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“Poltergeists or Astral Shells as Apparitions”.
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Published: 9 years ago

“Poltergeists or Astral Shells as Apparitions”.

This Awareness wishes to define and explain the human perspective of ghosts.
This Awareness indicates that poltergeists or ghostly apparitions can be quite real, they are however, most often projections from the consciousness of individuals. There are, on the other hand, “Astral shells” of individuals who have passed over, and these “Astral shells” are those which are more commonly known as ghosts.

They are the remnants of certain physical energies, emotional energies that are left over when an entity passes over through the door of death. These Astral shells may linger in an area familiar to the entity for many years, often repeating the trauma of the death. There have been reports, for example, of astral shells repeating the death experience that the original entity went through years before, and thus, these Astral shells become ghosts, expressing a haunting of the house in which someone had been murdered or died or committed suicide or something, and it tends often to terrorize a visitor to the house or to the place where the event occur.

This Awareness indicates that the Astral shells are but the emotions left over after the entity has departed and these emotions sometimes repeat themselves, playing themselves out again and again in an effort to get back to some place of reality. They are actually searching for their housings: the body from which they were extracted. If the Astral shell cannot find the body, it needs to be directed to go on elsewhere and to find some other place for its expression, but at least to get away from the place where the body and the Astral shell were separated.
Once it can go on elsewhere, it usually finds something to attach to. Perhaps it attaches to a tree or a plant, and it is satisfied. It becomes likened unto an aura of a plant for an aura of the tree and it feels content.

When the soul of the individual reincarnates, if this occurs, usually the Astral shall will feel it, and will leave the plant, the tree or whatever that it has been attached to and we’ll come back to that body and help to become the feelings and energies and emotions of the reincarnated body, and thus carry some of the memory from the previous lifetime back into the body of the newly born soul, the reincarnated soul. Now, the Astral shell may elect to stay with the tree or plan which it has attached itself to. Some entities may recall their previous lifetime in great detail because the Astral shell has remained intact, without being broken apart, and the entity has returned quickly into physical form, and the memory in the Astral shell has not been depleted or worn down.


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