting, welcome, hi, reception or advice. Dr. Wayne Dyer stated when one person even OBSERVES another person saying hi, showing kindness, answering questions, sharing advice, or giving a helpful word, insight, tip or greeting to another, ALL people who even wittness the kind exchange of reception and sharing receive a physiological and MEASUREABLE good chemical boost in their physiology. That good energy encourages others to post, ask questions and ENCOURAGES the free flow of exchange,information and understanding of MHs schooling.
Sorry to say this hanna and 9855 but if you guys were my public relations directors I would fire both of you for telling good people here to shut up. When people see and read of others posting questions or relating experiences or of receiving benefit from a product or MHs advice they are encouraged to try it themselves and or even ask questions themselves or a posters experience may answer a question someone else was just thinking about! Serendipity? Synchronicity? Humans sharing the good MHs teachings do is called "GOOD WORD OF MOUTH" and accounts for 33% of all business revenue. That's THIRTY THREE PER CENT of all biz coming from GOOD WORD OF MOUTH! I refuse to even visit some forums because it is obvious, disingenuous control freaks run them and are seeking market share and are very controlling, suppressive and silencing of others and that is the kind of bad energy alternative seekers and truth seekers reject. The thing that distinguishes humans from animals is we humans have a highly developed language and ability to speak and communicate. Why do you want to suppress humans and thier communication ability? Do you prefer mute animal states? If a suppresive controlling person is at the church door and does not let people speak, say hi, share, compare notes, give testimonials or receive anyone, or if everyone in the flock is afraid to say hi or tell their experiences or welcome a newcomer or answer a seeker, no one goes into that church without first making sure the confused jesuit silencer mole(s) is, are, out-ed and the congregation is notified. ( similar to the new notification laws that a pedophille is in the community). Silencing does not even work w/pedofile priest run jesuit backed rat holes anymore. Notice, you two got more curezone posters responses then most, congrats on your backfired attempt at silencing no one. (TY BILL GATES!) The bad energy of suppressors ripples like a bad suppresion rock thrown in a pond and is non supportive. You two guys really threw your negative, suppresive, shut up, basher silencing rocks at everyone on this forum. I reject your bashing of all the good curezone members and survivors who post here and think you should apologize to this forum and all the good posters, seekers and sincere supporters of MH who post, go to MHs school of applied prevention and read, seek, learn, study, heal, support and share here.
Hope you had no fun not kaboshing curezone members on this support forum. I am not going to tell you to, Come back and post some more after you resolved all of your unresolved childhood issues, as that would be unkind. Do you guys work for, ask somebody else? It seems like you do. Why in the world are you throwing shut up rocks at all the good curezone members who post on this forum and support mh and each other? Don't you know how to work the click and controls on your computers? You can skip posts by not clicking on them. How old are you? Please explain your motives for bashing and telling all MH's schooling students of the school of applied prevention, to shut up. Are you two having a bad day or what? Are you failed did or mpd experiments? Do you have any positive supportive info or insight to share in the support forum or did you just come here to bash good curezone members?? By the by - I posted an extra long response here for you two, so you would know your mind control attempts to silence others does NOT work. Go back to illuminati silence programming 101, tell them you want a refund. Only crooks like the code of silence
and today even judges will jail you 4 contempt if you try 2 plead the crooks old standby, the 5th amendment aka the code of silence of the crooked. Most silent types are silent because they know from experience people will reject them if the silent types speak the freaky perverted desires they have in their closed mouth minds. And puleese do not insult mh's intelligence by saying he cannot read his own forum posters questions. That was a cheap shot, as was the dig about MHs job. Sheese.
BTW- if you are DID's or MPD's, I can help deprogram you, but of course since this is MHs forum you may want to ask him about deprograming and read the ebook first. You have read the e book, haven't you? Care to comment on what you learned from reading the 108 page book? I would like to hear a relevant comment from either of you about the forums free 108page schooling book. What part of the 108page ebook did you like best? Don't be shy, we are all here to help both of you, so please feel free to post questions to anyone. Have you done many liver flushes? Are you fruitarians? Mono dieting? Please share. The 108 page book does not discuss deprograming per say but other posters have posted superb links that I can refer you to. Just ask.



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