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“Religion and Mind Control”.
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Published: 9 years ago

“Religion and Mind Control”.

This Awareness indicates the mind is not truly thinking until it questions everything it “Believes”.

If you wish to have the mind that is free from programming, from being polarized or being told what to think, you must be able to question your own beliefs without fear, and do so with the knowledge that it is healthy to be able to thus question your own beliefs.

This Awareness indicates most entities are programmed not to question those things that they have been taught to believe. Most entities are encouraged to reinforce those things they have been taught as beliefs, and this of course only props up the mind control and propaganda that in entity has accepted so that they cannot be truly objective. They are indeed loyal to their beliefs and cannot be objective in looking at those beliefs.

This Awareness indicates that if the entity has as a kind of basic policy that the entity has the right to turn and question his or her beliefs, then indeed the entities consciousness is open to examination, and it becomes more difficult for such an entity to be programmed by others or to be caught in the programming that others have attempted to instill in the entities consciousness.
This Awareness indicates that basically, religion, in most religions, is a way of molding entities into conformity within that culture of the religion.
The conformity that religions seek to attempt is designed to keep entities centered on and around the premises of that religion so that they will be loyal and obedient to the religion.

This Awareness indicates that loyalty is very much likened unto another word for bondage, but it is a kind of voluntary bondage. You are loyal to something, you are voluntarily bonded to that thing.
This Awareness indicates that if you are taught that your loyalties to this are of great value to you, if you are taught that you will be rewarded for being loyal to this central belief or personality or issue or what ever, then you willingly give yourself as a bonded servant to that belief, personality, issue or what ever.

This Awareness suggests that commitments are a kind of bondage, and that what ever you commit to, can also be broken. You say to yourself:” I am a devoted follower of this faith, or of this person, or of disbelief,” and that becomes part of your self description, your identity as an individual, and your loyalty may become a major part of yourself, and even though you begin to question whether that loyalty is worth the effort, or perhaps you discover that there is fraud being perpetrated by the leader in the belief or in your devotion to that particular cause or faith, and you begin to have doubts about it as being what it claims to be.

You find it extremely difficult to break your loyalties, because they are so much a part of yourself, and it is likened unto destroying part of yourself to break away from that which you have been so devoted.
This Awareness indicates the entity who is willing to question everything he or she believes has the ability to look more objectively to determine more realistically whether those beliefs are founded in truth that can be questioned and if those truths can be questioned and still hold up to examination, then the entity has more reason to stay with his or her commitments.

The entity who embraces something without checking its value to the entity is likely to experience the cheap commitment that is not lasting or has no substance or foundation worth the commitment that the entity may give to that value. You can be committed, you can commit your life to serving another, but before doing so, this Awareness suggests you examine whether that other is worthy of your commitment. This Awareness indicates in other words, a life in which your devotions, your loyalties, your commitments are unexamined, does not speak well for your ability to choose something of quality. Without examining your beliefs, you cannot know whether these beliefs are valid or simply brainwashing concepts and ideas imposed on you from others who would promote those beliefs and ideas.
Would a Divine Creator of the universe deny your right to question whether your religion is right? Or, wouldn’t the Divine Creator of the universe encourage your examination of life, examination of ideals, examination of concepts, and various beliefs so that you arrive at the truth that is examined before acceptance.

These are simply questions you may ask yourself, which may be due to question your beliefs in eight different in deeper way to determine if those believes are imposed on you, or if they are examined and accepted by you because you have examined them. Most people in a religion are told they are not to question. Is a deity that does not allow its followers to question really a deity at all?
Is a religion that does not allow its followers to examine it really a religion at all? Or is it not simply a programming system that produces devoted followers by brain washing techniques that program the entities into obedience and submission?

This Awareness indicates therefore, to get away from culture, religions that set one against another, that polarize entities against each other, this would be valuable. Thus, it is not a question of whether religion should continue or be discarded in the evolution of humanity so much as it is a question of whether the religion or philosophy is such as to serve all entities well, or does this philosophy create conflict in its expression? The condemnation type religions, those whose focus is to judge others as being right or wrong, rather than a focus on assisting others to be the best they can be, in terms of spiritual revolution, those which focus on the polarized judgmental approaches are those which are the most retarded of the religions of today, and those which focused on the effort to help entities become the best they can be, to develop their highest spiritual potential; these religions are the ones that will be into the new golden age of higher consciousness, and higher spiritual evolution.
This Awareness suggests it is the entity who has inner discipline and who does not require external controls for guidance in his or her life that tends to be the more spiritually evolved, tends to have a sense of tolerance for others, and less of a desire to condemn, to point fingers, to express hostility when someone else doesn’t obey the rules as dictated by the system, the regime, the order.
Those who do not have inner discipline tend to be the ones who are the most adamant about advocating controls on others and these entities tend to be less spiritually evolved.

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