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Is Obama a Natural Born Citizen of USA? ( The Truth)
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Published: 9 years ago

Is Obama a Natural Born Citizen of USA? ( The Truth)

Question: (Okay) Another question from DK, again on President Obama. He writes, Obama is a spooks. I don't mean that in the racist sense of the word.

He's referring to the unauthorized biography written on Barack Obama by Webster Tarpley, Barrak H. Obama - The Unauthorized Biography says that Obama's mother was a CIA officer.

Obama was one of 8 students selected to study sovietology in Columbia's IR program under Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the CIA's top-ranking officers.

Obama went to work for a CIA front, Business International Corporation (one of whose specialties was recruiting leaders of domestic leftwing organizations as CIA assets). Obama ran for state office and his opponent quit the race before the election.

Obama ran for the US senate, and his opponent quit the race before the election. Obama ran for president, and his foreign policy chief was, who else, one of the CIA's top officers, Brzeziniski.

He carries on, "As an aside, when I was at the super market there was a tabloid called the Globe that stated that Obama was born in Vancouver BC, Canada."

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness outright states that this is erroneous.

Questioner: Well, it sold papers. Is that erroneous on all of the stuff read?

Cosmic Awareness: Not at all. This individual, as this Awareness has said in previous times has a history to him.

He was selected by the factions of his party to be a leader and there was an inner conflict between two factions in the Democratic Party but it was to be remembered that he was placed into a position where he would assume power.

This Awareness has often said he has the potential of being a great man, if and when his political masters are removed, and he can be truly inspired by his own spiritual nature, but this does not mean that he does not have a history.

This Awareness validates that this man knew much more than it was thought he knew originally, and knew more of the corrupt political nature role politics in this nation of the United States of America. He is indeed a manufactured president. Mr.

Brzezinksi has had much to do with his training and is still involved in this. He is one of the taskmasters, one of the controllers of the president. No president in many years has been allowed autonomy or power, not since John F.

Kennedy, and of course, when he tried to exert his power, he was assassinated.

Why President Obama Is Playing the Game

Those who are now the political leaders of the land know that this fate would befall them also, but they also know that not only would they be killed, but that their families would also be killed, and it is seen that there is a true affection of the president for his wife and his children, and he would not wish their death.

Therefore, with his knowing, it is seen that it would be better for him to play the game and derive the benefits of playing the game and of being a political leader, a planted leader to some degree, than to be in opposition to those handlers that he has around him and that he has had around him for quite some time.

His rise to power was a planned event. Those who were opponents in his previous campaigns and drives to political power were all told to remove themselves or else.

They understood the "or else" and this is why his opponents stepped aside and allowed them to win their districts, allowed him to become the congressman, the senator to win those positions.

Where Was Obama Really Born?

Questioner: So basically there is some truth to the unauthorized biography, is that correct?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed, there is some truth.

There is also truth about the claim that this man was not born in the United States or any part of the United States, although it is not seen that he was born in Vancouver, British Columbia., Canada.

It is seen that he was not born in Hawaii either.

It is seen that he was born outside the United States of America, in Kenya, and by the Constitution and by the very laws Of the land, this individual should not have been allowed to become the president of this nation, for he is not a true citizen of the nation.

More precisely, he is a citizen of the US, but he is not a natural born citizen which makes him ineligible to be President under the US Constitution.] However, this fact is highly hidden and covered up and all of the proof of the matter points to him being born in Hawaii, thus allowing him citizen ship, and allowing and supporting his claim that he is a natural American citizen with the right to be the President of the United States of America.

There have been claims contrary to this, and certain individuals, including this man's father have been eliminated so that the cover up would be believed and supported.

Questioner: Hmm. Interesting times we live in.

Cosmic Awareness: It is also seen that there is a connection through the mother with the Cheney family, which is why this individual has some claim on the presidency of the United States of America.

He belongs somewhat to the Elite controlling families, this by a secondary route and connection. It is good enough however, to allow him to be a player in the game. This Awareness is complete with this question.

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