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Poor man's cure all
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Published: 16 years ago

Poor man's cure all

This forum is mostly for those searching for Longevity my Obeying Nature!

Naturally this means removing the accumulated acids and maintaining an alkaline system. Removing all the bad things of the past and starting new in many cases! Naturally those over the age of 50, the poor, the weak, the beaten and abused most likely will never follow this advise and will go elsewhere for an easy answer, because Obeying nature after disobeying for 50 years is more than allot want to even thank about.

So I was thinking about how so many desparate people haave asked and many have asked for those that they love, but know they won't change and my answers have always been ruff and tuff, either Obey Nature or Nature will remove the imperfect.

There is a solution for "ALL" those that refuse Nature. Naturally this is not ideal and doesn't fit The "BAREFOOT" Herbalist method, but there is a need and anyone that can be helped out, should have the option.

This option has to be a cheap option because the ill love to use the excuse of cost or any other excuse they can to not change. Taste is not always an option, especially with a cheap cure-all. This will have a hot taste, it will naturaly have olive leaf and oregano oil in it or I wouldn't even consider it, or trust it!!!

All I need is a name, I am not worried about it working or not, it will work for all for all problems. It is a lifetime program 7 days a week. Nothing toxic used, so it will always be dose related, if you don't get the results your seeking, take MORE!

This product will not add years to your life, won't restore your hair, teeth, etc. Won't increase your connection with God or restore your sex life. What it will do?

Should enable the hard headed to live with their health problems and in many cases avoid operations and drugs. The theory is sound with 15 years experince in the Amish Clinic and only advised for those they REFUSE to care for them selves or spend a dime more than they have to on them selves, remember, I am talking about a clinic that charges $15 per day for room and board all the herbs needed and when they say your CHEAP, then your really CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They know that the reason most people become chronic is because they do not love them selves and do not care for their body as God's temple.

So were talking here about people that wish to spend less than the cost of a can of pop on their health daily. This method will be far less!!!

The starting dose is 1 tablespoon "AFTER" each meal and 3 glasses of water "AFTER" each meal, those words are enough to make Dr. John R. Christopher roll over in his grave. I will write up a info letter for the product that will be a mix of Japanese, Amish and even Dr. Christopher rolled into 1 simple program of take with each meal and "IF" you want fater results, take more!

Nothing else required, no capsules, no tinctures, no syrups, NOTHING but water and this product.

You get to eat what you want and as much as you want "AS LONG: as you can take 1 tablespoon of this product with 3 glasses of water EACH AND EVERYTIME YOU EAT. You can keep your dental metals, keep your soaps and perfumes and all the other enslaved toxins in your daily life, with this method none of that matters, your not doing this to add years to your life, your just seeking to be medical free, no operations and not die in pains associated with your bad habits of smoking, drinking and worse.

The Amish clinic has had the greatest success with this method and seen people who were given up for dead medically (too far gone for even an operation)survive 15+ years and live normal active lives. These patients REFUSED anything the clinic had to offer, because the Clinic refuses those that want to continue to smoke and take drugs, if you do these things your justy wasteing the clinic's time.

So I will take their method, power it up with oregano and olive leaf, make a write up about it all and offer it to anyone who wants it, naturally they can play the game that it is for their "sick" uncle Harry and not for them selves, actually no stories required, it will be on the list just like any other product and what you do with it is up to you.

I believe this 1 product could be the ONLY product of a website, it surely will never get justice with my methods, so it is better off all by it's self and I assure you that a forum of testimonies could be created by it's use.

"IF" a person is too hard headed to do this method EACH and EVERY time they eat a meal, then forget them, let them seek Morphine for their ills. The success stories are not from 1 time users or those that quit the day they feel better, NO the success stories are still alive 15 years later and they NEVER STOPPED, they do not want to allow the near death experiences they had to return.

First we need a simple name, the first good name will be it. The price will be wholesale to all, those wishing to resale it can call it what they want and ask what they want, my retail will be my wholesale of $12.95 a 16oz bottle complete with news letter and "IF" testimonies come back, they will be added to the news letter, etc.

I will have 1 gallon refill bottles because once you experience this method, you will need gallons to follow through with it, for now just 16oz bottles until I see if anyone even wants to try it.

IF someone buys it and takes too little or quits when they feel better, etc. then they have chose to alter the method and will self-experiment and create their own personal use, etc.

"IF" someone makes the excuse of hot taste or taste period, then they do not even want to try it, "IF" a person puts taste above a simple method that may save them thousands and thousands of dollars and operations and bad side effects, then they will be forced in their hospital beds to do things they don't like to do and pay huge sums to be forced.

Don't look for me to promote this method, it is just an option for those that won't do more than 1 thing to help them selves.

The BAREFOOT Herbalist

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