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Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 15 years ago


The same for the USA to enter your border, we figured Cananda came up with it. The Canadian guards seem more apt to steal your boat, car and money and tax the crap out of anything entering, while I do not hear such horror stories about taking your own possesions back to Canada from an amercain visit. I have heard many stories of hunters and fishermen having all their boats, equipment all stolen by the Canadian guards and threatened with prision "IF" the american questions their actions! This has went on for the past 40 years and i figure they black markart all the fishing and hunting gear to the indians or someone, and I have heard plenty that if you Canadians leave anything parked on Indian property and leave it, you come back to a shell of what you left, if there is anything left, so I guess thi happens in other countries beside the USA. Down here we throw the aluminum Canadian coins in the trash, they clog the vending machines, once I was in Canada many years ago and a swaeter that would have cost back then maybe $15 in the USA was $100 in Canada, I don;t see how people can survive under such high prices and low wages, but it is getting just about as bad in the USA, wages go down each year as products are going up.

that is one of the most rediculous posts i have ever read.

no, canada does not require that U.S. citizens carry a canadian issued ID card in order to cross into our country.

YES, canadians will be required to carry a U.S.A. issued ID card in order to cross into the united states.

and It's funny that you say all those problems with getting goods over the border, because we experience the SAME EXACT THING going down or coming back. I think it runs both ways MH, both countries border gaurds are naturally suspicious and can be very intimidating, i have experienced this myself with american border guards on more than one occassion, and we used to cross the border on an almost weekly basis some years ago.

As far as border gaurds stealing fishing boats and equipment, that is one of the most absured things i have ever read. And so is the notion that canadians can tax visitng americans on anything which they already own, that is absurd. The only time you will get taxed is if you buy things in canada and then bring it back to the USA, this works the same for us if we buy something in the USA and try to bring it back into canada.

but your right on one thing, in both countries, wages are going down while the cost of living goes up. And at the end of the day, I think you will find that the average canadian is much like the average american in beliefs and culture. We are brothers after all!

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