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the greys from bellatrax.
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Published: 9 years ago

the greys from bellatrax.

This Awareness indicates that the short Grey, which is shorter than the Zeta Reticuli Grey has been from the star system of the Orion constellation; this near the shoulder of the Orion star cluster, the star system called Bellatrax.

This Awareness indicates that these entities are shorter, much like dwarves, shorter than the Zeta Greys, been approximately three and ½ feet tall; that these entities are more indirect, but just as vicious toward humans as the Zetas. The Zetas being of two types, not two races, but two social classes, one being hawkish, and the other being more dove-like. The one more dove-like of the Zetas is more refined and capable of more businesslike behavior toward humans, while the other is more abrupt, blunt and crude in their directness. The other type of grey as that which is that of big nose grey.

Both the short Reticuli and the short Greys from Bellatrax have very limited facial features. They have large eyes, a very small slit for a mouth and no nose is to speak of; the eyes of both, much like large almond-shaped black eyes. This Awareness indicates that these two small groups as being related genetically from the same root source, much as the humans from the Pleiades and humans from earth are related. This Awareness indicates that these entities are involved in cattle mutilations, absorbing from certain parts of the cattle, certain substances that stabilize them during the Cloning process. This can be placed under the tongue to sit and give sustenance and stability for some time. This Awareness indicates that this as a substance that comes from glands and come from certain mucus membrane: the lips, nose, genitals and the rectum, also certain organs, and the substances which they take from cattle, extracting certain glandular substances, serve them as nutrients in lieu of eating.

This Awareness indicates the problem these entities have come to experience is that in the RE- cloning, each copy of each copy of each copy of each copy weakens repeatedly, so that in effect, they are a dying race, disappearing a little bit with each copy for each clone. This Awareness indicates that this has stimulated their interest in creating a new being through genetic engineering, using human or some other source as new genetic substances to re-energize the Cloning process, or to create a merging of their own race something else.

They implant through the nose certain implants, through the back of the neck and through the back of the head, near the right ear. These entities do this during times when you are conscious, but in a state of what may be turned’ paralysis’. There is a kind of mental paralysis that accompanies this. This Awareness indicates that it is not the same as being unconscious in an operation in a hospital on earth. This Awareness indicates that these entities have the ability to block your memory of the experience through the use of certain injections that runs into certain areas of the brain.

This Awareness indicates you will recall that cattle mutilations generally result in all blood being taken from The cattle. There are also reports from humans in various situations and scenarios as having come in contact with aliens, or having been in caves with aliens and having seen canisters or vats in which animal parts were floating, and in which a certain purple liquid or colored liquid as a kind of substance to hold these parts. This Awareness indicates there was a story of a lady upon being abducted, this being by the very short Greys from Bellatrax, where the entity reported that she would not cooperate with them, she managed at that moment to run down a hall, went into a room where she saw a vat form of red liquid and body parts of humans and animals, and saw another vat and saw of these little grey beings bobbing up and down.

This Awareness indicates this is the way they of absorb their meal and the nutrients. They simply puree the animal parts and the human parts together and take a swim, or a bath, and absorb it through their skin. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to tell you this so much to sicken you as to warn you as to the nature of these entities. They do not see this as cruelty. It is simply their unusual culture. This Awareness warns you also, that these entities have been abducting humans for many centuries; that these and other aliens see the earth as a big farm; that these entities at present have, in essence, been raising humans for the harvest and often abduct entities and take them to their home planet to raise there, in a kind of animal husbandry scenario.

This Awareness indicates that the question of why so many children disappear on earth, and why does Satanism value the sacrifices of children so highly? This Awareness indicates essentially Satanism has sprung out of that influence of the UFO aliens. The term UFO as hardly fitting any more; that these aliens, the Alien Force that resides on the earth as that which has fostered many strange customs among humans, and legends which have been distorted and made into religions or rituals.

This Awareness indicates the phrase ’Food for the Gods,’ or’ Food of the Gods’, for’ Nectar of the Gods’,’ takes on a new meaning when entities understand these things more clearly. This Awareness indicates that indeed, the true nectar of the gods’ or that which the aliens most prize, is a substance that is taken from freshly- killed humans, which is caused at the moment of death by the strong adrenaline surge.

