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Arthritis-=help from Dr Christopher, Schulze's teacher
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Published: 9 years ago
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Arthritis-=help from Dr Christopher, Schulze's teacher

Dr Christopher healed many arthritics and many incurable diseases. He is called the father of modern herbology and here is his advise for arthritis and rheumatism

Some of these formulas mentioned at this link like b,f and c are best used as a tea (infusion or decoction) while others can be a tea or tincture (see above posts for doses and making these correctly yourself)

his arthritis joint formula

here the exact portions I looked up in his book School of Natural Healing


6 parts-hydrangea root
4 parts-Brigham herb
4 parts-yucca
4 parts-chaparral
3 parts-black walnut
1 part-lobelia
1 part-burdock root
1 part-sarsaparilla
1 part-wild lettuce
1 part-valerian
1 part-wormwood
1 part-cayenne
1 part-black cohosh

b, f and c (bone, flesh and cartilage formulas also called complete tissue and bone)


6 parts-oak bark
6 parts-comfrey leaves
3 parts-marshmallow root
3 parts-mullein herb
3 parts=walnut bark (or leaves)
3 parts-gravel root
2 parts-wormwood
1 parts-lobelia
1 parts-skullcap

Herbal Calcium formula


Calc-Tea is made of horsetail grass, oat straw, comfrey leaves and lobelia. As explained in the book "Biological Transmutations" the silica in horse tail grass converts to calcium, and the other herbs work in close conjunction with this master calcium herb.

6 parts-horsetail grass
3 parts-oat straw
4 parts-comfrey leaves
1 part-lobelia

blood cleansing formula
is found here and is called the red clover combination. One can also use the detox (red clover) formula.

here are the ingredients if making yourself Be sure to use organic or wildcrafted herbs

Here are the ingredients:

2 parts Red clover blossoms
1 part Lobelia herb
1 part Cayenne pepper
2 parts Chaparral herb
1 part Garlic juice [make this in a juicer or blender]

To the above,
add one part of any of the following you can get your hands on:
Burdock seed and root Poke root Yellow dock Goldenseal root Oregon grape root Bloodroot root sap European mistletoe Periwinkle flowers

Make a tincture of these herbs and take 4 to 12 full dropperfuls (35 drops each) of this tincture daily added to some juice or water. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your red clover blossoms are deep violet purple. This is the color the blossoms have when they are at their peak. rheumatism help from Christopher

for the lower bowel formula can use Dr Schulze's intestinal cleanse #1 and #2 )(IC#1 IC#2)as directed available at You want to be going for bowel movement once for each meal you eat and they should not be hard, sinking but light, fluffy and voluminous and easy to pass.

You start with one IC#1 at meals and increase by one a day till you get the results above. at that point you also begin the intestinal cleanse #2 take 5 times a day see more on these formulas here

You want to remove mucoid plague which looks like this (caution-gross press next to see all)

note-= SNH p427 etc after a formula refers to his book school of natural healing but not sure what edition it is as not the right page number for the edition I have so I cannot look the formulas up
scroll halfway down page looking for word arthritis to hear how h healed arthritis-case history of severe case



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