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Re: Can feel Parasite in testicles!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Can feel Parasite in testicles!

If you doctor is open minded to alternative health helps, great, tell him about the cayenne pepper challenge test mentioned below. If he and his family haven't been treated for parasites, they need to be.

The tests for parasites are generally INaccurate and most doctors - sitting there clueless to the bugs in their own systems - tend to pooh pooh them. Countless of us on CZ have seen that. I have seen about 5 people on here complaining that they put live, wiggling, bugs into their stool samples only to be told that they have no parasites. In addition, parasites by no means live just in the stools (they can move out of the way of those even if they are in the intestines.) Liver flukes are very common and mostly inhabit the billary ducts, for ex. parasites can be found all throughout the body, sad to say.

Some cut & pastes of things that helped me, and some others, in case any of it can help you:

Disclaimer: Humanworm is mentioned in the first link and it used to get great reports here on CZ but in past months some people complained about it not being as good as in the past (though some lately say it is back to its former quality) so you may want to try something like Clarkia or the other standard herbicides.

See link below for cayenne pepper (using organic powder from the grocery is better than capsules) challenge test to see if you or any loved ones have Tapeworms Sometimes one sees sesame seed looking things, or ďblanched almondsĒ but usually ďwhite riceĒ in the stools, for example. Many people have found parasites this way, parasites that lab tests said they didnít have. Hulda Clark says everyone she ever lab tested had Tapeworms & everyone had other kinds of parasites as well.


Another approach to tapeworms, also ascaris:

RE parasites, low enemas can help reveal what bugs are dying without any ďdigging around.Ē Enema bags are cheap & online or at drug stores. The net has many sites telling how to use them. Use 2-3 cups filtered water only per bag at a time. You donít want to go too high and wash away good intestinal bacteria. (On occasion, to relieve really bad constipation, you can go higher, though.) Add some plain, no Sugar added, yogurt with acidophilus, or ďlive culturesĒ to the last bag & eat some. This kind of yogurt, especially Danonís, is easy to find at most grocery stores. The enemas can also help combat the constipation often associated with initial stages of parasite killing and just help speed up the cleansing process in general.

Also, many people are not aware that they are gluten sensitive, maybe even have celiac. A gluten sensitivity test can help. Even if one shows up just at Level 1 in sensitivity, that means the intestinal villi have been damaged & nutrients are not getting through as they should. Also where gluten sensitivity is, candida is probably lurking.

Candida may be lurking regardless. One way you may find it is by doing low enemas, mixing water with apple cider vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Tea made from Quassia wood chips can also kill some parasites as well as candida. Kefir enemas can also be helpful. Use enemas after a bowel movement. If after such enemas you see things that look like string cheese or yellow gel, or white things that look like pieces of tissue paper, then you know a candida cleanse needs to be done. (Sometimes the candida looks like dark seaweed or brown crusts with mucous, apparently depending on its age & stage.) Another tip off is that, after you do the enemas you may have temporary die off in the form of cold or flu like symptoms or some itchiness & twitchiness. I'd personally get rid of the parasites first. Both cleanses cause die off and you don't want to overdo it. Cleanses do put extra stress on the adrenals. Both cleanses can take months. Be patient & persistent.

Some people say everyone who has had Antibiotics has candida cleansing to do.

If you eat 2 quarts of airpopped, hopefully organic, popcorn with minimal to no oil or butter (maybe some coconut oil) and a small Watermelon all in one day you should start getting cleaned out due to all that roughage for one thing.
Taking 2-3 capsules of magnesium before bedtime has helped many people. I personally think brand can make all the difference and have found Twinlab (cheaper at places like Vitacost & iherb) to be very good. A tsp of Epsom Salts in water before bed can be quite helpful, more if needed.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water, or even herbal tea, seems to be essential. Your body needs fluid to move stuff along.

Some people really like Oxypowder but I have found that it seems to deplete my electrolytes or something because it made me feel very tired after a couple of days.
Blessed Herbs is, mho, the best bowel cleanser, but pricey.

You can do maybe 1 high enema a week w/o getting dependent on enemas, and low enemas (2-4 cups at a time) will cause no dependency so use as often, even one right after another, as helpful. Be sure to eat acidoophilus yogurt to replenish good bacteria. Dannon sells this in the plain, usually non fat, no Sugar etc. added version.

