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It Won't Die! Contagiouis Skin & Intestenal Parasite
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Published: 10 years ago

It Won't Die! Contagiouis Skin & Intestenal Parasite

I have been reading Cure Zone for about two months and this is my first post.

I know that my conditon is NOT delusional as my boyfriend has it too and we can SEE these things. This is what has been diagnosed so far by a doctor: "Delusional Parasitosis".

At first, I thought it was Scabies. It was an all over body itch, (including genetal area), with small red raised bumps. I used Premetherin twice, four days apart, and Ivermectin, 1.87% horse paste, one dose after the second Premetherin treatment did nothing.

Then, the red rash vanished as did much of the itching, although some still persists.

What developed in its place are white zit like pustules that are actually the tips of what appear to be burrows of tiny worms or other? creatures.

They started in my NOSE. I thought I had really dry sinuses as my nostrils had been white and flaky around the same time the "scabies" rash started.

As more of the white pustules appeared on my face, I noticed that the white flaky stuff was just dried up remains of the same pustules, as these pustules developed inside and outside my nose in huge numbers almost overnight.

I put hydrogen peroxide in and outside of my nose, and both long and short wormy like pieces came out in volume.

Then, I noticed little white round wormy pieces in my MOUTH...between my teeth, especially after eating. One pustule developed in the corner of the left side of my mouth, and I could see a long white worm like thing, or maybe burrow? leading from the pustule all the way to the back of my molars on the inside of my mouth. There are

I use hydrogen peroxide like mad as a gargle, more Ivermectin horse paste internally and externally (helps a lot!) and also put both in and outsdie of my nose and on my face where the pustules are (mostly along my hairline).
A gross clear film always results.

This film also appears after I take a short bath with some combination of sulfur soap, Borax. Epsom Salts , Kleen Free, Menthol Alcolol, mint glycerne soap, and Apple cider vinegar. I only mix two to three things at a time, and change what I mix daily so that a tolerence by the parasites does not develop.

My Scalp is also very itchy, and I can feel little bumps all over it. These extend down the back of my neck and just a little on my chest.

I also have biting sensations, the burrows and white worm looking things on my HANDS, FEET and SHINS.

There is still some itching in the pubic area, but has cleared up a lot.

These white wormy larve looking things were falling off of me in droves, but have cleared up some and I dont see them falling off of me and emerging out of my face! as much as I did a few days ago.

I notice that if one of these things falls off, or if I pull it off and it touches another part of my skin, It immediately starts to try to burrow in! It hurts, like a biting sensation. I have started to wear nitrile gloves while at home, which has been bommed and covered with D. Earth twice.

There are also some little BLACK creatures that appear with the white things or come out of my skin with the Hydrogen Peroxide. These also try to burrow back into my skin and bite.

I did an H20/Hydrogen peroxide enema and was so horrified at what came out! Long wormy pieces, both clear and white; bloody stringy worm pieces with a definate sac structure; leaf like clumps of tissue...some red, some clear.

I am posting pictures of some of the things I have described.

If anyone has any information or has experienced like symptoms, please respond!

I am taking a stool test next week from Metametrx Labs, but I'm not sure the best time to collect the sample?

I apologize for the long and disjointed post, but BRAIN FOG has increased over the last few weeks...I can not accopmlish anything except to deal with this/these parasites!

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