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the secret behind the earthquake in haiti.
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Published: 9 years ago

the secret behind the earthquake in haiti.

This Awareness does indeed wish to discuss
pertinent issues and matters of the present timeframe on
the planet. In particular this Awareness wishes to make
comment on that disastrous earthquake in Haiti. This is
a profound event that has seriously traumatized many
individuals, especially those who have been most
directly involved in the earthquake itself. It has also had
an effect on the psyche of humankind, for such a huge
event does impact severely on the psyche of the collec-
tive consciousness and this has occurred now, and it is
an event that is both bringing mankind to the highest
levels of compassion and cooperation as well as to the
lowest levels of degradation and injury.

How and Why the Earthquake Occurred

This Awareness wishes now to go into the nature of
why this event occurred. This was an event that was not
entirely natural in the way it came about. It IS seen by
this Awareness that this earthquake was triggered,
perhaps not intentionally but through the use of certain
weaponry that is in the possession of the United States
Navy and other agencies. They were doing certain
testing on this new weaponry based on Tesla technology
that could be used by the armed forces of the United States
of America, but more particularly by those who control the
armed forces of the United States.

This Tesla technology is designed to create the tectonic
vibrations that would release earthquakes and this
is what did occur. Certain testing was taking place that
triggered this earthquake. The earthquake in and of
itself is a natural event that once triggered, had its own
life force, its own expression. It was in the triggering of
the tectonic plates to release for that fraction of a second
that then created the carry-on effect of a major earth-
quake occurring. In a manner of speaking it IS hard to
prove such a claim, for there is little evidence of how
this occurred. There are no individuals coming forward
who are confessing to their participation in this event.
This is a top-secret cosmic- level weapon and one of the
things that are hidden from those who are not meant to

Some Who Knew the Truth Were Exterminated
.lust because it is hidden does not mean that such a
weapon does not exist, and such a testing did not occur.

It simply means that those who would know more, who
could shed light onto this matter of how the earthquake
was triggered, are being prevented from
coming forward. It is even seen that there have been
deaths involved of personnel who knew the truth, and
who were so affected by what had occurred through their
actions that they wished to come forward. It is seen that
certain individuals have been exterminated, removed
from any position they were in where they could create
problems for those in authority, for this is not a weapon
that they wish to reveal at this time, “they” being those
who have control over these matters.

Israel Has Also Stolen the Technology

It is also seen that there is some connection to the state
of Israel as being aware of this weaponry and having
some similar technology based on tests done by the
Navy that they also have in their possession now. This
has to do with high-level espionage and the stealing of
secrets of this nature. This is all cloak and dagger
material, which is how it is often beyond the scope of
comprehension and awareness of the masses. The
masses can be highly entertained by a movie that would
speak of these matters, and present such a lot, and they
could be entirely convinced of the plot and the possibil-
ity in a movie, but to take this matter one step further,
and presenting it as that which has indeed occurred, is
for many ludicrous and ridiculous. They simply cannot
make that next step.

Yet this Awareness does say that the energies behind
the event and the reasons behind the event were not truly
natural, and that they were a part of the testing of this
Tesla weaponry earthquake technology that the United
States government is experimenting with and has even
been used on occasion as in the case of the Chinese
earthquakes a few years ago.

Haiti Only the Beginning of a Series of Natural Disasters.

This new opportunity is one not only for the country
of Haiti, but also for the world itself It will be used as a
measure to see how prepared individuals are, and how
prepared countries are, to come to the aid of those who
are need, not only just to restore what once was, but to
help build something better.

Now that this event has occurred, look for other events
to also occur, other earthquakes in other regions. It must
be remembered that the mantle of the earth is like a
jigsaw puzzle with interlocking pieces, These are the
tectonic plates. When one plate shifts or moves, it
creates a massive release of energy in the form known as
an earthquake. Volcanic eruptions also are connected to
tectonic plate movement and activity. When there is an
event in a region such as the Haiti region in the Carib-
bean region, there must be a readjustment of the plates.
They have released a tremendous amount of energy in
that one central location. But this often moves along and
through the tectonic plate to the opposite end. The
opposite end of the North American late is that plate
that is located on the West Coast and also the Missis-
sippi fault line, that rift that is in the central corridor of the United States of America.

Haiti was a place of corrupted energies, of much
Darkness. Much was about to surface that
would have caused too much attention to be placed on
certain individuals, such as George W. Bush, and such
as the Clintons. It is not only for this reason that the
area was flattened however. It was a plan to deal with
certain parts of the city that accelerated beyond belief
even to those who were initiating this plan. While this
Black Ops covert operation was intentional, the destruc-
tion of the city and the surrounding region was not part
of the plan. It was collateral damage.

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