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“The Secret of the monster that’s stalking Puerto Rico: Chupacabra”.
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Published: 9 years ago

“The Secret of the monster that’s stalking Puerto Rico: Chupacabra”.

This Awareness reminds you that there are several hundred species of extraterrestrial beings visiting this earth, or who have visited the earth in the past two or three decades. It appears there are many different varieties of creatures that looks somewhat alike, and many that look quite different from each other. This particular creature, the “Chupacabra’, is a composite type of being.

This Awareness indicates that this creature has been genetically created by an advanced alien technology to serve as a decoy for their agenda, to keep the public preoccupied with that particular decoy, while other activities are occurring. It appears these entities are taking certain readings for samples of DNA specimens for their General Scientific experiments. There are many different types of experimentation being pursued by these extraterrestrial cultures. It appears such a creation of this particular decoy, which serves as a kind of diversionary tactic to capture the attention of the public, to take it away from speculation about themselves and create a specific focus of attention on the decoy that has been created.

This Awareness indicates that this is a deliver it planned or mode of operation being presented to take the focus off of UFO abductions and mutilations and create another entity to be the focus of attention on which to blame the mutilations. The mutilations of the past were not in any way related to such an entity, but now there is an entity who can be blamed for these mutilations. This will become more and more common, and this Awareness indicates that it is also related very remotely, to the information surrounding the Montauk project which was more commonly known as the “Philadelphia Experiment” in the time... Around 1970s and early eighties. In other words, the technologies are related.

This Awareness indicates that the alien technology not only uses genetic engineering to help create mutations, but it also has the same scientific understanding of the technological use of vibrations and frequencies and therefore, by setting certain frequencies and visualizing a certain type of being, along with some help from genetic engineering, the alien technology is capable of producing a combined image and genetically engineered creature.

These aliens use a combination of technologies involved wherein the genetic engineering along with the vibrations technology that makes use of shifting into time warps and other dimensional reality shifts is used to take advantage of mind imaging, and the manifesting process of the mind in bringing into reality, or third dimensional reality, the Chupacabra creature image by the technology experts of the extraterrestrial types through combined use with genetic engineering. This is how these creatures, the creature known as the ‘goat- suc***’ was manifested. Many have asked the question” will the goat suc*** eventually kill humans”?

This Awareness indicates its purpose so far is to divert attention away from blaming UFOs for the animal mutilations into seeing this creature as the cause of such mutilations, giving the public something else to focus on, something else to go after. It could always shift so that the creature might also turn against humans.


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