Some people use cascara sagara and it is effective, but you can get dependent on it. One way to counteract that dependency at least somewhat, if you find it's all that works, is to not take it every day. It wouldn't hurt to put some quassia "tea" (you buy the chips & let them steep in hot water just like tea) and/or Black-Walnut or Black-Walnut /womrwood (again available at places like Vitacost or Swansonís) tincture into the last enema bag, and they can help kill any parasites.
Probiotics are a must. Reportedly they help with many physical as well as mental problems. (See Youtube, Dr. Mercola & Dr. Campbell for example - & its not just about autism if you hang in there long enough.) Yogurt has already been mentioned but some need to use it sparingly as for some it causes constipation. Kefir has wonderful probiotics. One can make sauerkraut pretty easily with organic cabbage (the kind in the can has been pasteurized and that has killed most, if not all, the probiotics) and can make rejuvelac ultra easily. Kombucha is also not too hard to make.
I personally would not consider colonics. There is really no research that I know of that tells (1) how much of one's good bacteria or how much of one's electrolytes are being washed out, or (2) whether or not otc products will adequately replace them. I have experienced, & seen a friend suffer also, from the fatigue & "wiped out" feeling high colonics can lead to, though.
Many people are low on Vitamin D. See info on the net on how to get Vitamin D production through sunlight exposure. Norweigian (not likely to have mercury) cod liver oil is helpful. Get lots of fresh air and exercise gently each day with some stretches as well as light weight bearing exercises. Be sure you have enough Vitamin A. Look at your palms. Is the skin on your palms, below your fingers, kind of orangey? It should be. Be sure you have enough iron. See informal iron fingernail press test on the net, or better yet get a blood test. In fact, getting blood testing is great for things like amino acids, vitamins, coQ10, minerals.
All cleanses can be quite stressful to the adrenals. Taking a good quality Vit. C several times a day around the clock (and btw Emergen-C has Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (Natrium Glutamat) in it, disguised as ďflavoringĒ or something like that) and having lots of protein can help you be strong. A B complex can also be very healthy along with milk thistle to strengthen the liver.
Are you on anti depressants? They can rob you of nutrients & many studies say they are only initially effective, then are harmful in many ways. Regular exercise and healthy Diet are shown to be far more effective.
Never underestimate the prevalence of mercury. Not just silver fillings but many, many things in the environment are a threat. For example plastic bottles leech out mercury into the food or drink especially if you use a microwave, bubble wrap will cause it to get into hands that work with it, etc. etc. Activated charcoal put in enemas (you can mix them in with the last enema mentioned above along with the acidophilus yogurt & coffee, but not with meds or supplements 4 hours before or after oral ingestion) and/or taken orally can help remove mercury and other toxins. Some industrial pollutants only go out by sweat, though.
***GENTLE Liver Flushes (Best not to do until a month of paracides & maybe a month of paracides plus a month on a zapper as otherwise they can make you feel quite ill.)
I will tell you what worked for me and it was gentle. It is a slight variation on the usual kind of flush found on CZ & elsewhere. It can help expel not only stones but parasites. I had no grapefruit juice becaue it can interfere with some meds. Orange juice worked every bit as well. No Epsom Salts for me. It can be harsh & I never needed it. Prepare a quart of water with about 3-4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in it, sipped on from the morning to the evening of the flush. (Some people drink a quart of apple juice instead but I didn't want the sugar, but it works fine too.)
When I had that drink it made all the difference in how many stones I got out.
Then the usual. Stop eating after about 3PM and limit the fats to virtually none that day. Right before lying down in the evening, drink the extra virgin olive oil + orange juice (abt 1/2 cup of each) quickly. I found it helped to use a straw positioned at the back of my mouth to avoid the taste as much as possible, and to have a good tasting lozenge type supplement right after.
Go to bed immediately, and it seems to help to lie on your right side for at least 1/2 hour before falling asleep. You may feel yucky but that doesnít usually last long.
The next morning (best to do this on a weekend for sure) have a little bottle of magnesium citrate. Wait about 6 hours after that and do several low enemas to help cleanse out the stones. This also lets you know how many you got out, too. You may see bugs, most commonly liver flukes.
Eat some plain acidophilus yogurt with no Sugar (Dannonís is such a popular brand available at most grocery stores) to replace bacterial flora and be sure you get plenty of electrolytes in your diet the next few days.
If this makes you feel ill, you may need to work on parasite cleansing for awhile first.
Repeat bimonthly as possible until 2 consecutive flushes reveal no more than very few stones. This can take quite a few months.

