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Re: Iodine, progesterone and constipation
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Iodine, progesterone and constipation

Hi there!

I've been struggling with health problems for a long time and I searched and learned a lot.

I'm now in the process of Iodine fulfilment venture!

I suffered with constipation for 15years and tried everything.

Well let me tell you that first you are not alone and second there is always something that will work for you!
Lets get to the medicine now.

Iodine fulfilment programme is like this:I tried the Lugol Iodine and gave me to much trouble so I switched to Iodoral tablets. I started with 1/week and than 2/week, than 3/week and 4/week. The 4iodoral/week must be maintained for 3months, than reduced to 3/week for another month and than to 1/week as maintenance dosage.
Important: You must take Selenium in the form of SE-Methylselenocysteine or Selenomethionine as these forms are the most easily absorbed! I personally must take the SE-Methylselenocysteine as it is the only one that works for me. I have absorption problems.

Since I started to take Iodine my constipation went away and I actually go after every meal.

I must say that I also take Pancreas Glandular and I couldn't live without it as there is a problem with my pancreas. Because of that my bowel doesn't formate but with Pancreas glandular I have no problems.

Iodine is the material for all the hormones: the thyroid hormones and the adrenal hormones, such adrenaline, noradrenaline, epinephrine. The latest ones are formed from dopamine. When there is excess of dopamine, you will get stuck in the sympathetic system(the gas of the car,the flight / fight system) and your body can't relax and get into the parasympathetic system(the break of the car, the relaxation, digestion, repair system).

Everything in the human body works on negative feedback, such as dopamine is antagonised and balanced by serotonine.
Adrenaline is regulated by cortisol and all the hormone are controled and regulated by the pituitary and the hypotalamus. SO when the levels of hormones are too high than this signals the pituitary to stop producing the hormones.

Selenium is necessary for the absorption of the Iodine and for the transformation of T4 in T3 and in T2.

But you must know that before starting Iodine you have to make sure that your Calcium-Magnesium are balanced and are in the normal ranges and also that you have sufficient Copper or that your copper is bioavalible. For that you can take for 1week Copper sebacate(is the most available form) and balance it with Zinc(picolinate or citrate). Only take Copper if necessary and take the Zinc few hours away, as these two are antagonists.

If your copper levels are ok than just a complex of Zinc and copper in ration 1:10 will help. Zinc is involved in a lot of processes and helps digestion by stimulating production of gastric juices.

If you don't have Copper or your copper is bio unavailable, than you must stop your Iodine and take Copper for 1week and restart your Iodine.

Another important issue is Calcium-Magnesium. A lack /deficiency of magnesium can cause constipation but a Calcium deficiency may cause night sweats. Also a Calcium deficiency may be part of your constipation issues, muscle weakness due to Calcium deficiency is one cause of constipation.
Calcium and magnesium must be taken together and no more than 500mg of Calcium and 250mg of Magnesium at one time as whatever is surplus at one time is not absorbed.

Physillium Husk, insoluble fibre adds weight to your stools and facilitates peristaltism(movement) of your bowels. Make sure your drink a lot of liquid when you take it.

An important issue is Estrogen dominance that could cause your night sweats. check

Dr. Peter Eckhart has dedicated himself to women's health and created a progesterone oil the best form available today. He explains everything you should know about hormones balancing and elimination of fake estrogen or so called xeno-estrogen that we take from plants or from the products we use such as Shampoo, creams, cleaning products, cehmicals surrounding us.

I personally eliminated everything such as shampoo, shower gels after developing a severe allergy to my shower gel that I used for the past 3years. I took Dr. Eckhart's advice and also ordered his Progesterone oil but after eliminating the xeno-estrogens I don't need anything and feel great!

Also I'm using DIM-estrogen metaboliser and Calcium-glucarate for helping my liver to eliminate used hormones.

I wish you all the best!
Unfortunately I don't have any links in regards to all this searches as I have stored everything in my head. Sometimes I bookmark websites but at the moment I don't have time in searching for it. After reading my post you can run a search yourself with key words such as Calcium _Magnesium balance and probably you will discover the websites.

Actually I do remember a good website:


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