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Arthritis--Help from Dr Schulze on arthritis
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Published: 9 years ago
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Arthritis--Help from Dr Schulze on arthritis


A cleansing routine that can cure advanced arthritis in three weeks — if you're tough enough to handle it.

SCHULZE: I've seen different natural healers cure arthritis with various juice fasting regimes, but the late Paavo Airola's arthritis people got better faster than anybody. It's because Paavo Airola didn't mind the pain they would go through during their healing process. He fasted them on citrus juice and apple cider vinegar. Now, the idea is that apple cider vinegar and the citrus juices are very high in organic acids and those organic acids wash and clean your joints. And there's a lot to that. They flush out the inorganic acids, the uric acids, etc. He would take people out of wheelchairs and I would see them marching in three weeks. He'd kick their ass, and they'd be crying.

Interviewer: What do you mean, kick their a##?

SCHULZE: I mean, he'd kick them in the a## if they wouldn't get up to help. He said, "Now come on, we're going to march today." If they wouldn't, he'd kick them. He'd get them out of the wheelchair and throw the wheelchair down the hill. He didn't take no for an answer. He had that typical European intensity. And he'd fast them on orange juices and apple cider vinegar and you'd even hear them crying at night, some of them. They were in such pain.

Interviewer: How much vinegar and how much juice?

SCHULZE: A couple of tablespoons in an 8-16 oz. glass of water 3, 4, 5 times a day.

And, along with that, a citrus juice fast. He didn't always just use oranges. I mean, we're talking lemons and limes, which are stronger. My wife will take three whole organic limes and put them in a blender and fill it with distilled water and blend it, peel and all, and we'll have that as a lime drink. And that will do it. She's a gouty-type person, and when she goes out, she gets pain in her knees from running and stuff. This takes it right away. Dr. Jensen sometimes wouldn't use citrus with arthritics because he said it's too intense. He used other juices. It worked fine. His people got better in six months. See the difference!

Interviewer: And Airola got them better how fast?

: Three weeks. I saw the turnaround so quick, okay?

Interviewer: So that's why they say citrus promotes reactions, because it's too intense.

SCHULZE: Yes, it's too intense. It hurts as these joints are cleaning. So why do the slow program? If you're going to be uncomfortable, why not be uncomfortable for 3 weeks — and then be well? We've had a lot of people come through here. They couldn't move their hands, they couldn't hold a pen, they couldn't hold their pen and write their name, and their hands were actually fixated claws.

And we cured them using everything I've talked about, plus the deep tissue repair herbs we'll get into in a moment. But the big thing with arthritis is that people are looking for that one magic herb that will cure them. And it's true, one or two of these herbs work, but you have to add the programs with it. That's why I say to people, Dr. Christopher called his book The School of Natural Healing — not the Great American Herbal. He used foods, cleansing, emotions, hydrotherapy — not just herbs.

Interviewer: What would you do in a hopeless arthritic case?

The first thing is you've got to get off of all foods that are acid-forming. Which means the mucusless diet. (see links in other post) Which I call the purifying or health building diet. Raw foods, raw food until the arthritis is better and juice fasting and raw foods. You can't have any animals, any dairy, any fish, any beef, anything that contains uric acid in the muscles or the fluids and that will build-up in the system. A lot of people get confused on the matter of ph. It doesn't matter what something tests as far as ph.

(note from knowledge seeker-the mucusless diet was what Dr christiopher believed in and it contains mall amounts of clean animal foods while Schulze, his student, believes in a vegan, raw diet)

Interviewer: You mean what it does in the body?

SCHULZE: Yes, what it does in the body. The highest acidic ph foods, like lemons and limes, are the most alkalizing for the body. It doesn't have anything to do with the ph...

Interviewer: You put them on that diet?

SCHULZE: Yeah, I put them on a lot of citrus, and if you're not going to use that, apple and grape works very well. But a lot of juice fasting.

Interviewer: Even for weeks at a time?

SCHULZE: Yeah, I've done two 30-day juice fasts and one 60-day juice fast.

With whom?

Myself, personally.

: What was it like?

SCHULZE: On the 28th day of my first 30-day juice fast, I kick-boxed seventeen rounds and no one could touch me. I had more energy than I've ever had in my life. So forget this stuff about not having energy or being weak or whatever. Where did I get my B-12, my protein? Who cares, who knows? I lived on juices, twice, for 30 days.

