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Re: Arthritis--Help from Dr Schulze on arthritis
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Arthritis--Help from Dr Schulze on arthritis

The vet wanted to put the arthritic dog to sleep. But two weeks after following my suggestions, it was humping another dog."

So you are talking sick dogs, too?

SCHULZE: Yeah, and I've got a couple dog and cat stories I could go into... Okay.

The first one I remember is a woman I had never seen before she came walking up the sidewalk to my first clinic, carrying a dog that was absolutely slumped. It looked like it had been shot; it looked dead. This was some kind of a collie; it weighed about eighty pounds I thought, "Why is this woman bringing a dead dog into my clinic?" She was crying; she was a lead a actress on a soap opera (I actually remember recognizing her) because she had done a lot of commercials on television as well. She was hysterically crying. I asked what was wrong and she said "I am so and so, and I just went to the vet; my dog is fifteen years old and the vet said he wanted to put my dog to sleep."

I asked what was wrong and she said that her dog had arthritis which had gotten so bad he didn't even want to move anymore. He was in so much pain. Of course the vet's answer to this was to kill it and I thought that there are a lot of things I could think of to do. I have had a lot of patients with arthritis. So we started a program; there are a lot of people out there who have older dogs with arthritis.

Think about it: if we had a person, we would think about some hot and cold applications. Well, you can do that to do a dog; you can put an ice pack on a dog's hip or a dog's spine. Dogs love it. You can give them a hot and cold bath; dogs love the attention. Also, we would think of a massage if it were a person. Why not get on that dog and massage those joints and get some blood in there?

Also, we have pain herbs. I mean a little pain relief for the dog could just give it enough relaxation to reduce the inflammation. Hey, I have had patients that, when the vet's said to kill their dog or cat, all they did was give their dog or cat aspirin and the animal got better. I am not necessarily suggesting aspirin, but I would rather take aspirin than be killed.

Pain herbs like what?

SCHULZE: I think one of the best one is valerian; in fact, in Germany, you will find that veterinary medicine is almost purely herbal, especially with horses, but throughout the animal kingdom.

They use valerian, but hops are a great sedative and pain herbs for pets, also. "I have always found that herbs work better for pets than for humans, because animals live closer to nature."

SCHULZE: They are more in tune with nature; they haven't had as many drugs and for some reason I find that pets respond to herbs even faster than people do. So the pain and relaxing herbs work really well and also, if you have an old dog, put him on a lighter diet. If they have arthritis, they might be a little overweight, which hurts the joints, so lighten their food up a little bit, maybe even fast them.

That will wake them up a little bit. That will bring them around from the dead. But, the funny thing was that this lady started doing some hot and cold, some massage, she got the pain herbs out, I think she even used a couple of aspirin, she lightened his diet;

In a couple of weeks she called me to complain that her dog was mounting the neighbor's dog. I'll never forget that. I said, "Don't worry about it." I mean, I didn't know what to do. This was a dog the vet was going to kill! If I had a buck for every time I heard that the vet wanted to kill the animal and the patient did barely anything and the next we knew the animal is running around... animals respond quickly, come back to life so quickly.

I have seen this so many times. "Just a side note here: if you want to really make your animals sick, send them to a kennel."

SCHULZE: I think that if I look at the amount of cats and dogs that have come to my clinic because they were sick I would say that for over half of them, it was after a stay in the kennel. This breaks down into a couple of things.

I think first of all, animals don't have the same sense of reason that we do. You drop them off at a kennel, they think they are going to

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note for dosing animals (and children and various weights in adults with herbs, see Clark's rule for dosing found here



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