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Re: Think Im cured
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Think Im cured

== Please let them know your first hair test number! They will add it to the same number so folks can see your progress--usually the 2nd test looks worse than the first as the chelators kick up heavy metals and they are more available to make it into hair. I've heard from someone else that they are slow in posting hair tests at the moment--usually only takes a few days.

"Joe, is HT 354 the only test you have submitted?

== Yes, I have two more that I should send in. I've delayed because I was so surprised. The second one reported Cd borderline red! The third was pubic hair to avoid contamination (!). It reported lead borderline red and Cd back at slightly yellow! I knew that this can be unpredictable and I knew to expect some elevated levels during chelation but this is really strange. I'm going to do another one in the coming months. I cut my pubic hair quite short some months ago in prep for it.

At what stage of chelation did you seen the most improvement?

== The time around 10 months was a special time of my life. I apparently was coming out of the "dump" phase and it was really clear that I had achieved long-lasting gains in quite a few areas--memory, brain fog, mood, energy, etc. The other time was at about 1.5 yrs after starting. I got those DEXA bone density results which showed the impressive 8% improvement in bone density. Previously my bone density had been unresponsive to my doctor's medicine and supplements! I no longer feared that I'd end up in a wheel chair.

Has DMSA alone shown much benefit since lead is the problem?"

==Since both lead and cadmium have been in the red at times I assume it is from both. My situation actually matches Cd better than anything else. I almost cried when I read the section on Cd in his hair test book. For 15+ years doctors were cluesless! It looked so hopeless. Then the section of the hair test book on the highest toxin on my prechelation hair test matched my symptoms, work exposure, etc so well. It was such a relief! You must understand that part of the "pain" of a heavy metal problem is that people, esp doctors, don't trust what you say. They think you are crazy. Of course HMs affect the brain so in a sense we are mentally ill. It is a frustrating situation, especially for someone who had graduated in the top 10% of his HS class and had earned an M.A. I was never considered unintelligent until I got sick. Then I was stuck being a brain fogged space cadet! Thankfully most of that is gone.

== I also had some Hg symptoms too--adrenal fatigue symptoms, early liver symptoms, bad mood, etc. I really thing I was/am a combo of Hg, Pb and Cd.

== I've used 150mg DMSA + 75 mg ALA on average per day on round (Cutler Protocol--dose every few hours round the clock for a long weekend.)

Can HMs cause bipolar symptoms?

== Oh, Yes! This is very common, but more so among the men. The women more often seem to have anxiety but some men have more of that. Bipolar is very dangerous for those who don't have much support. They can go into a manic phase, think everything is fine and then stop chelating or start doing very unsafe things. I worked so hard on a very very sick member of a yahoo group for 1+ years who was like this--hair test has one of the ugliest list of symptoms--classic mercury--I've seen after 2 yrs and 200 hair tests viewed.

Sadly I'm fairly sure we lost her even though she had made some gains. She just did not have anyone to support her. She was only 40ish with teen girls. I HATE loosing group members to this damn disease!

== For a couple of years I was on a very low dose of a mood stabilizer but have been off that for a couple of years now. My doctor weaned me off my last medication--Adderall for inattentive ADD a few months ago. I'm still on a pile of supplements. My health is now back to the normal range for my age--40's, but I am confident there are some additional gains available if I continue to chelate occasionally. I certainly still have sfx while on round.

== Hang in there! Get well. Joe


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