And you didn't turn to skin and bones?

I lost weight, but not a dramatic amount. You level off after awhile.

: Have you cured hopeless arthritics?

Oh, absolutely.

Interviewer: I mean what did they look like?

Wheelchairs. When I taught out West, I saw people in wheelchairs. I would wheel them right next to a glacier that melted. A stream ran down, as wide as this house, of frozen water. I use to take people in their wheelchairs and wheel them right into that stream.

Interviewer: What did you do that for?

SCHULZE: Just to stimulate their body. Frozen water, just to stimulate their body. It's like a hot and cold shower, but better. It's a shock. Of course, it's great if you have arthritis: ice packs, heat packs, hot and cold water. Stimulate that circulation.

Interviewer: Shock treatment to the body?

Oh, it was wonderful. Just wonderful, and we used to prescribe a lot of hot and cold showers. Hydrotherapy.

You used hot and cold showers? Was it too brutal?

You know, all my patients do it. I got a four-year-old kid doing the hot and cold.

Interviewer: So you do the ice packs with the arthritis and then you switch to heat?

SCHULZE: Hot and cold on the joints works really well.

When you say cold, do you mean ice cubes?

SCHULZE: Ice packs. Eight to ten minutes of ice, then hot water or hot packs, for eight to ten minutes. You can do it a long time at nights, for several hours if you need to. You still do the hot and cold shower routine. But this ice, then heat, stimulates the blood flow better than anything.

And it doesn't cause blood vessels to burst? Because of the violence of the temperature changes?

SCHULZE: No. No, not at all. In fact, they do it on animals. You go to a race track and they are icing the legs and heating the legs of the horses all the time for better blood flow. People just don't do it anymore. I had one orthopedic doctor suggest a contrast bath for me once in my life. I said, "What's that?" Well, he goes, 'A little hot and cold". It was something orthopedic doctors used all the time, but they don't use it any more. They now regard it as medical history, not something you actually do for people.

You mentioned deep tissue repair herbs for arthritis. What are they?

Yes, but this is something that nobody even knows about except me. This is, you might say, a triple step beyond cayenne ointment for relieving arthritis pain.

As you know, cayenne pepper has already been proven to reduce pain and inflammation. The trouble is, traditional cayenne ointments you get in the drugstores are pathetically weak, and made of synthetic ingredients. The old-time heating and healing ointments don't exist anymore, so I'm going to show your readers how to make one. In a moment, I'll give you and your readers the formula and instructions, but first, let me tell you how I got into this. I'm not an arthritic, but I did need something for myself.

When I began, I made the ointment for myself; I wasn't even thinking about what it would do for arthritics. When I first made the cayenne ointment, I took it because I was in Karate. I spent 22 years in the martial arts. I got 3 black belts in different martial arts. I have broken and ripped everything. In 1971,1 was the champion brick-breaker of New York State.

So, I wanted a rub but I couldn't find one strong enough — or one made with natural whole herbs — not chemical imitations. All the preparations today used to be made from wintergreen oil, which is scientifically called methyl-salicylate, because it contains about 95% salicylic acid.

They also used to be made from peppermint, which is now called menthol. Now-a-days, they don't use wintergreen anymore, they make it from boiling coal in sulfuric acid. It's phenol or carbolic acid. And the peppermint oil is also synthesized. First of all, you don't have herbs anymore, second of all, the amounts they are putting in are not effective.

So I wanted one that was made the original way, with wintergreen oil, peppermint oil, and also cayenne. In Europe, they use cayenne, ginger and mustard like Dr. Christopher did, to stimulate the blood flow. In fact, when you go skiing in the United States, they have this warm feet powder you put it in your socks. It's just cayenne pepper and mustard.

Cayenne pepper, mustard, and ginger stimulate the blood flow, internally or externally. So I soaked wintergreen and peppermint oil in there and I put in cayenne, ginger and mustard and made a heating balm. I took it to Dr. Christopher and said, "Here, Dr. Christopher, here's my heating balm." He goes, "Great!" He opened it up, and it was a one-ounce jar and he put his finger to the bottom, and took the whole ounce and went and put it in his mouth. And I said, "Dr. Christopher, no, don't put it in your mouth." And he goes, "Why not?" And I go, "Because it's for the outside of your body." He goes, "Is there anything in this that I shouldn't be putting in my mouth?"