This Awareness indicates that the surge of adrenaline through the body accumulates in the bottom of the brain, the brain stem, and these aliens thrive on the substance as though it were some kind of ultimate drug for their particular species. This Awareness indicates that it is most potent in children. This Awareness indicates that it behooves entities to stop believing that simply because certain extraterrestrials have considerable knowledge and wisdom and have contributed to the sacred books, the holy books, and have effected miracles, such as the parting of the sea for Moses, that they are somehow highly spiritual nature; for these entities did not even understand or believe in a higher power other than that of their own masters.

This Awareness indicates that it was the reptilian types, those from Dragon or Draco constellation, that were represented in the story of the garden of Eden as the serpent, in the more literal translation for interpretation; that the Creator was representative of the Pleiadian-types, and that these entities, being of human nature, place the entities whom they had cloned, or genetically created in their own image in the area of what is presently Lebanon, and Syria.

This Awareness indicates that these areas, particularly the area of Syria, as that which was the original placement of Adam and Eve after their expulsion from the garden of Eden. This Awareness indicates that the garden of Eden having been the laboratory on another planet. This Awareness indicates that this was the beginning of the Homo-sapien types, created for a kind of genetic experiment with the intention of watching and following that growth and development of the entities. This Awareness indicates that this was interfered with at a later time, by other visitations of other types. This Awareness indicates the works of Zechariah Sitchin in his books,” The Earth Chronicles”, as presenting what probably is the most comprehensive explanation of man’s origins and history in this century.

This Awareness indicates that you will begin to understand religion in a new way. You’ll understand science, anthropology, an ancient history in a new way, and all will tie together for you. You’ll also understand the present circumstances relating to much of what is occurring, to the earth and the people in regard to aliens and their presence on earth. By understanding the secrets of the UFO, the realities behind the façade that they are somehow benign saviors of humanity, you will begin to realize that even though they do have some influence that helps to raise the technologies of humanity from time to time, they are not highly spiritual, they are not Gods’ angels, and they are not necessarily benign to humans.

This Awareness indicates the intention is to enslave humanity, to have humanity work for not just these entities, for they were sent here to prepare the way for the reptilian race. This Awareness indicates that there’s really nothing that you as individuals can expect to do to alter any significant way the course of events that will follow, for these events are of much too great a magnitude, even though you might want to know” What can we do?”

This Awareness suggests it is likened unto having the realization that a storm is coming, like no storm you have ever seen before, and then someone saying: “what can we do to stop the storm?” This Awareness indicates that you stay out of harm’s way. You can prepare the mind, prepare your life. You can help those who need help. You can do the action necessary in your own vicinity, and at the time the actions are needed. You can be aware. This Awareness indicates there is no need for you to do anything but to be aware. By being aware, you have understanding, you have wisdom, and that wisdom gives you a greater chance of making right decisions at the right moments, not only for your self, but for others.

There are those that are called Wanderers, those of the Golden Light or Higher Celestial forces, and there are those of the Dark Forces, and those that lean in the direction of the Dark Forces, that attempt to sabotage, attack and destroy those of the light forces. It has been said, that if you help a student you help in individual on their pathway, but if you help the teacher, you assist the masses with much greater force and effectiveness, this being something the Interpreter has often assisted with, that being, the offering of his support and wisdom to fellow teachers of the Light, knowing that he is helping many more than just one single entity.

This Awareness indicates these Wanderers, are all protected in an ‘Armor of Light’ of the highest Divine Forces. And that they, have chosen to be on the front line of this transformational ‘shift of consciousness’. This Awareness indicates there are many who think ignorance is bliss. If that were so, it would be better that you were a dumb animal rather than a human. Would you indeed prefer ignorance, once having been told and given knowledge? Would you prefer to have that knowledge taken from you, to go back to the ignorance? That knowledge should be used to give you an edge, to allow you to know the nature of ‘WHAT IS’ in your reality in order that you might deal with reality rather than illusion and ignorance.


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