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The, Weakileaks, Truth
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Published: 9 years ago

The, Weakileaks, Truth

Questioner: "What is really going on with Wikileaks?
Is it truly a means to get the truth out to the public or is It just another piece of the shell game of the Elite?" Your comment please?

Cosmic Awareness: The Wikileaks release of information is genuine and sincere.

The individual who is behind it, Julian Assange, is authentic in his desire to release this secret information so that humanity wakes up, so that the masses begin to see how they have been lied to, manipulated, used and misused over countless years by those in power.

It is his intent to flood the world with this information that has so long been hidden and held back, so that ordinary men and women can begin to understand the degree of duplicity involved by those in power, how the ordinary man and woman are not respected or seen as anything other than those who can be used to the advantage of those in power.

There is indeed a hidden agenda by those in power and for so long the inner communications have been such that if ever exposed would show the degree of disrespect and dishonoring that is held against the common man, the common woman by those who are the Elite, those who are in control, those who have power.

This is a sincere effort on the part of Julian Assange, on the part of Wikileaks, and can be seen in the actions of those in power against this individual; how they are trying to hold him responsible in a criminal manner, as if that which he is doing is a criminal action.

When is speaking the truth criminal?

How the Plan of Julian Assange Works

That they wish to execute him indicates that the actions of this man and this organization are having an effect.
Those in power are afraid that he may actually leak information that is even more revealing, and even more crucial to the plans of those in power to keep hidden.
What was needed was to release primary information that would tweak the interests of the people.
This individual, Julian Assange, understood that had he started with big information, it may not ever have been released and he might have found himself dead and floating in the river.

He needed to awaken the interest of the American people and the citizens of the world, which he has done admirably.
The arrest of this individual has piqued the interest of the world, perhaps even more than had those in power simply refused to get drawn into the controversy, and yet they see the danger that is posed to them, for if their true plans and their true origin and their true powers were ever understood and released to the people, many would start to rebel against those in power, and many would stand up and demand that those who have been leading the nation and the world be replaced by others who do not have these agendas.
The release of the information through Wikileaks will show exactly those who are in charge and in power when all is said and done. This is what those in power fear, and this is what must be avoided under all circumstances.
The fear is so extreme that there are many who are trying to have this man not only incarcerated but executed for his crimes.

This again shows the level of concern held by the Powers That Be against Wikileaks, and against the individual Julian Assange.

This is why this man can be seen to be someone who is sincere in his desire to expose those true criminals who have misled humanity for so long and who at this time are gearing up their own plan, and accelerating it to come to pass in a manner that they hope will be advantageous to them.

Any individual, any organization that would put out information that might be detrimental to them, and that might expose them is by necessity someone who is dangerous to them.

It is for this reason that they are so adamant, they being those in power, are so adamant that this individual is arrested and even executed for treason. Yet this individual has not committed treason.

You cannot commit treason if you do not come from the country where the secrets are being revealed.
He is indeed a true spiritual warrior who has come forward at this time to assist in the awakening of the masses and the seeding of rebellion in the masses themselves. It must also be remembered that he is an individual; he is still human.

He has other motives that may not be considered quite so sincere and of such high quality. Saying this, this is more his ego and his own sense of who he is. This is but minor to what is happening and the service he is providing.
One does not need to like this individual to appreciate that he is doing humanity a great service.

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