I knew right there it was a test. His rule was never make anything to go inside or outside that you can't put inside or vice-versa. I thought about it and I thought there isn't anything you can't eat. It's olive oil and beeswax, the base he taught me to make every ointment of. And peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, cayenne, ginger and mustard. He said, "Very good." He loved it.

The base of it is wintergreen oil, which is almost pure salicylic acid, the greatest anti-inflammatory for arthritis. You can find L.A. Dodgers pouring it on their arms. I also put pure peppermint oil and peppermint in because they are the greatest anti-irritants. So this formula stimulates blood flow to the area, and reduces swelling and pain.

But now it gets even better. You add arnica, St. John's wort, and marigold, three yellow flowers which are the greatest trauma herbs for damaged, bruised, or traumatized tissues — as you have in arthritis. The key to this is really rubbing it in. If you want, take a hot shower before, and then you put this on. It may be uncomfortable for a little bit because it's seriously hot, but what a healing! Just make sure not to get it in your eyes, or near your genitals.

This is a deep tissue repair formula for muscle, tendon, ligaments, cartilage, joint and bone healing. This drives the circulation better than anything you can use externally. Here is the formula for the tissue repair oil. Every arthritic needs to know how to make it, if necessary. It not only reduces pain, but it actually heals hurting tissue.


32 oz. Wintergreen oil

16 oz. Olive oil extra virgin

12 oz. Menthol crystals

1 cup Arnica flowers dried

1 cup St. John's Wort flowers dried

1 cup Marigold flowers dried

1/2 cup Cayenne pepper, powdered (Habeneros, i.e., the hottest you can find.)

1/2 cup Ginger root, grated.

note from knowledge seeker --this deeep tissue repair oil can also be purchased at

This recipe produces two quarts of deep tissue repair oil. INSTRUCTIONS: Put all these ingredients in one big jar. Let it soak for at least two weeks, then strain on the full moon two weeks later, or, if you have time, let it soak for two or three months before straining on a full moon.

A word on obtaining ingredients: 1) Regarding cayenne pepper, the hotter, the better. Use African bird peppers, or habeneros.

2) Buy your menthol crystals at either a pharmacy or a lab supply house. That one can be a little difficult, but usually a pharmacy or a lab supply house can supply it. A lot of pharmacists carry it, because it stops itching.

What they do is they distill peppermint oil to make it, then they distill it a second time and it crystallizes. These crystals are pure menthol. Menthol is one of the active principles of peppermint oil. You have peppermint leaves, which have a lot of active principles, then you have peppermint oil, which is a more concentrated form, and then you have menthol crystals, which is even more concentrated.

Make sure the menthol crystals are made from peppermint or thyme. Chemists always know that. I get it from a chemical supply house in Los Angeles. But a lot of times, people can contact their university or school, and just ask them where they can purchase some chemicals. You need a chemical supply house that sells natural chemicals that are derived from plants. This is at least four times stronger than anything you can buy, plus it contains trauma-healing herbs that nothing else contains. My experience with that formula is just unbelievable. I really love it.

: How do you get the menthol crystals to dissolve into the oil?

SCHULZE: The way we've been doing it recently is once you put the menthol in we set that on the floor and then we have a radiant heater that has a coil inside of it on the other side of the room. We face it in that direction, and at the end of the day, it melts the crystals. In the summer, just put the jar in the sun for a few hours, or put the jar in a double boiler.

That dissolves it into it?

Yes, it just has to be warm. You could also put it over a heat register and it would work. There's a lot of ways to do it.

Emotional advice for arthritics.

: I have found that arthritis is a crystallized disease for crystallized people. In other words, a lot of healers feel there's a certain mind set that goes along with arthritis — which is not being open. When your body starts freezing up, what's going on with you emotionally? Why don't you want to go forward? Most of my arthritis patients have been pretty constipated up here in their head. I think this is one of the reasons why people tend not to get well with their arthritis. It's like weight loss. You can take all the pills, you can eat all the Lean Cuisine, but if you don't move your ass, you don't keep the weight off. Okay?

With arthritis, you can take all the pills, you can take all the arthritis preparations, but if you don't follow the food program and stop putting inorganic minerals and acids into your body, your joints won't un-inflame. You also have to work with healing the mind — being a more open person and a more flexible person. People with arthritis aren't flexible physically and/or emotionally. This is their challenge, physically and emotionally.

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