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that alien autopsy film shown on tv:”is it real or fake?
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Published: 9 years ago

that alien autopsy film shown on tv:”is it real or fake?

This Awareness indicates that this appears to be genuine. This Awareness has indicated that those who are interested in this may recall or may view the film “The Roswell Incident” and the scene in which an associate tells Mr. Mc Lachlan, playing the officer, of how there was a lot of high level activities at a certain place and how he went there to see his girlfriend nurse who, upon seeing him, became somewhat panicky and told him to leave the base where he was visiting. He wanted to know what was happening. She appeared quite frightened and said she would meet him after work.

After work they met briefly, having a cup of coffee, and he wanted to know what was going on. She was terrified of telling them, but eventually informed him of the alien bodies that had been brought in and how they were being examined, and drew a picture for him. The nurse than, feeling extremely nervous, told him to destroy the picture. He did destroy the picture after having seen it. It was simply a picture of an alien’s face.

This Awareness indicates that the entity then reported that she was killed shortly thereafter or some kind of other similar accident. This Awareness indicates that this story within the Roswell incident movie is that part which refers to the autopsy that is the discussion of this question, and the entity, the nurse describing her role and this essentially was describing the incident taking place at that place which this entity was not allowed to know about.

This Awareness indicates in other words, you are now allowed to see the alien who was the topic of discussion between these two entities in that movie clip at that place in reference to the incident in which alien bodies were taken by the military and the incident covered up. This Awareness indicates that the autopsy was authentic in the FILM shown. That film was never intended to be released, just as the story of the Roswell incident was never intended to be released as a movie, and had it not been for the determination of certain entities to get the information out, including the entity Anderson who was but a child at the time of the crash, who told what he knew of the incident in recent years, and rekindle interest in the incident by retelling the story.

This Awareness indicates that this is the classic full story and cover up. It is amazing that that film clip has been made available for the public. Perhaps it is a sign that the government is ready to let people know what has occurred. This Awareness indicates that those were Greys that crashed at that time. Those that crashed at Roswell in the late forties were a different type. This Awareness indicates that these entities are associated with Orion.

This Awareness indicates that this alien in the film, being female and being less dark in terms of Grayness than many other tall Greys that have been described as tall Greys with big noses, or the big-nosed Greys. This Awareness indicates that these entities are not the same Grey hue of the short Reticuli type of Grey. The Zeta Reticuli Greys did not appear on the scene for another 15 years, approximately.

This Awareness indicates that this film will have a profound effect on consciousness and on society in general. It is simply a question of “Why is this occurring and what is intended from the release of this information at this time”? This Awareness indicates that it is likened unto an official announcement to have this released publicly in this manner.


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