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Re: Think Im cured
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Think Im cured

"I have to question the methods used to perform hair tests, do they all use the same protocol? If they don't how can we possibly chart progress?

== Cutler says we should judge our progress mostly on symptom relief, not on repeated hair or other tests. There are exceptions to this, but generally. If you were asking about pubic vs head hair Cutler thinks they both work fine for our purposes.

"Regardless of what this hairtest says I plan to chelate as it seems to have worked for many people.

== I think Cutler would agree with you. He indicates that symptom clusters are the best way to diagnose Hg. He has a section of his Amalgam Illness book on these clusters.

"I still have to figure out how to portion the doses...

== I recently posted on how I make up capsules.

==Cutler's tips on it, including fillers.

"I still havn't received my hair test, this is really taking a while. Do they mail you the test in addition to the email?

== You mean you have not received the results from DDI? I received results from them in email and postal service.

"Has the energy you gained from chelation stayed with you? You are still seeing improvements?

== Yes, energy was an early improvement as we often see in the groups. I got quite a bit just on supplements. Prior to Cutler I had little or no luck with brain fog symptoms. I am quite grateful for those gains and of course the bone density gains which I did not get from my doctor's treatments.

== I don't chelate weekly any longer. I'm not pushing maximum tolerated doses. I feel I need to try to resurrect my career now that I have decent health. I know there are additional gains available and I still feel sfx from chelators. I assume I have bad detox genes. I also assume some of the junk will continue to come out of bone over many years. I plan to chelate a few rounds per year for the remainder of my life.

"When I said "I think I'm cured" I did so because I had finally felt good for a number of weeks

== Cutler warns about this, especially for those who have bi-polar.

"If I do manage to catch a break this summer I am fairly sure my health will return although I worry that that health is just a manic state..

== Don't sweat it. Mother nature does her job regardless of how you "feel". Cutler says something like " you are a mammal and your are taking a mercury chelator. Therefore you are excreting mercury!"

"I was ADHD as a kid, mother and doctors had me on stimulants until 9th grade; that really messed up my social growth

== It will be interesting to see if there will be significant cadmium on your hair test. Maybe that was too long ago.

"Perhaps it was the lead pipes in that old house, or maybe it was in utero as my mom has a bunch of Amalgam fillings

== I'd guess both and more. Cutler warns about kids who lived in an old house while renovations where taking place--esp sanding old lead paint. Cadmium was in a tint used in some of the old paint and seems to be associated with ADD.

"Are you sleeping well Joe? Is daily life more meaningful? Can you maintain a job or use drugs(alcohol/coffee/whatever other psychoactives) without your body quickly giving out?

== Generally yes. I have a history of inattentive ADD and catecholamine depression--lethargy. So I can sleep. My challenge has been to be alert and awake!

== I have a history of mild reactive hypoglycemia. This has certainly improved; however I still feel better when I eat a decent diet and eat healthy snacks. Now I can cheat on candy occasionally and not end up a brain fogged space cadet.

== I used to be dangerous on a combo of caffeine/coffee/Coke and my ADD medication-Adderall! I was literally a danger to society! It was like I was having a Meth overdose. Of course I'm off the Adderall now; just on supplements--tyrosine, etc. I still think I'm sensitive to caffeine, but I don't crash--(adrenals?). The heat from the Summer will be a good test but I was not bad last year. I just get too hyper from caffeine. My health now while on supplements is quite normal, including mood. Remember I was once on a mood stabilizer medication too! I really like the combo of a little lithium supplement and a little pregnenolone--a nice easy going but nice masculine personality. I was somewhat strange for many years so this is really nice. The woman I've been seeing--also has Hg and is getting early gains on Cutler--has anxiety issues so she really appreciates my more easy going personality and reduced ADD symptoms. She was the one who originally insisted that I go to the psychiatrist--or else! : ) Fortunately I agreed.

== Good luck to you. It is not a quick process for middle aged folks but it is worth it.

== Young folks improve more quickly as seen in this recent update from a 22yr old.

== Joe

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