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Re: I think I finally figured it out.

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I think I finally figured it out.

I'm SO glad I found this thread as it gives me hope of not every going through what I've been for the past 4 weeks!  I had suspected a problem with wheat for a long time, particularly since I read the blood type diet books as I'm type O (+) and Os should not eat it.  At first it was just some water retention, that one became very obvious when I went on the Atkins diet the 2nd time (after years from the first) and my face changed and looked much better after 3 days.  Next, it was nasal congestion which eventually was also affected by eating dairy (butter excepted).  I knew my father was a celiac but I didn't know it was hereditary until around the year 2000 when I began reading about it onlline, that was the same year I was diagnosed with "hypothyroidism" which I'm sure is really Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

Precisely because it's everywhere and because I didn't seem to react to rye even when I stopped wheat I'd sometimes have rye crackers.  Also, when I discovered that during the winter I could eat wheat, cheese, etc. and not get my nasal congestion worse I began eating it but as the years went by I realized I could no longer get away with that.  I remember how many times I'd have a "panic attack" and wonder what the heck was wrong with me.  Eventually I discovered that mold (and its mycotoxins) was my main enemy and became the reason to stay away also from other things I loved like peanut butter.  And sometimes when I indulged I'd almost right away have an "attack" which resembled a hyperthyroid state, so sometimes I wondered if it was my thyroid cycling from hypo to hyper.  However, on one occasion a cyber-friend suggested it sounded like "an allergic reaction" and immediately I realized I'd recently eaten ice cream and on another occasion when I'd had a similar reaction it had been cheddar cheese (not just dairy but also aged and full of hidden mycotoxins...).  Still, I didn't quite learn and ketp cheating and paying the price because sometimes I could not relate my symptoms, which kept changing to what I'd eaten. 

For example, in 2010 after going through some stress I had a bad attack and had to go to the ER because my awful irregular heartbeats would not allow me to sleep day or night, not even after taking a tranquilizer.  They, of course, didn't find anything but my b/p high and also my weight had gone up in a rather short time.  I believe I abstained after that episode for a good long time but somehow wasn't convinced and after several months, precisely when I felt good, I'd cheat again.  And the trick is that at first I would not feel any different, the symptoms would come later... until last year, on two occasions I got bad colics at night that would last for hours, and of course, I'd stop. But unbelievably I repeated the same cycle of "behaving" for months, getting bored with my diet, and precisely at the worst time (after a stressful period) I'd cheat again.  Last year around August I began feeling fatigued and depressed and by the time I stopped the cheating they were overwhelming, I also just felt sick/toxic.  I'd fallen back into sleeping during the day and when I tried to fix my hours by staying up later every day for like 2 weeks all that stress precipitated an thyroiditis attack, with sweelling that would compress my windpipe when I lay down on either side, also palpitations, etc., but with some home remedies (apple cider vinegar in water and soaking my feet in Epsom Salt for about an hour) my heart calmed down (that was some time after my thyroid's inflammation had began to go down).

You'd think I'd finally learned my lesson because I'd read that celiac, which as the OP said is hereditary, raises antibodies that can attack the thyroid and other organs, so nasal congestion or digestive distrubance was NOT the worst of my problems, but feeble-minded or maybe stubborn human that I am, back in February when  I was low in funds I chose to buy whole wheat bread and later cheddar cheese to make sandwiches with it rather than spend 3-4 times as much for gluten-free bread and/or goat cheese.  I didn't mean to continue but I'd come up with the twisted idea of taking Claritin when I ate the forbidden foods and most of the time I got away with not getting the aggravated nasal congestion so that gave me the "illusion" that I was safe and by the time I stopped I was already feeling down and more tired than usual.  It just kept getting worse and ended in the WORST thyroiditis attack ever!  This time I became sure my adrenals and liver were involved and at least 3 times I wondered if I should go to the ER because of how scary the symptoms got, but the memory of them not doing anything for me and then getting stuck with a debt I couldn't pay kept me from going.  I chose to go to a free clinic which proved to be mostly useless, the only thing I got from my 2 visits was to confirm it was my thyroid as they found my TSH high, and also that my liver enzymes were still (or again) high.

I got advice here about practicing breathing exercises and the moment I became conscious of my breathing and slowed it down some of my symptoms began to abate and it's been now more than a week since my last "attack", during those I'd get like a colitis pain, especially on my left side, the moment my heart began to pound, then I'd have to have a b/m, and for as long as the attack lasted I'd keep having more, one day up to 5, but the stool was thin which I knew was a sign my colon was "strangled".  I also urinated a lot, not really in proportion to the water I drank, sorry if it's too much info but that has freaked me out and now I'm the one wanting to know if anyone else has had similar "attacks".  I began having discomfort around my liver area so I began applying castor oil packs, I've concluded I probably have gall bladder stones as one night I began having a very bothersome ache/pain in the liver area while I had the pack on, I left it overnight as I usually do and it took hours for it to go away, then when I woke up I felt better; I'd had a similar ache after heavy meals last year and the packs always made them go away but this was the first time I got one after putting the pack on, I'm guessing I began to pass a stone and it got kind of stuck.  I then bought a bottle of milk thistle and I think it's already helping too.

Needless to say that now that I've seen that others have had similar problems thanks to eating gluten I won't be playing the same "game" anymore, this time it's out for good!  The fact that this time the attacks have been more, more intense and with new symptoms and that even my thyroid swelling lasted longer is like a last warning for me to lay off or hit a point a point of no return, my recent sufferings and the still lingering depression, anxiety and fatigue have scared me into permanent compliance.




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