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Re: Hi Hopefull Me, how are u doing?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Hi Hopefull Me, how are u doing?

Hi Surfer27,

My name is Maya. I was reading your previous post about the champex topic posted few years ago. I have cut and pasted below to remind you. What happened did it work or not? It sounded interesting. I am keen to know as I desperately want this smell to go away for good. Please, pleaseeee reply.

Many thanks

PS: happy new year

Hi there 114473,
It's Surfer27 here. I have some interesting information for you!!! I was researching information on, causes that allows anal malodors in people. As I was doing this, I came across this site and I wanted to mention this site to you, because it may help people with rectum odor smells and also more so, for people with TMAU. Here is the website:

This is a site, that helps people get rid of malodorous odors, like FBO, TMAU apparently!! You have to check this out and let me know, what you think of this. It does have a section on this site, for people who've got TMAU. Get back to me, when you can on this website. Let me know what you think. I hope this helps you and I am seriously considering, buying this product, just to try this out, since I have had Fecal Body Odor s for the last 3 yrs and haven't found any cure for it. Thanks. Alright, hang in there and take care. God bless you and remember, God loves you!! Take care.

Ryan Annunziello
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Re: ODOR CLEANSE (Champex) mushroom extract15 by Pooman 5 year 5,665 Hey 123go,

Have you ever had fecal Body Odor ?
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Pooman Agree

Hi there, just had some questions for ya!!16 by Surfer27 27 mon 3,084 Hi there,
Surfer27 here. I just wanted to email you, to find out, if you have tried odor cleanse, pro m, or champex and had results, from fbo issues or rectum odor smells? I ask because, I have tried everything under the cotton pickin sun, to get my body back to where it should be and nothing's seemed to help it!! I am getting very frustrated with this and I do feel, like wanting to give up hope!! Can you offer me any ideas, to anyone who's, tried everything to get rid of fbo, but still has it? Any suggestions would be great!! I am also asking this, because I believe a good portion of why I have these fbo issues, is because they are being secreated out through the skin and pores and I have yet, to find something that will either diminish, or totally evaporate this horrible stench coming from my backside!! If you could get back to me, when you can then, that'd be great!! Thanks and take care.

Hi Pooman
I read an article recently which suggested that mild to moderate forms of TMAU could be managed by dietary restriction of precursors of trimethylamine.
You should therefore look to restrict foods rich in choline which include eggs, liver,kidney,peas,beans,peanuts,soya products and brassicas including rapeseed products such as oil and flour.
You should also avoid eating seafood.
In addition to being a source of trimethylamine precursors brassicas (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) contain INDOLES, which may inhibit FMO3 enzyme activity and thus increase urinatory excretion of trimethylamine
You should also take a look at the research undertaken in Japan by visiting the CHAMPEX website.

The research suggests that CHAMPEX acts by destroying odoriferous compounds such as (methane, trimethylamine indole and scatol ) directly in the intestines where they begin.
Hope this helps.

Odor Cleanse is the same amino acid mushroom extract as Champex, which has been researched in Japan for controlling breath, body and fecal odor.
Studies in hospitals there used it to successfully eliminate Body Odor in the elderly and it improved their bowel movements after 30 days.
o It removes ammonia from the blood. Ammonia stinks.
o Lowers uric acid levels
o Removes the smelly gases such as trimethylamine and other amines, sulpher, methyl mercaptan, indoles (fecal odor)
o Increases the population of bifidus bacteria by double in 30 days. At the same time it reduces the population of c. difficile.
o Inhibits the growth of Helico-pylori bacteria, known to cause halitosis
o Improves kidney function
o Improves liver function
o Improves symptoms of gout
o Boosts the immune system by removing toxins from the body
o Improves bowel function (high in glutamic acid, which strengthens intestinal lining)
o Improves allergies
It was the finishing cure for me. Probiotics cut the odor a bit and fixed the constipation and yeast recurrences, but Odor Cleanse is the cure for my odor problem. The capsules are 75mg so I take 7 after each meal to make it 525mg per dose. The lower dose is only good for breath odor.
You can see the research studies for odor removal and intestinal health with graphs and charts at
They are trying to start an IBS clinical trial for it. You can leave your email with them and they are supposed to follow up. I put mine name in 6 weeks ago but haven't heard back from them.
*There is a separate supplier thread with more online sources and retailers.* The list below is incomplete.
Champex will available on the U.S. website
beginning December 2007.
Odor Cleanse (75mg caps) is available in U.S. and Champex (250mg caps) is sold in Europe and U.K.
(37 pounds per bottle) They are the same product, just different doses and prices.
Odor Cleanse is priced at $6.37 per bottle and you get a discount when buying quantity.
also sells Odor Cleanse ($5.37 per bottle sale right now).
Edited 09/17/07 to add: Pro M Internal Deodorizer by Life Extension is a 500mg dose of a different mushroom extract and is discount priced at $18.20 at,
or $16.00 at

Higher doses are needed for body odor than for breath odor and best results will be seen after 2 weeks or more use. My odor progressively improved each week and was completely gone after 5 weeks. I am at week 6 now and had a job interview a few days ago and no one made faces at me.
Odex is the same product too, but has been discontinued by Pure Encapsulations.
sells a product called Quantum Kidney Complex which contains the mushroom extract too. Does not specify how many mg are in it.
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Sorry about that. I will edit the thread and add the link.
I think this is in England or Europe, but they have a currency converter built in to the product prices. I have not come across a U.S. distributor for Champex--only for Odor Cleanse. It works out cheaper for me shipping wise to go with odor cleanse; quite expensive to ship from England.
also carries Odor Cleanse ($5.37 per bottle) 1-800-425-3115.
The Champex manufacturer is Maypro Industries in New York
1-914-251-0701 They only make the raw materials and sell to supplement and food companies.
Yes, it really does work. Must take a high enough dose though. This is a problem with Odor Cleanse being only 75mg, and only comes in 50 capsule bottles. The Champex 250mg is a perfect dose and only would need 2 capsules after each meal, but naturally it is more expensive.
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Specifically, I had a fish smell coming from the crotch, skunky odor from armpits-sometimes like onions, rubbery smell from my shoes which I fixed pretty good by putting Iodine on bottoms of my feet and underarms after showering. An overall composty smell used to emanate from my pores which I could detect first thing in the morning in bed if I took long slow breaths.
People just reacted so horribly from 10 feet away. I dreaded walking towards someone because that was the worst thing to see--the looks on their faces as I got closer. My breath didn't seem to be a problem, just body odour. Now it's under control. I never miss a dose of odor cleanse--7 capsules after each meal, 6 might be enough now.
Seems to have removed a lot of poison from me that I don't seem to be able to detoxify on my own. I eat white or cremini mushrooms almost every day now, too. Agaricus bisporus is white, cremini and portabella. All 3 are same species. Asians have known for centuries about the breath freshening properties of the agaricus bisporus (white button) mushroom. Now as a more potent extract, it removes body odour too.
If I run out of odor cleanse, I use charcoal capsules until my shipment arrives. But that only happened once. Now I know when to order my 24 bottles so I don't run out while waiting for delivery. 24 bottles lasts me 57 days. So I have to remember to order at about 45 days to allow for mail service. This time I ordered from - they gave me a 5% discount for ordering 24.
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