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HEAVEN IS REAL: “Celestria (Heaven), Terrestria & Hades”.
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Published: 9 years ago

HEAVEN IS REAL: “Celestria (Heaven), Terrestria & Hades”.

This Awareness indicates that in the area of negativity, in which entities seek punishment has been referred to by this Awareness as that which can be called the realm of Hades. It is all a mental state, though it can be seen, it can be felt, it can be experienced just as a dream can be seen, felt an experienced; and beyond this realm of Hades is that realm of Celestria.

This Awareness indicates the area of Celestria, much like Hades, have different levels. Wherein, Hades, things can become worse and worse and worse, depending on how far you wish to become involved in the negative, in the painful experiences, so like wise, you can move into the realm of Celestria and experience higher and higher and higher and joys. This Awareness has suggested that which is Celestria in the higher senses has been called by some, Sach Kahn, the origin of the soul. There are few entities who move directly from the earth plane into Sach Kahn. Normally, it is a slow process. Entities move back and forth from various levels into higher and higher, or from low to high, or from higher to lower levels, the pain on whether they see some kind of re- balancing of negative behavior, or reward for more positive behavior, which they judge themselves to have earned.

Terrestria, which is a third realm, is that which entities may think of as the material worlds, the worlds of material being, in which entities perceive themselves to be matter.
Matter in this sense is not confined only to the vibration which you perceive as matter, there are other levels. There are other octaves of frequencies which contain for their natives, the parents of matter, and entities living in those other octaves or frequency levels think of themselves also as being material, as being physical.

This Awareness indicates that these Terrestria levels, or material levels are what might be thought of as the testing grounds for the soul, where the soul is given its opportunity’s to evolve, as well as temptations to become weaker and less evolve, demented or deranged.
The opportunities for growth or for derangement are greatest in those realms of Terrestria, those octaves of Terrestria. Those realms of Celestria are those realms in which entities receive certain benefits and rewards to satisfy their needs, to give them a rest, to give them a break, a vacation from the struggle of Terrestria activity or from the negative experiences in Hades.

The activities in Hades are those which are designed to burn off the negative, burn off the feeling of being worthless, so that entities can get a sense of having paid for their errors.
This Awareness indicates the entity is not sent to hell or to Hades; the entity elects to go to Hades for the period of time necessary to burn off those negative energies, the guilts;

And when that entity is satisfied that he or she has paid the price, that entity that is free to return to Terrestria or to go on to Celestria.

This Awareness indicates that normally, entities will go back into Terrestria, carrying a certain amount of karma to be worked off through further expressions of lifetime experiences, to repay the errors they have caused previously, even though they may have burnt off much of their feeling of guilts while in Hades.

This Awareness indicates that there is also that fourth level or realm which this Awareness has not heretofore spoken of, that realm known as Cimmeria;

Cimmeria being a kind of Netherland, an area where in nothing of substance, of definition exists, and area in which everything is a kind of seething unconsciousness,
Having feelings, having little personal or no personal identification; it is in this area out of which nothing of substance can come, but into which entities who are totally un- redeemable, who refuse to accept punishment for their errors, or to face the consequences or repay others for their errors, who are so totally corrupt in their way of relating to the rest of life, that they select in their choice and options to remove themselves completely and do well in evil, or what they perceive to be evil, without any recourse or repentance, and in doing so, they are willing to give up their identification as a self. They are willing to give up their attachment or association with others just to wallow in the trenches of self pity, self interest, and the seething unconsciousness of hostility toward everything.

There is no one suffering there, for there is no one there. It is a mass of energy without individual form, without individual face. It is seething unconsciousness, filled with feelings. It is in this area, in some of the realms of this area of Cimmeria, that certain limo states exist; these on the outer edges; for most entities in limbo eventually become redeemable and come out of that realm of Cimmeria before falling too far into that lake of seething unconsciousness.

This Awareness indicates that in regard to the area at the other extreme in the realm of Celestria, with its various grades and divisions, that which is in the highest sense, that area of Sach Kahn, which is not really an area at all, but rather are frequencies or vibrations; in these higher realms or vibrations. It is here that all things are created, all things come into being, and the energy from this higher realm of Celestria, in creating, filters down through the various octaves of frequencies and vibrations, each frequency, each octave creating more and more substance, more and more definition, so that eventually it comes down to that which is the material of Terrestria.

This Awareness indicates that these realms are the four general realms of creation, and it is into these different realms that entities go, and entities move in and out of these realms by their own choice, according to those values which they hold, according to those beliefs which they expect to be fulfilled, for the consciousness that entities are made of moves to create for entities that which they energize for themselves in their beliefs so long as those energizings fit within the laws of Cosmic Metaphysics... Cosmic Metaphysics being the physics of the universe as a consciousness, as a being of consciousness.

It is impossible to say what entities will experience, just as it is impossible to tell entities what they will dream, for each entity will dream according to his or her own uniqueness, and when entities pass from the physical realm into spiritual essences as spirits, they will move into those frequencies and vibrations to which their soul or spirit vibrates in harmony with.

Thus, entities often, at the moment of death, pass into that which is the Clear Light. Others may go into that which they see as a tunnel. At the far end of the tunnel they may see the Clear Light, or they may see friends and relatives whom they love. They are drawn to those frequencies to which they are tuned. If they are attuned to the Clear Light, that is where they go first. If there greater attunement is to their friends and relatives who have passed over, that is where they go first. If they are attuned to that movement through a tunnel, to that Light being on the other side who may perceive to be Buddha, or Jesus or Krishna, that then is what they see. If they are attuned to the belief and conviction that they shall go to Hell for what they have done, then indeed, that is the vibration and frequency toward which they move, and they experience what they expect, just as an entity who feels convinced that he or she should be punished, may dream of being punished, may dream of being tortured.

It is not that God judges you. It is that you, yourself, in your own vibration become your own judge. The law of “like attracts like” prevails in the Spirit realm. This Awareness indicates that the “Law of Grace” is more powerful than the “Law of Karma” but Grace depends upon remorse for errors involved in karmic situations, and without remorse, the Law of Grace cannot take full effect to redeem and entity from the karma that is due.

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