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Questions and answers about oleander, MS, CF, cancer, Hep-B, & more
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Published: 9 years ago

Questions and answers about oleander, MS, CF, cancer, Hep-B, & more

On Feb 10, I received and subsequently answered the following email from a reader in South Africa:

Dear Tony

Thanks for all your very informative articles regarding Oleander Soup. I am having great results thus far from people i am treating at the moment. However, i have a few folk whose cases i am not sure about as to whether i can use Oleander Soup:

1. Gentlemen in his 60's has stomach cancer which spread to the liver. He is on Warfarin since 2003 and i was warned not to administer Oleander to people on Warfarin but i needed to confirm this with you for my own peace of mind's sake?

Oleander is usually contraindicated for people on blood thinners as well as digoxin/digatalis.  However, it would probably be OK if the Wayfarin (nasty stuff!) were cut back a bit.  With digoxin/digitalis the problem is not so much the added cardiac glycosides in oleander  (only a small fraction of the average digoxin/digitalis dose) as it is with altering what is usually a very precise dose of digoxin/digitalis. 

My thoughts are that if the guy has stomach cancer which with mets to the liver he is very likely to die anyway.  Mainstream medicine will not save him, though it might end up killing him before the cancer does.  If I were him, I would cut back on the wayfarin and take oleander in both capsule version as well as liquid extract administered rectally via a rectal syringe.  Rectal administration results in very good absorption and the absorbed oleander is delivered directly to the liver before going on to the rest of the body.  I would also pay particular attention to cleansing, protecting and helping regenerate the liver as outlined in my suggested anti-cancer protocol (  A couple of items which might be very good additions are Jon Barron's Blood Support Tonic and Essiac Tea - both help fight cancer as well as cleanse the blood, liver and rest of the body.

2. 16 year old female who suffers from Hepatitis B and her viral loads are high. Can she use Oleander Soup? I read on one of the forums that it helped lower viral loads on somebody suffering from Hepatitis C?

Oleander should help lower viral loads as should other potent natural anti-virals, such as olive leaf extract.  I suggest she take a look at our suggested Hep-C protocol -

3. Can it be used on people with severe Eczema? I know that one can use the Cream Remedy mixed with Ozonated Olive Oil on the skin for Psoriasis, can it also be used on Eczema internally as well as the skin cream?

What is effective for both eczema and psoriasis seems to vary quite a bit from one person to the next.  Oleander is surely worth a try.

4. My sister is 51 and suffers from Mutiple sclerosis, can she use it?

Absolutely.  Many people have reported good results when using oleander for MS and other immune disorders.  I also suggest taking a look at my article on using natural immune modulators for immune disorders and deficiencies -

In particular I would have her make sure that she gets plenty of supplemental magnesium - it is variously estimated that anywhere from 70 to 95% of us are deficient in magnesium and magnesium deficiency has been strongly linked to MS and other immune problems.

5. I have a 14 year old niece who suffers from Chronic Cystic Fibrosis. She has had 11 operations within a short space of time to clear her sinuses and doctors are becoming concerned that it's way to frequent. Won't Oleander assist in somehow boosting her immune system?

Oleander should indeed help boost immune activity - it is the strongest immune stimulator known to man as far as I know.  She might also consider flushing her sinuses regularly with colloidal silver and taking copious digestive enzymes on an empty stomach three times a day to help get rid of the fibrosis.  Suggested reading:

6. When i make the Oleander soup can i use some of the branches as well or must it only be the leaves?

You can use small twig-like branches but should avoid larger and older branches.  You can also use flowers.  More of the toxins in oleander are stored in the bark and thus using older and larger branches is not advised.

7. Finally, regarding all of the above, would the same protocol apply as in starting with 1/4 teaspoon for the first 3 days and moving up every 3rd day until reaching 1 Tablespoon?

One should always start with very small amounts.  How soon and how much you work up the doses depends more on how an individual tolerates and adapts as the doses increases than any set time table.  Some may be able to increase daily for awhile and others may take several days to increase the dose.

Thanks so much Tony. I would really be grateful to hear from you.

With kind regards


You are welcome - I hope this helps. Tony

On February 12, I received and answered this followup message:

Dear Tony

I feel truly honoured at your quick response and am amazed at the information you sent to me as it just makes such perfect sense. I will encourage all these people to get the products that you recommend. I am impressed at all the various products you stock.

D, I don't stock all those products. I am a consultant to and they stock a number of items I have recommended. All I keep on hand to sell is Sutherlandia OPC in both capsule and liquid extract form and the only reason I do that is to help those who need faster delivery than the 10-14 days or so it takes to ship from South Africa or else have problems ordering online.

I have just 1 more question for you and 2 remaining follow up questions as per your answers to my previous email:

Sorry, you have used up your quota of questions for this year. Just kidding!

New Question: Can a person who has HIV and is on Antiretrovirals, use Oleander while on the ARV's or must she stop using them?

I know of no reason why they cannot take them at the same time, but I am not a medical expert. As far as I know, oleander is compatible with everything except digoxin/digitalis and blood thinners.

Question 1: I think it is so genius of you to suggest using Oleander up the Rectal for the Gentleman with the Stomach Cancer that had spread to the Liver Cancer. How often he should do that with a syringe?

Just like with the capsules or oral liquid, I would start slow and gradually increase. Personally I would opt for twice or three times a day administration and not exceed the amount recommended for oral ingestion (though the max amount recommended for oral ingestion by Marc Swanepoel of the Sutherlandia and Rose Laurel product lines is up to 8 capsules per day based on 150 pounds or more body weight).

I mix my Oleander with Apple Cider Vinegar, is that ok to use up the Rectum?

