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Arthritis-must read books
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Published: 9 years ago
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Arthritis-must read books

There are two really good books to read on this topic linked below in red.  Also another that may be of help, a great book at the end, so three all together.

One is by Dr Jensen and one by Dr Jarvis

Dr Bernard Jensen was also a teacher of Dr Richard Schulze and healed many people with arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatism.

He lived to be age 93

He addresses a number of topics in the book such as dietary (some of this things are a dietary like 60% raw, 80% alkaline and 20% acid, daily having 6 veggies, 2 fruits, 1 protein and 1 starch when eating).

He addresses the need for natural organic sodium in foods the importance of all citrus being fully ripe and if you do not know if it is, avoidance at all costs, (the green citric acids stirs up all other acids in the body),  and that arthritics often have enough calcium but a higher need for organic sodium than most people (whey is one of the best natural sources of this sodium-but he lists other sources as well).

Unlike many healers, he did not believe in a 100% vegan or vegetarian diet but small amounts of what he felt were healthful foods. He had great success curing arthritis and one should at least read his book to see what advice is best for them

He also stresses the importance of sunshine, skin brushing, circular motion (rotation type) exercises and mini trampoline exercises to move the lymph (he does not feel jogging is good for sufferers). He also has some slant board exercises.

He likes whex a dried goat milk whey-one tbs in warm water with a tbs of lecithin taken twice a day..he says it takes at least a year of right living to reverse this. He also feels veal joint broth is important.  He feels fish and eggs are important (organic) Eggs should be cooked at low temperature and the best is poached or boiled as others means can destroy the lecithin in them.

He speaks of cleansing the 5 elimination channels. He has a number of dietary, healing and living well rules.

Dr J.C. Jarvis is the man who started the raw apple cider vinegar craze with his book folk medicine

Dr Jarvis was a medical doctor and veterinarian who went back to his home roots to study hundred years old Vermont folk medicine and use it in his practices with people and animals. He has a very interesting book on arthritis called arthritis and folk medicine

His research is pretty fascinating. He used apple cider vinegar to help arthritis (it probably will also help those with osteoporosis), One takes about a tbs or two of raw apple cider vinegar in water and adds the same amount of raw honey drinking this 3 times a day and this is said to make the pain go away but when one discontinues this treatment, it comes back.

Common brands of raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is often found at health food stores or sections of the grocery store under the brand names braggs, eden and spectrum,. It contains the cloudy "mother"

Here is more info that may be of help



helps gout, arthritis, rheumatism, etc Buy lugol's/parkelp/ and nitrazine paper.

1. PROVIDE STOMACH ACID for good digestion

2. to make body tissues tender so body cells carry on vital activity (tissue juices are improved) tender tissues retain their youth, and age slowly. avoid wrinkled skin--rebuilds human body

 (cook meat in vinegar to tenderize)

3. to produce elasticity of tissues (stretches for childbirth for instance..I think take when losing weight. delays aging keep in good physical shape.

4. to remove calcium deposits in vessels walls (so calcium is not precipitated in bloodstream but held in solution. (that deposited in blood goes into solution to be removed (helps arthritis)

5. promotes use of calcium in body maintain size (grow for kids) and heavier because bones are solid and calcium is deposited where it should be not in joints--it is held in solution till it gets to the right place -the bones to
make them stronger and not porous.

6. terminates activity of body's energy expending mechanism and "sweetens the disposition" when energy expending mechanism becomes active, it organizes the body for aggressive action and puts it on combat basis..body shifts to high gear.  become irritable and difficult to live with,  calms you down--calms down race horse children ..shifts body from high to low gear

7, to exert favorable activity on constipation

8. improves health of skin in dogs good coats no fleas 1-2 months
 people improved color, less wrinkling and ages slowly.

9. to kill the culture medium in the body that makes possible the growth of harmful germs .. breaks medium making it hard for germs and the sickness they cause to grow..drink for spoiled before or after

10. to assist in shifting the blood mass to the digestive and other abdominal organs ..from 2nd tier (heart, lungs, central nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, throat, muscles) to the ground floor (skin, stomach, intestines, liver, spleen and kidney)

11. to bring about disappearance of putrefaction in intestinal tract..reducing bowel odor in a month or two showing putrefaction process in intestines no longer taking place

12. REDUCES TARTAR, less cavities, and stronger nails not breaking and splitting, (2-3 months) less hair falling out and hair growth. Helps use calcium correctly. reduces blood pressure.  helps if excessive flight or fright (and stress I assume),,

Why it is good to add honey

1. improves digestion..stomach's best friend..soothing provides needed acid for digestion.

2. ability to attract fluid--hydration ability..contains moisture attracting ability compounds ..moist baked goods that last,..when you take honey with salty foods, you drink less

3. helps body destroy harmful germs..body cells take in and give out fluid hydration and dehydration..bacteria needed moisture to maintain themselves and take it from body cells..but if enough potassium in each body cell, it will draw moisture from bacteria instead of cell.
eat lots of potassium like fruit, berries, leaves, roots, and honey to win contest with bacteria.  q..the nutritional quality of the food improves as honey extracts more nutrients.

