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Osama Bin Laden Not Dead!
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Published: 9 years ago

Osama Bin Laden Not Dead!

This Awareness indeed has an opening message at this specific time in world events.

It is a message that is specific to the events at this time and also to the energies that many of the Lightworkers, the Spiritual Warriors- the Wanderers are experiencing at this time as well.

This Awareness is aware of the events of recent times, specifically the reported death of the individual known as bin Laden.

While many in the United States of America and around the world are celebrating this individual's death, this Awareness must speak out at this time, and the first thing that this Awareness would present is that the entity bin Laden is not dead.

This was an elaborate ruse to take that individual off the world stage and to allow him to vanish and resume a normal life, as normal as can be for someone who was a participant on the world stage of events for so long.

It must be remembered that this individual, first, comes from one of the richest families in the world and his family is part of the Elite that control the planet.

The bin Laden family was personal friends with the Bush families, and bin Laden himself was a friend of George W. Bush.

The CIA incorporated him into their plans to first and foremost create cells of resistance to fight the Russians when they occupied Afghanistan in the 1980s, and then later to act on behalf of the CIA as an agent provocateur, an agent implanted in this organization that could then become the chief bogeyman of international espionage and terrorism.

He was touted right from the beginning as the leader of Al Qaeda, and it was made to seem that he himself, more than any, was responsible for the terrorist attack on 9/11 in the United States of America.

Since that time he has been the designated spook, the primary bogeyman of the American people, who have put their complete and total focus on this individual as the person most responsible for the attack on the United States and the founding of Al Qaeda and the maintaining of the self-same organization over those same last 10 years.

Many rejoiced because they felt that with his death Al Qaeda would collapse and all would be well once again in the world. First, this is not so, for it was never this individual who was the chief architect for the events of 9/11.

He carried that banner, and he became the target with the sanctioning of the CIA and the government. They needed someone to be the scapegoat, someone to take attention off of those who were truly responsible.

In this matter it was the case of the illusionist who distracts by focusing attention on the left hand while the right hand pockets the coin.

This individual was a willing participant in the machinations of the government of the United States of America, but more specifically the Elite, the Powers That Be who are behind the governments, not only of America but also of all governments.

His actions on their behalf were with purpose and design and at the end of the conflict it was always understood that he would be removed from the world stage; this was part of the agreement.

The conflict, so to speak, has come to a conclusion in that his role in the matters over the last 10 years, and before this, are now complete and he has retired.

The ruse of the attack upon the compound in which he was allegedly residing in Pakistan was to give the illusion that this individual, this dreaded terrorist, this evil, evil man, was finally dispatched and that all could rest now that he was gone.

Again, this was a ruse, an act of illusion. This is substantiated by the actions that were taken later by the Navy SEALs, by the agents of the Powers That Be who launched the attack.

By dumping the body in the sea, those who are in power ensured that there was no way that it could be truly determined and seen that the man allegedly killed in the compound was but a double of bin Laden.

The true individual was removed many years ago and has been living in relative comfort and safety since, but it was now wished to retire his character, so to speak, altogether, hence the action that was taken.

There were other political reasons why this was an action that was considered appropriate at this time. For one thing the president of the United States of America is currently at a low point in popularity.

Much attention was given to the fact that he had not produced his birth certificate despite claims that he had done so.

In particular, the constant attention directed at him by the individual Donald Trump was starting to become a distraction, and a fear was that too many might start to listen to this abrasive but still popular individual and start to realize that there might be a point in the matter of proving that Barack Obama was truly born in the territories of United States of America.

A birth certificate was finally produced, but this Awareness says that this was a false document created to take focus and attention away from the matter, and that of course a majority of people believe that it is authentic and that it is the real thing.

But still, despite producing this document, questions were being raised and evidence was being provided that was proving the document to be fraudulent in nature.

In order to take attention away from this matter, part of the reason for the attack on bin Laden was so that attentions could be taken away from this matter of the president's status as an American citizen.

Although many believe the document that was produced was authentic, the Powers That Be know that there were detractors from this who are still raising their voice.

Therefore, it was thought a distraction would be appropriate and proper, and the distraction was the attack on the compound and the slaying of the archenemy of the United States of America: bin Laden.

This is one of the political reasons why this event happened.

At the same time it was seen that it would surely bolster the president's popularity once again, showing him to be a man of action, as he is alleged to have authorized this attack on this compound.

It is known, however, that he was simply going along with what he was told he needed to do and needed to say. There is still much to come out of this matter, especially the dumping of the body at sea.

This in and of itself indicates and shows that the individual executed and assassinated in the compound in Pakistan was not the individual that everyone was told it was.