It is probably OK, but I imagine that either ACV or the vodka which is recommended for preserving home made oleander might result in some burning sensation. I think that if I were making my own extract to deliver rectally I would opt for colloidal silver as a preservative - which would be a good addition to the rectal delivery route at any rate, given the anti-cancer abilities of colloidal silver.

Question 5: My 14 year old niece K with Cystic Fibrosis. Thank you for your answer. I am so pleased to know that she can use Oleander. Regarding her enzymes, she uses one called Creon, do you perhaps know if it is a good one or would you suggest she use the Serra Enzyme or Serra Plus+. Please see below what her Mom, C told me what medication Kayleigh uses on a daily basis:

"Hi D

Herewith the daily list of meds K is on:

• Berotec –Nebs twice daily
• Atrovent – Nebs twice daily
• Seretide – 2 puffs twice a day
• Creon ( pancreatic enzymes) x6 with everything she eats as the pancreatic duct is blocked and enzymes cannot be secreted by her own body
• Pulmozyme –Nebs once daily( an enzyme she nebs with that prevents rapid lung destruction)
• Tobramycin – Nebs twice a day with 240mg at a time(antibiotic)
• Vit D –daily
• Multivitamins daily
• Vit E & A – Daily
• Zithromax - Antibiotic 3x weekly( Mon, Wed, Fri)
• Flixonase Nasules - Twice daily
• Build up drink- twice daily ( coughing, difficult breathing takes too much of their energy and they get energy depleted and have nothing left for growth and all other metabolic activities) They need to be on a high energy, protein and calorie diet.
• Losec – X1 daily( for reflux due to excessive coughing)

K has had 11 sinus operations to date( Bilat FESS). She has not been well for the last 3 months and has had recurrent sinus and chest infections. She had her last op on 5th December 2011 and they did two weeks of IV antibiotics post operation.

She goes on intravenous antibiotics every 3 months for 2 weeks. She normally gets Targocid and Maxipime as IV antibiotics. It runs as a continuous infusion. She is colonised with MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus) and Pseudomonas, which are both hospital acquired bacteria that we struggle with as they are both very virulent organisms.

Lately she has to be nebulised 3 times daily as her chest goes tight towards late afternoon. She also suffers a lot with her sinuses and has become very productive. She coughs up lots of mucous and also has lots of green mucous coming from her nose that she struggles to blow out since they produce very thick, sticky mucous in CF patients due to NaCl (Sodium Chloride) pump not working well at cellular level in CF patients. Those are ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive in, hence the chronic, recurrent infections.

Hope that gives you an idea of what the treatment and symptoms are about in CF patients. They really fight infections all the time and cannot digest and absorb their food without pancreatic enzymes. This in turn affects their immune system making them more susceptible to all sorts of infections etc.

I am not familiar with those medications, but that surely is a lot of medications. I would immediately be concerned about their side effects, especially the strong likelihood that her intestinal flora is constantly being destroyed by the antibiotics. I would think that a good probiotic product might be in order. The best I know of is Garden of Life's Primal Defense Ultra.

I am not familiar with the pancreatic enzyme product she is taking. The best I know of is Garden of Life's Omega-Zymes Ultra. I also like the Serra products and the W-Zymes Xtra Recovery Zymes, which is a bit less pricey and is what I am currently taking. I also add Serrapeptase, which is pretty superior for removing fibrin.

As for those lung issues, if it were me I would try nebulizing regularly with a combination of 5 parts colloidal silver, 1 part lobelia extract and 1 part mullein extract and supplement with the Chinese herbal formula product ClearLungs Ultra. That will bring up lots of gunk and should be very good for lung health and repair.

I would also take copious amounts of a very high quality colloidal silver such as Utopia Silver's Advanced Colloidal Silver to knock out the MRSA, perhaps along with some Olive Leaf extract. By copious, I mean up to 8 ounces a day for the first few days and then back off to an ounce or two a day until the signs of MRSA appear to be gone and then perhaps a couple of tablespoons a day thereafter.

That was now a mouth full!

Bye for now



Once again Tony, you are God-sent and i will refer people to ur websites and your products, as i am so impressed it's unreal. We are very much into living a healthy lifestyle as vegetarians and some of us are vegans. My family own a health food factory in Johannesburg called Natures Choice and they have a wide range of products too, they've become very popular in quite a few countries overseas

Did you know that the pharmaceutical manufacturing company which makes the Sutherlandia line of oleander supplements as well as the Rose Laural OPC Plus capsules is located in/near Johannesburg as is the formulator, Yahoo group member and dear friend of mine Naturopathic Doctor Marc Swanepoel?

I hope that all of you vegetarian/vegans plan and supplement very carefully. Otherwise you may be missing out on some essential items which are found only or primarily in meat. B12 for example.

With kind regards


Today (February 22) I received this encouraging message:

Dear Tony

I just wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time you have taken in sending me such alot of valuable information and the advice you've given is absolutely overwhelming. My niece Kayleigh who has Cystic Fibrosis, is already feeling alot better since you suggested she flushes with Colloidal silver, she nebulizes with it and she is on Oleander and her parents are so grateful that your advice made such a difference in keeping her doctor at bay thus far. There are other products you mentioned along with the Clear Lungs, Lobelia Extract, Mullein Extract etc, can these be ordered from your range?

The Oleander is working so well for my sister with MS, she feels like a new person and feels the Oleander has helped in keeping an attack away. She has so much energy and she is coping very well, she had a pain in her chest that's been there for many months and just 3 days on the Oleander, it's gone!

Tony you are a marvel and i believe that God has a special blessing instore for you. You rock !!!!

Thank you and thank you again!!!

With warmest regards


Note: One can find the "recipe" for making the oleander extract commonly known as "oleander soup" here:


The Recipe for Oleander Soup Part 1

The Recipe for Oleander Soup Part 2 - Tips and Advice


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