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help desperate need for help
john Oteng Views: 2,274
Published: 9 years ago

help desperate need for help

For the past 3 years I've smelled horrible and it gets worse and worse each day. It started about 2009 when I started to excessively sweat for no apparent reason. I was in 10th grade at the time and I would start sweating even though it was 50 or 40 degrees in my class. I was the only one sweating. Over time it has gotten worse. I started out my senior year with a 3.4 GPA. Unfortunately every time I went to school I would start sweating and as soon as it start the whole class would start covering their nose. It became so horrible that I stopped going to classes. I was made fun of and lost interest in school. By the end of the year my GPA had dropped to a 2.5 and I didn't get accepted to any of the colleges I applied to. Sad part is I didn't want to go because I knew the same thing would on the college campus and I wouldnít have anywhere to hide. I have no idea how and where the odor is coming from because I canít smell it and neither can my family but as soon as I step outside, I start sweating and as soon as that happen even people driving by roll up their windows. I've been to 4 different doctors. Every one from a gastroenterologist to a dermatologist. I've tried everything from clindamycin to apple cider vinegar. I even tried showering with bleach. I dont know what the problem is and neither the doctors I've seen. For the last three years I've been confined to my room. Scared to step into the outside world because I smell terrible and ridiculed as a result. Somebody please help me because I cant take this anymore. My whole life has fallen apart. I cant take another year of this. At this moment I'm thinking death might be my only escape from this hell called life. Every time I enter my kitchen my first thought is to grab the knife and you can end if all here. No more pain, ridiculing, disappointmentsí, it can all end right here and now. Everyday I see my fellow class mates post pictures of their acheivements and activies online while I sit home and all I do is watch from a computer screen. This really makes me wonder if there is really a God because what exactly have I ever done to deserve something like this. At this moment I wish I had cancer or some other deadly disease at least then I could die with some sought to dignity. I am a fairly good looking 19yr old and I have to literally run every time someone sees me and tries to approach me. My only friend for the past 3 years has been the internet. I have to wake up at 4:30am each day to go out for a jog just to stay in shape, everytime I had to go to the ridiculous community college I ened up attending, I had to get on the 5am bus though my classes start at 9:30am because I would be the only one on it and take the 9:40pm bus back home even though my classes ends at 5:20pm. Honestly someone please help me because I'm done.

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