If it had truly been bin Laden and if it had truly been the purpose of the American government to try this criminal against humanity, then would you have not brought this individual back, would you have not tried himin front of an international court of justice for war crimes against not only America but the entire planet, against mankind, humankind?

This would have been the logical action to take and it would have proven that the individual that was captured was indeed the dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden, and yet this did not occur.

Instead a video was allegedly taken showing how the SEALs went into the compound and shot this man down, despite earlier claims of him fighting them, shooting back, having women and children as a shield in front of him. This was not what occurred.

The raid was quick, the individual within the compound quickly dispatched and later unceremoniously dumped in the ocean, thus preventing any chance of truly seeing that this was the individual bin Laden.

This allows Osama bin Laden the opportunity to truly withdraw from the world stage. It is seen by this Awareness that this individual is not a healthy individual.

Years of dialysis have taken their toll and he wishes now simply to spend the twilight years of his life in relative obscurity away from any further focus of attention or any energies directed towards him.

With the amounts of money that he and his family have it will be relatively easy to find a safe haven where he can be an individual other than whom he had played for many, many years and in this obscurity live out the remaining years of his life, as a reward for services rendered.

This Awareness wishes this information to be brought forward to the membership so that they can understand again the nature of the deceptions that have been perpetrated on the American people and the citizens of the planet itself.

Always ask questions, always look and ask who is truly benefiting from such an action.

The answers are relatively obvious and available, but as the masses are taught not to think on such matters, but simply to blindly accept what they are told - be it the claims of an assassinated terrorist who should have been rightly executed according to popular belief and opinion, or whether it is a false birth certificate provided by a less than scrupulous government to stave off further accusations of the president's citizenship.

These matters all coalesce and come together in the great con that is happening to the American people and to the people of the world generally, and it is imperative that those who are Lightworkers, those who are seeking to move forward in their conscious spiritual evolution - that they do not fall prey to such a travesty, such a ruse against the common intellect and intelligence.

Many scenes were shown of Americans rejoicing at the death of this man, for it was considered okay to exterminate this individual, since he was after all Osama bin Laden, the most evil man in the world.

But the truth here is that those who were truly responsible for the events on 9/11 have not been punished.

Instead they still enjoy power and the manipulation of their power and the events of the world, and it has gotten to such a point of extremity, such a point of arrogance that they truly feel they can present anything they want to present and it will simply be believed by the people of America, endorsed and supported.

This certainly would seem to be the case, given the television exposure on the night of the release of the news that Osama bin Laden had been executed. Yet this too was a human being, a man accused of such deeds.

He was always a participant in the events following the orders of the true powers behind these events, and there could have been much said by him to expose those who are truly in power.

This too was another reason why he was removed from the world stage, although this Awareness maintains that he was not executed and that he is not dead.

Still, those who have power felt it was time for him to retire, but still he was a human being who if truly responsible for those crimes of Terrorism and mass death should have been brought to justice, should have received a trial, should have been treated in a manner that a democratic civilized government, country, nation and world would indeed do in order to prove that they have not degraded down to a level of mob brutality and mob justice.

This is what was presented in the television exposure and recording of the jubilations and celebrations of the American people upon the news of his death: a mob scene where the mob rule controlled, and the thumping of the chest, the patriotic self-aggrandizement occurred that is out of order with the events that occurred indeed.

Had he been brought to justice and brought back alive and allowed to face trial, it well would have been that he would have been proclaimed guilty for his crimes but this would have been a following of Democratic principles of democracy and freedom.

But this was not so, this was not how he was dealt with, and the travesty of his execution and subsequent dumping in the ocean indicates that the Powers That Be did not and do not want the truth to come out, and thus it is that they acted in the way they did.

Finally, this Awareness wishes all to understand that the actions of late are also actions of desperation, for those Powers That Be understand the time is now waning, that the time of Ascension and the shift of consciousness is rapidly approaching.

This means to these individuals that they must do as much as they can to truly establish themselves as the ultimate power in as many timeframe realities as possible, as many timelines as possible, to ensure that when the shift of consciousness occurs that they will still be in charge in many of the realities that will emerge on the other side of Ascension.

Thus it is they maintain the illusion that there are criminal types such as Osama bin Laden around that will attack the United States.

They also have set up another action of retaliation against the people of America, for the Arab people will indeed be outraged by such actions and such desecration of the body without proper religious ceremony, Muslim ceremony, and it is seen that part of the reason is to create such incidences so that there is a further shrinking of freedoms and a tightening of the noose around the neck of mankind.

These actions are always planned out with many reasons behind them, and at this time energetically there are very oppressive energies on the planet as those who are in charge seek to complete their actions, complete their plans and take humanity down with them, or at least a majority of humanity that could be used to their benefit.

They know and they understand that millions and billions will be extinguished, but they simply are seeking to take as many who will serve them as possible along with them.

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