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Pulling out the big guns for my undiagnosed problem
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Published: 10 years ago

Pulling out the big guns for my undiagnosed problem

A big shout out to the big usernames who post a lot on the forums, I've been searching CZ for months and really appreciate everyone's expertise and efforts to help each other.

My digestive troubles started last fall and I haven't been able to get back in balance. Recently started seeing two different doctors with no diagnosis or cure as of yet. I am my own physician in a sense, as you all can relate.

I'm wracking my brain trying to think of a cause for the beginning of my problems. Did I get infected somehow? Picked up a parasite somewhere? Bacteria from drinking raw milk? Did I get constipated from too high protein in my diet and then fed an overgrowth of yeast with too much Ben and Jerrys and frozen pizzas?

Rumbling, gurgling, noisy tummy; with knock-your-socks-off putrid gas, random intermittent abdominal distension (up to 5") that didn't seem to be food related. Constipation that I never had before. I kept a food journal for months and tried to figure out what I was eating that was causing a problem, if there were malabsorption issues from a specific food.

I've been researching the possibilities of Candida overgrowth and wondering if I have it - and if it was CAUSED by a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, or parasites.

My diet has been 100% clean since January. Nothing from a box, bag, can, or frozen that is more than 1-2 ingredients. No Sugar or sweeteners of any kind. I'm in about a month with no grains, no legumes, no potatoes. Just last week when I had a flare up, I got really pissed off and wrote off fruit (I was having about 2-3 servings a day of fresh fruit).

Basically what I've done is combined three different diets: the low-FODMAP diet for SIBO, the SCD diet for leaky gut, and now the no-fruit approach to starving yeasts. Whatever is the matter with my guts?!!

My question for you, the reader, is: Are my flare ups because I'm doing something RIGHT, or something WRONG?

(i.e. "Is this a die-off of something" or "am I continuing to feed the beast - what else can I cut out of my diet?")

Right now I am eating:

Celery, Carrots, Tomatoes, Spinach, Spring greens, Romaine, Bell peppers, raw garlic (with caution), cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli, green beans, and occasionally a beet or mushroom or avacado; something I sneak in because I USED to be able to eat it and I trick myself into thinking I can handle it again without my guts going into turmoil. I've sneaked some pumpkin, summer squash, turnips and parsnips, but not with a clear conscience, and if a flareup happened, I'd blame the starchy veggies.

Grass fed beef, free range eggs and chicken, salmon, tuna, ham, turkey, sometimes bacon.

Nuts and seeds - all of 'em except peanuts and pistachios - sometimes in moderation, sometimes I overeat them when I'm craving fat.

Oils, yeah, the good ones, on salads or in cooking.

Fruits WERE the "easily digestible" "low fructose" ones such as strawberry, kiwi, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, banana, blueberries, grapes, lemon/lime, cantaloupe, raspberries - and not much fruit anyway because I'm afraid of it.

I love garlic and onions but have been afraid to eat them in case my problem is SIBO-related.

I've been off of dairy for 3 weeks, but all winter I've been EXTREMELY LOW dairy anyway. 1 oz of raw cheese here or there, some homemade kefir, a splash of milk in my now nonexistent morning coffee, etc. That was easy to get rid of.

This is wrecking my life, the constant preoccupation with food, the terrible distention that flares up randomly with no apparent reason, the social situations with avoiding specific foods, the terrible blow to the self-esteem, the low energy and lack of drive and motivation. I've never been without carbs and sugars before, I LIKE this Primal/Paleo way of eating and I never want to go back to grains, however, something still needs fixed.

one of my Drs gave me two doses of Nystatin, while it helped to clear up constipation and bloat temporarily, it came right back. The other doctor had me go off dairy products for 3 weeks to see if that would help, and did stool tests for O&P, C Diff and ghiardia. Negatory.

My biggest questions for you are as follows:
Is there a particular ORDER in which I should be cleaning house?!
Is that order: 1. parasite cleanse, 2. Candida Cleanse, 3. Liver Flush, Re-build/repair Colon with probiotics, continue with strict diet for 6-12 months before I add back in.... what? Fruits? Starches? Dairy?

Oops, I forgot about the possibility of metal toxicity... sigh... I haven't looked into that much, honestly.

I just started ParaGONE a few days ago and am rotating through all the possible herbal routes for antibacterial/antifungal/antiparasitic cleansing.

I've always had a healthy appetite, I love food, I love cooking from scratch, I love being active, running, lifting heavy weights, having an occasional glass of wine with my loved ones. This fear of food and feeling of overwhelmed-ness with not knowing what to eat (or not eat) to avoid the terrible distention, noxious gas, constipation, and mucus-y blobs coming out of my butt, indigestion - this isn't normal, for anyone, to have to avoid foods, and I don't know how to fix it.

Can anybody offer advice or help me? I have a life to live, like you do, and this is driving me crazy. The loss of sleep, the anxiety, the hunger/insatiability that ends in choosing the wrong food when you finally do eat, to not gain much energy from it, the fear of adding coconut or cocoa or raisins back into my diet because I want a TREAT after months of deprivation..... it gets to you after a while.

I don't have Sugar cravings, but sometimes I do want chocolate. 100% organic cacao, yes please, I'll eat a whole ounce of it and savor it. Bread cravings? Nope, but I'm perfectly happy with my egg/flax meal muffins with some shredded carrot and vanilla and cinnamon thrown in for sweetness. I make my own almond milk sometimes and enjoy an occasional kombucha for a treat. I'm not picky, I like sour and bitter and spicy, I'm not afraid of going without, but it's the uncertainty and indecision, the making decisions that don't seem to work, that is really discouraging.

What else should I cut out? Meat/eggs/protein? Or nuts/oils/fat? What should I do first? Why can some people tolerate coconut milk and make bread with coconut flour, and other people say hells no? Or probiotics? Are they hurting me? (I stopped taking them for the duration I'm doign the paraGONE).

Next week I am starting an Elemental Diet formula, a low-residue (Absorb Plus) shake for two weeks to feed myself but starve out any bugs down below. Then I can POW POW 'em and knock 'em loose, flush 'em out, and make sure they don't come back. When I add solids back in, I'm THINKING to do all cooked veggies, raw veggies, and meats/eggs. Hold off on the nuts/seeds/dairy for a few months afterward...

Any ideas? Please offer any suggestions or advice you might have, I appreciate your input, we are on our own here.

I appreciate your taking the time to read my story and consider how to help me. This is putting quite a strain on my emotional, relational, and mental health, besides physical!


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