***Enemas that reveal, & kill, Candida/Yeast
There is info on the net about how to do an enema. It is simple & painless.
You might want to research on the web how yeast can adapt & morph after prolonged exposure to one kind of "yeast-a-cide" or another, & alternate what you use for killing it. One thing it will never adapt to are very helpful enemas using apple cider vinegar or else 3% hydrogen peroxide. Maybe 2 tsp of each to each cup of filtered water, but experiment. I personally think it is good to do the hydrogen peroxide ones first, then follow up last with unfiltered, raw ACV with the mother so that good bacteria is introduced into the colon.

It helps to put acidophilus yogurt (like Danonís nonfat yogurt) and/or homemade (not commercial) kefir into the last bag in order to replenish good flora, and to eat a bit daily. (Kefir will intensify any die off though.) Btw yogurt replaces candida to some extent and kefir eats it.

Those enemas will really help clean yeast/candida from the colon (after a bowel movement of course) but can also cause more die off. It is important to do these after a bowel movement and to maybe use a prewash enema to clean out the colon so that you can clearly see what, if any, candida comes out. Some of the things you may see in the toilet water include things that look like string cheese, yellow gel, white wet tissue-looking things of various sizes, dark seaweedish things, milky white liquid, and burnt orange colored crusty looking things attached to mucous. These seem to be different ages & stages of the candida. I wonder if diet alone can ever get rid of all that gunk that has been attached to the colon walls. If so, I think it would take a far longer time than simply washing it away with the enemas.

It may take a great many of enemas to get rid of it all but if you are like me you will start to feel like a new person when it is gone. Changing your diet is essential however and wheat, gluten and sugar are the worst offenders. (I personally think fresh organic fruit & dried strawberries & blueberries Ė plus you need blue things in your diet & only blueberries give it Ė do not hurt. If you want to be a total purist it may help to give up milk but I personally got my health back while drinking a lot of milk and the fruits mentioned.)
coffee enemas are good to follow up with after other enemas. They are great for the health, especially for the liver. Again, for any enema that is the last one of the day, introduce acidophilus yogurt and/or homemade keifr.

It seems to me, based on die off symptoms, that using about 2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water daily may also kill candida in the upper intestinal area. This is best done on an empty stomach. I know it makes me feel better, personally. But it seems to me ACV should be used in moderation. Too much can deplete calcium stores for ex. You could possibly do this not daily but maybe 2 X per week. Whatever works for you personally. You could also take a couple of activated charcoal tabs at the same time, or maybe about 1/8 tsp of the powdered form. The charcoal is actually put in there to clean out any mercury or other heavy metal toxins, not for candida. It should not be used near medications or supplements.

What really seems to kill candida in the higher intestinal areas, where the enemas canít reach, is home made kefir. Taking a 16 oz. glass of it on an empty stomach in the morning initially caused me some definite die off Ė the same itchiness (unfortunately interfering with sleep) that the above mentioned enemas caused, along with some harmless flushing in the face. If you want to try this you may want to do so on a weekend, and/or use less kefir. Kefir is hyper easy to make and you can get the starters at Amazon, maybe even make it from store bought kefir if that has live cultures in it. You simply put some of your already existing kefir into a jar of milk and let it sit overnight.

I plan to stay on maintenance for life. You never really know if you killed every last bug (maybe with Rife, maybe not, but I can't use that since its for those who are on no meds) and it just takes one pregnant bug to start things all over. You never really know if, when you touched a grocery cart or opened a restroom door, that you didn't pick up some eggs. They even can blow into your nostrils through a blast of air outside!
I can't say that what I do is perfect, but I can say that I don't see parasites anymore.
Every single day I zap for at least an hour while at the computer. I prefer to zap at the elbows and/or ankles where the blood continually flows through the arteries.
Every single morning on an empty stomach (except for my meds and some supplements) I have some homemade Colloidal Silver (must be made with distilled water and its cheap to make your own & Utopia-Silver is where I got my silver maker) to which I add a couple of drops of Aura Cacia Peppermint essential oil, a couple of shakes of organic cayenne pepper, and about 1/3 of an eye dropper of Vitacost Black-Walnut tincture, alternated daily with their Black Walnut/Wormwood tincture. This drink does NOT taste good! Thatís why I have a good tasting supplement in lozenge form afterwards. I do not eat anything for at least a half hour after having this concoction.
Almost every single day I have a green drink (things like powdered wheatgrass, barley, powdered Yaeyama chlorella & fennel seed) to which I add at least Ĺ tsp. of Pharmaguard Diatomaceous earth. I usually donít have much in my stomach at that time.
I eat very, very well cooked meat.
From time to time I also drink Quassia woodchip tea and/or do a Quassia woodchip tea enema. I have found this is very effective against both bugs and candida. (But you don't want to be attacking candida until the bugs are mostly dead due to too much die off.)
I'm not an expert, just someone who has gone through trial & error, like you, and found what works for me. So far anyway! :-)
There is research coming out that low levels of good gut flora can cause things like depression, other mental problems (according to neurologist Dr. Campbell this can include autism onset in little children), and physical ailments of many kinds.
Are you eating any of these things on a regular basis? Kefir, yogurt with live cultures, sauerkraut that hasn't been heated in a can or jar, home made kombucha, rejuvelac (easy to make). Taking some daily can help with many ailments.
I am no way an expert on zappers. The only way I knew "for sure" that mine were working was that I got die off at first.

