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Another case of why Blastocystis is NOT PATHOGENIC, but somethign else always the problem...

End Constipation Now
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End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

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shrimpy123 Views: 5,195
Published: 11 years ago

Another case of why Blastocystis is NOT PATHOGENIC, but somethign else always the problem...

SInce, now several of us were "wrongly" diagnosed with so-called "Blastocystis" and were misled into treating for many many moths, without betting better, but later found out that it was some other parasite like E. Histolytica or something else, thanks to the top-notch diagnosis by a world class parasitologist like Dr. Kevin Cahill, and then got out lives back treating that parasite, I thought I would mention this another case (of traveller123.) When I first came to CUREZONE almost a year ago, I was lost with this diagnosis of Blastocystis.

I thought I was given a death-blow... because I tried both Australian "triple" therapy treatments, and Mentronidazole twice for 21 days, and I continued to feel more and more ill.. with the same symtoms I started with like severe joint pain, severe back pain, GREEN stool, diarrhea, and the constipation, and then diarreah, and weight loss, and anemia, liver inflammation, pancreas inflammation, Dark urine, foul--yes really foul-body order....; excruciating LEFT shoulder pain, could not lift my arm, insomnia, brain bog, inability concentrate, and think, hives, icthing of the skin, anal itching, etc., etc, etc..... and many more symptoms BUT NOW THEY ARE ALL GONE. After treating E. Histolytica. It never was Blastocystis. I began to suspect that, contrary to what Jackie Dileny and Australian CDD run by that doctor BORODY, who is a gastro, and who knows anothing about parasites, say, that Blastocystis is not what was making me so ill; I suspect so only after reading this case of "traveller123". So I am posting it here for the benefit of other poor souls who have received this horriblly misguided diagnosis.

I red often what traveller123 was trying to say. More than 5 years ago, he also came to the forum because they found Blastocystis in him; one typical case; but of course he had very different symptoms from me. Then for many months he tried natural remedies, and many me, including Australian Triple Therapy and went to several useless doctors. And he did not feel better. Then in several posts, towards the end, he kept telling people to go and see a tropical medicine doctor. This is when I also suspected that it could be somthing else and not Blastcysstis. Then, he left the forum more than a year and came back and posted this. Where he says that he went to rtopical medicine doctor, who "INSISTED" that Blastocystis is NOT PATHOGENIC" but found something else and treated. HE got his life back after that.

Unfortunately , traveller does nto mention the doctor he went to. But I suspect it was Dr. Martin Wolfe or Dr. Kevin Cahill. both of these doctors also insisted to me that Blastocystis does not cause disease. And they were right. And so was traveller23.

So believe us: Blastocystis does nto cause disease. If they find Blastocysis in you it is because they do not know how to find the real cause of your parasistic infection. Dr. Kevin Cahill said that poorly trained technitian at distant labs often mistake something else for Blastocystis.

Do not TRUST the Australian CDD. Borody does not know anything about parasites. He has had no training in this regard. He is simply a gasto doctor like any other. And he send his stool tests to some other lab. Borody has no clinical experience. IF anybody says that Blastocysists is PATHOGENIC, they do not know what they are talking about.

Dr. WOlfe Said to me that hundreds of poor patients come to him because they they think Blastocysis is pathogenic, and he prove them all wrong; so did Dr. Kevin Cahill. TRUST THESE DOCTORS because they have proper CLINICAL TRAINING and they are world renowened doctors... with so many years of experience in treating patients and making them get their lives back. I am one of them.

I am so so fortunate that I came out of hell. And I only want to assure you that if you get this false BLASTOCYSTSI diagnosis, it never is your problem. BELIEVE NO OTHER WEBSITE saying that Blastocystis causes disease such as Ken Borom's or any other. THEY have never had a reliable diagnosis. They only had some stool test, examined by some untrained technitian who cannot find the real parasites in stool; because they are often in mucus/tissues...


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