4 excellent food supplement with minerals vits and enzymes..perfect more than 1/100th is waste...maintains body's health

5. laxative effect (mild)

6. sedative effect--produces sound, refreshing sleep by shifting humans motor to low from high gear

7. relieves arthritis pain..also disappears muscle cramps,,

beekeepers don't have cancer, paralysis, kidney trouble, have clear complexion, good eyesight and no lameness.

why add Lugol's solution of iodine one drop (horizontal drop) in glass of vinegar/honey at one meal on Monday, Wed, and Friday. stir in and sip

1. iodine resist disease helps arthritic avoid sickness that makes arthritis worse by weakening one's power of resistance

2. improvement in arthritis

3. necessary for thyroid to work right..all blood goes through every 17 minutes and kills germs with continued passage but not if iodine short and not working right..they germ weaker till they die normally

4.  thyroid also rebuilds the energy so relationship with energy we have and iodine.

5. iodine calms body and releases nervous tension,,when tension high irritable and lack sleep..constantly organized for fight or flight...this makes it peaceful and quiet and builds and stores body reserves for when you need it.

6. iodine also relates to clear thinking..the mind works better

reasons to take parkelp (marketed by Phillip R park, inc of San Pedro cal.

1. food supplement  and contains 60 elements, 12 vitamins, and 21 amino acids,,protects against deficiency diseases..since it's in organic form, body takes what it needs..start with one at breakfast-a week than if needed add one more at lunch and then one at supper in 3rd more than 3 usually (or diarrhea)

with par-kelp and arthritis there is
1. less pain
2. no increases swelling of joints
3. heart damaged by rheumatic fever is improved in its action
4. no more shortness of breathe
5, person has much more energy

Also for arthritis soak hands or feet in 3 cups water with 1/2 cup vinegar hot  for knees wrap cloth around covered with a dry cloth to hold in heat,,when cools wring out and really.  can keep using same stuff instead of making new one until vinegar smell is no longer quite noticeable (like the teakettle thing)..the calcium in deposits enters the solution

to conclude, why what does Vermont folk medicine use for arthritis

1. 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and two of honey in cup of water at each meal (might also help one loss weight and reduce glycemic index).  
2. 3 days a week add one drop of Lugol's solution of iodine to one drink (3 drops a week total)'this also may help loose weight
3. 3 parkelp a day
4. soaks and wraps external as described above.
5. diet..

a. eliminate all sweets (sugar bad) like pie, candy, cakes, ice cream, pastries, pop, deserts and use honey, real maple syrup and sugar, dates, raisins, molasses, etc.

b. no white flour or whole wheat and buckwheat..use corn and rye and brown rice soybean pumpernickel, popcorn

c. no cereal but oatmeal, corn flakes, corn meal mush etc,,use soy milk, almond or oat milk and honey

d. eat 2 veggie salads and one egg a day

e. only eat meat once a week..liver OK one or more times or liverwurst..use heart, tripe, kidneys, sweetbreads, tongue a little more and seafood OK and chicken sometimes,,use cottage cheese and yogurt /eggs /nuts /seeds/ games/ shrimp/ oysters, etc

f. eat apples, grapes, cranberries, cranberry sauce, applesauce, grape, apple, berry jelly once a day at least..

g. drink apple, cranberry, grape, tomato, and v8 juice avoid citrus esp orange and grapefruit..pineapple and foods grown in hot places..OK to eat berries, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, apricots, currants, prunes, cherries and those grown in north.

h. suitable starches OK like banana, potato, rice, pumpkin, cornstarch

i. suitable sugars (no sugar) are honey, real maple syrup and sugar, molasses, raisins, dates, figs

j. veggies--too many to list

k. suitable fats..bacon fat (no), butter real, cod liver oil, olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil, cream (raw)

milk is not good if pasteurized.

test urine (ACID GOOD), GUMS--PALE MEANS NO ENERGY.. LOW TEMP..NO, BREATHE 16-18 A MINUTE less means need more vinegar..pulse 78 normal up to 130..low is bad..

vinegar helps anemia, less bleeding and thins blood which is good.

These things also affect is urine is alkaline which is bad--mild or severe cold (hot bath for more energy)/prolonged physical and mental work/ emotional upsets/ financial upsets/ grief/ unproductive worry --by problems and economics of life)/ social conflicts/ family problems/ nervous tension/ cigarette smoking/ weather changes/ drinking water rich in calcium (hard)/ processed foods

important--when organized constantly for flight or fight--these happen

1. loss of will to win
2. loss of physical and mental endurance
3. irritability/unsocial/chronic fatigue
4. face is pale (anemia)
5 sensitivity to cold (cold hands and feet and nose)
6. loss of desire for veggies and fruits
7. I think overworked adrenal glands
8. increased frequency of urination
9. wet nose/moisture in eyes/ postnasal drip
10. seepage from paranasal sinuses
11. gas/bleaching. and heartburn
12. weakened digestion
13. constipation
14 increased systolic blood pressure
15 dry skin
16 thickened places in skin like corns and calluses

may not have all but most

also do you sleep well at night? is it sound?
appetite good
gained weight?
aspirin is an acid
vinegar honey will pick you up/ change nervous, endocrine, and chemical mechanisms of body back to normal. thin thickened blood and establish normal osmotic pressure..lower blood pressure

light colored urine may mean more water or increased intake of potassium and fruits and veggie so dark is not as good...If nitrazine paper is OK, you can eat protein and meat..if not hold off.

cloudy urine means excess protein..increase the vinegar-honey drink

The last book is called Food your Miracle Medicine. This is a great book for a variety of health problems based on 10,000 medical studies. Go here to see the book and look inside. On the table of content, scroll down till you get to words Food for joint and bone problems page 369 to see some of the topics discussed on foods that help or contribute to arthritis.

The book is cheap just a penny and $3.99 shipping and well worth it.





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