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Re: Pulling out the big guns for my undiagnosed problem

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Pulling out the big guns for my undiagnosed problem

(A-87 Wrote) I'm not too interested in the vegan lifestyle, but am interested in healthy asian diets that are high in vegetables, dairy free, and meat is used sparingly.

I'm leaning this direction. I have the book "Healing With Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition" by Paul Pitchford, and although the approach is very unfamiliar to me, I see a lot of wisdom in it, it's intriguing, and seems to agree very much with what you've been saying.

I was reminded several weeks ago what it felt like to not be sick and to be able to focus on things not related to food and symptoms.

Sigh.... I had a brief glimpse of my old self, too, a couple months ago. I know what it feels like to be healthy, and this isn't it. I'm envious of your being able to not be obsessed with food and symptoms. But happy for you too :)

Also look into acid/alkaline balance and the right foods for that. Candida loves an acid environment, created by meats and nuts.

Yup, that's where I'm headed... this is new stuff to me. I bought a bag of lemons and some organic ACV to take in water every morning with my herbal kombucha tea; I'm planning to do that for the duration of the 2-week Elemental Diet. I can't wait to try that. I have high hopes, thinking it will help to re-set everything down below, so I can still be nourished but starve out anything else while hitting it with the ParaGONE and antifungals.

My current dilemma is deciding whether to go high veggies/meat or high veggies/starches, when I come off the elemental fast. I realize I shouldn't do both meats and starches (either from veggies or selected grains). It seems to me that if I get enough digestible protein from seaweeds, veggies, and *sprouted* grains and seeds, then possibly when I'm feeling healed (after a year perhaps?) I could add back in occasional nuts, eggs, cultured dairy, and cocoa/coconut, or even certain fruits, and be able to digest them properly as before.

(James37 Wrote) The reason why you might feel better on a low fat, low protein diet is that candida is producing less of its protease and lipase enzymes outside of its cell membrane in which can damage/inflame tissue. Eating broccoli and spinach, rice, potatoes is most likely not going to cause candida to leave because there is nothing really in those foods for candida to want to leave.

So basically it will just keep symptoms to a bare minimum, if I eat right; but it won't annihilate any overgrowth. That makes sense. So unless we want to live the rest of our lives on spinach and broccoli, we need to put on our boxing gloves, yes? (To be able to digest starches and/or proteins again)?

I have trouble doing this almost no fat diet in the winter time because I work outside in the cold weather and I need some fat to keep my metabolism/energy levels up.... ...Trying to "rebalance" the gut with the proper strains and levels of good flora is why many of us have been at this battle for so long. Its a very complicated community that has to be in proper balance to remain healthy.

Heard. Everyone really does have to eat for their own body type and their personal signs of "deficiency" or "excess." (that eastern yin/yang stuff that's starting to make sense!). I did really good on a high-carb diet, keeping up with my toddlers at home, running 20+ miles a week, weight training, energy out the wazoo. I could digest anything, and nutrition, while always on the forefront of my mind, wasn't a NEED so much as "yeah, we'll make this change toward eating cleaner, because we should." Now I'm like, wow, I screwed myself up. I don't want my family to end up the same way.

(#122305 Wrote)
Its all a vicious cycle and most of us are using trail and error healing because modern medicine is so corrupted by the AMA,the FDA, and the drug companies, they could care less about health, as profit is their reason for existing.

Seriously!!!! *clink*

.....I figured out I was not digesting protein properly because of a lack of hcl. Also candida thrives when there is low hcl and will make the stomach even more alkaline. When I started my HCL I could feel the reactions of the fungus dying in my body. ....A new product I just ordered will soon be here to restart the fire in my digestive system something with Tibetian herbs and Chinese mushrooms. This will take time and if you have about 6 months to a year to devote to the correction it can be done. So far you are on the right track, you just need to make some minor adjustments.

I do have 6 months to a year; I have longer than that; I have the rest of my life. Wellness is a pursuit and health a lifestyle. I will look into the HCL. I'm just starting to learn about digestive enzymes. It's super hard because these damn doctors aren't in a hurry to find out what's wrong with you, they'll let you suffer for weeks and weeks and months and leave you keep coming back to pay out of your pocket or use up your insurance money, and throw different ideas at you until they stumble upon something. Haha, my doctor that ordered a stool test and told me to go off dairy? I haven't told him yet that I'm doing a parasite cleanse and going on an elememtal diet for 2 weeks, only to return to eating high vegetables and no fruits (or nuts/meat, or starches, whichever I decide upon). We can't wait around for them to figure things out. They know about medicine and disease - not nutrition and wellness.

Or maybe I need to find a different doctor - like an ND ;)

(RONBN49 Wrote) acid stomach = alkaline blood, alkaline stomach equals acid blood because undigested food feeds the pathogens that are causing leaky gut.

That's the first time I've heard that expression, acid stomach=alkaline blood, and vice versa. Easy to remember...

(Jazzydude Wrote) I think it's impossible to tell if you are getting die-off without knowing what you have. I often see people in Curezone talking about die-off without knowing what they have and without waiting for them to feel better to confirm if it was really die-off. ....I have wasted 6 years of my life with this sort of BS, and I had two big problems. 1 finding a doctor that knew what the hell he was doing. 2 finding a parasite test that actually worked.

yeah, I guess I'm screwed. I'll know what the problem was AFTER I fix it, right? Maybe? That's what's killing me, is the undiagnosed problem is causing indecision about which route to take for healing. Testing, whether it be for fructose malabsorption, parasites, leaky gut, fungus, etc... it all seems so subjective and non-reliable. And they seem to play off one another, you almost have to treat them ALL in the proper order. Does anyone agree with this?

(Gatorkea Wrote) I started looking more into leaky gut just recently, and it would make sense that it could be causing my biggest symptoms, they gut needs to heal so i can absorb nutrients, I am going to order an intestinal permeability test to see if this might be the culprit.

That's a test I haven't looked into, good thought. Thanks. I am taking L-Glutamine and BCAAs (I started BCAAs when I started lifting weights), but I wasn't sure if you're supposed to rotate THOSE along with your antifungals or antibacterial herbs. I'm seeing that 7-10 days on, 5-7 days rest, and another 7-10 days on will help hammer any parasitic eggs or knock the yeast back and keep it from mutating.

I did do an enema the other night to get things moving and had some senna tea; I passed some crazy shit that looked like a big dinner-plate pile of brown globby stuff, strings of mucus, and I felt sick to my stomach while passing it. All the next day I was on the crapper about 10 times, small/formed stools, normal color, and a big healthy soft one at the end of the day.

Nothing today. I'm feeling weak and very anxious. Taking the paraGONE with extra Black-Walnut /wormwood, coQ10, Caprylic Acid, and Pau'd'arco, along with Grapefruit-Seed-Extract and D3, and raw garlic as desired.

Next week I'm starting back on large doses of C, peppermint oil, OoO, thyme, garlic, Charcoal, ACV, L-Glut, and magnesium...

So a pretty good mix of healing and detox stuff... We'll see I guess...

Thanks for the comments everyone.... any additional thoughts or input is highly welcomed...!


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