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Arthritis-Juices that can help cure==help from Dr Walker
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Published: 9 years ago
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Arthritis-Juices that can help cure==help from Dr Walker

Dr Norman Walker was a raw foodist in the 50s and he lived to be somewhere between 97 and 2116. He rarely gave out his age calling himself ageless, but he lived to be at least 97. He had saved his life and health when a young man but grating produce to make juices (before their were juicers) and by eating fresh raw food and living in the country in a clean environment. Like many of our great healers and pioneers, he healed not only himself but went on to heal many more and eventually reach even more people through his books.

He invented the first juicer the top of the line Norwalk juicer (his name) and is called the father of the modern juice movement and author of many books.

One of them is called fruit and vegetable juices and in it, he gives juice prescriptions for various illnesses

Here is what he prescribes for arthritis (be sure to see juice info at bottom before starting)

These are listed in order from most to least helpful but he felt they all were needed as each had a distinct purpose (the numbers before them are the formula numbers from his book)

22 grapefruit (fresh real juice not canned)- at least one pint (2-8 oz cups)

61 carrot and spinach -at least one pint  10 oz carrot 6 oz spinach

6 celery at least one pint

37 carrot celery one pint-formula is 9 oz carrot and 7 oz celery (note if celery tops used, change it to 10 oz carrot and 6 oz celery)

30 carrot beet and cucumber-one [pint of lesser importance than others but also of help) 10 carrot 3 oz beet and 3 oz cuke

Take at intervals of 2 or 3 hours between each combination

He says one of the most effective dissolvers of this inorganic calcium that has deposited in the joints is grapefruit juice

Due to its organic (natural) salicylic acid content.

Canned grapefruit juice has been found to be useless.

He says wintergreen essential oil is also helpful externally (put in a carrier oil like olive or jojoba)

Go here for a complete list of the oils. just need a spoon r so as some essential oils can burn the skin if used straight

Wintergreen like grapefruit juice is also high in salicylic acid

Dr Walker also feels that long term resentments and the accumulation of inorganic calcium deposited in the cartilage of the joints is often the cause
due to magnetic attractions of cartilage and inorganic calcium and thus this inorganic calcium is often deposited there

He says this is all just a good first step as resentments must be acknowledged and banished

Why these juices help-

The celery juice has high organic sodium to help hold the calcium more or less in solution.

The carrot and spinach causes the blood and lymph to help carry these wastes to the colon and facilitate its function and nourishes nerves and muscles in the small and large intestines.

The carrot and celery rebuild and regenerates the cartilage and joints and eventually helps restore them to their normal state.

Again the grapefruit juice is one of the most effective dissolvers of this inorganic calcium that has deposited in the joints due to its organic (natural) salicylic acid content.

he does not say about the last formula other than it is quite helpful.

This process of healing can be painful but eventually one is more active than ever.

It requires willpower and cooperation but worth it, he says.

Notes about juicing from knowledge seeker

1 drink within 20 minutes lest vital elements dissipate do not make and hold over in refrigerator but make fresh each time if you do not, at least fill glass jar to tiptop excluding as much air as possible and cap

2 chew the juice

3 if one uses sprayed non organic produce, but discards all pulp it is the same essentially as drinking organic he says as the pesticides etc are concentrated in the plant fiber the clean organic juice is locked inside the poisonous fiber and when the juicer smashes it the organic juice within the fibers is released.

The juice repels the toxins as oil to water and remains safe as long as no pulp is consumed with it so do not use a vitamix or blender and strain or make whole juice but use a juicer that separates juice from pulp



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