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Cutler vs Cilantro & Chlorella
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Published: 9 years ago

Cutler vs Cilantro & Chlorella

This is in response to a couple of posts by people who claim to have used cilantro and chlorella, sometimes in between periods where they used Cutler's protocol.

I never understood why anyone would mess around with cilantro and chlorella? For those who are new, Cutler discourages their use and thinks they can be dangerous. It also seems strange that these people would choose to discuss this in a Cutler group--unless they are chlorella salesmen.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is the primary chelator in the Cutler Protocol. DMSA, an US FDA approved drug, or DMPS can also be used along with ALA. ALA is such a highly regarded antioxidant, even in main stream medicine. If someone is looking for something that is "natural", you can't beat ALA. The body typically has a little in it. It is rather well known by science, although doctors are only slowly catching on. It is not expensive.

Someone recently mentioned Klinghardt?! That should make you want to run. I've known someone for a year+ in another group who says Klinghardt nearly killed him. He was quite messed up when he first arrived in the group. It took quite a bit of effort get him pointed in the right direction.

He was doing much better after about a year of Cutler (ALA)

Learn some Science about what happens when you introduce thiols into the body. They are all dangerous if taken inappropriately --links below. How can you know what an appropriate dosing protocol is for a substance such as cilantro when the actual chelator in it is not well known? Furthermore how do you know the cilantro is not picking up heavy metals where it is grown? It makes no sense to use the stuff.

Don't be easily fooled by folks who want to get rich at your expense.

Examples of inappropriate use of ALA as an example of why it is dangerous to take thiols and chelators randomly.
Sometimes it takes a while for the effects of inappropriate use of chelators to be obvious to adults, let alone autistic kids. These are some examples from adults, some of whom actually had gains in some areas initially but then realized damage was being done, usually to the brain, as Hg levels likely increased there.
-300 mg ALA, 2x/day. "...improvements in peripheral neuropathy ...then developed worse neurological symptoms…”

-ALA 300mg. Teen in psych hospital w/ suicidal thoughts. Cutler comments on how the inappropriate use might be causing or contributing to the problem.

-300mg ALA 2x/day, while I still had amalgams....from really-sick-but-functioning to completely disabled, in just 6 months

-I know a guy at work who has gotten nice improvement in his neuropathy from inappropriate use of ALA; however he looks really foggy and whifty even though he is obviously well educated. He reminds me of my foggy brain before I started to chelate. This is doubly sad because he has a teenage high-level autistic son. The boy would likely benefit from appropriate use of ALA and the boy needs his aging father to be sharp and healthy to help him recover!

There are many stories about reactions to the use of cilantro and chlorella in the Adverse Reactions folder in the Links of the Frequent Dose Chelation yahoo group. There is also much more available on the basics of how thiols and dithiol chelators work when used properly. Do some reading before just trying something.

Cutler Chelation Protocol Basics:

Interview with Cutler and Dr Dan Pompa both of whom greatly improved. They address the foolishness of using chlorella.

Cutler's site

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