The least expensive way I know (other than making one yourself with a battery & some wire & I think you can find such instructions on the net) is to go to ebay and type in World's Smallest Zapper. Also you need the copper pipes they also sell, probably, though. But they last forever.

Now that kind of zapper is kind of fragile, being so inexpensive. That is, the wire tends to come apart from the alligator clip with any bumps or jolts and I couldn't make it work by trying to fix it after that. I came up with a solution for that problem. I did ask the "experts" on the Zapper Forum what they thought of the solution and they said they thought it should work effectively.

Here it is. If you get the little zapper cut off the alligator clips. Use a small paring knife to cut away the plastic at the ends of both wires until you see about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of wire exposed.

Take that bare wire from one cord, press it hard into the copper pipe and tape it tightly and completely covered with electrical tape flat against the upper side of the pipe. Then do the same thing with the other wire & the other pipe. You will be able to tell if the zapper is working by touching the two pipes to your tongue at the same time after the battery is connected. Make sure that you are touching actual copper not tape or paper towels. There should be a tingly feeling on your tongue. Do this very briefly. If there is no tongue tingle things aren't working. It probably will work just fine.

I put the wire at the top end of the pipe so that there is a lot of pipe exposed w/o the electrical tape touching it and I donít want to place that tape against my skin. Donít know what kind of toxins it might have.

You might be able to get copper pipes at some hardware store or elsewhere less expensively, have no clue. Some people even use pennies in their commercial zappers but it is hard to get those bare wires taped to a little penny! Any piece of big enough copper will do. The bigger the metal piece, the more zapping you are getting. You don't want to over or under do it. Again, you have to experiment.

Silver will do! For ex. from some old cut up oversized piece of jewelry no longer used. Like copper, silver must be covered with the wet, salted, paper towels.They have to lie flat against your skin though. It must be sterling silver grade at least. Silver is really better anyway in case of any accidental contact & "contamination" from electrodes carrying the metal substance into the skin.

Keep a barrier between your skin & the zapper metal conductors using the paper towels, or even very thin cotton cloth, that is wet with not too strong salt water. Do the tongue tingle test to see if you still feel that charge through the paper or cloth. If the salt water is too strong it will make your skin feel like it is burning. You just have to experiment in all of this.

I don't know whether 25 hz or 30 hz is better but just got 25 hz as it seemed more people said that was better. Don't know. Don't know if they know.

I think it should be worn every single day for an hour for life. Reinfection is a constant concern. I don't think the 20 min on & 20 min off etc. is necessary & Hulda Clark later said continuous zapping is just fine, i.e. 1 hour nonstop or longer.

I said "worn". You can wear them with Velcro straps holding them in place, or you can just hold the pipes or place them under your feet . Some people really recommend that and you could theoretically get 2 big pieces of flat copper to tape the cords' bare wires to. Just avoid actual contact with the copper through using the paper barrier. I like taping them on with medical tape, or using velcrow straps, or whatever works, to let my hands be free while I type at the computer or read.

Again, you just have to experiment.

If you are feeling very ill you might want to zap a whole lot, even around the clock, though not at first. Build up. Everyone is different.

I personally think the best place to put the electrodes is at the insides of the ankles , alternating some days on the wrists, one on each side. I alternate the left and right side of my body with the red, or postive cord, daily though I'm not at all sure that is needed.

The blood flows through those arteries completely in just a few minutes so in a sense you are zapping all of your blood several times in an hour. Zappers may kill things in places like the stomach & intestines - that's controversial - but they definitely seem most effective on the blood since that is closest to the skin where they lie.

This is based on Bob Beck's ideas, modified. You can see more about him on Youtube & elsewhere.
Don't forget to check for candida! If you have that built up in your system no matter what you do you will never get well until it is gone. Ditto too much acidity in your system. Some say zappers kill candida. If it does, per my personal experience, it ainít doiní that much against it!


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