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Re: I'm finding it hard too keep going with this malodour fbo!!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I'm finding it hard too keep going with this malodour fbo!!

Hey everyone,been looking through some of what you've been saying on the board,i completely understand where all of you are coming from,been there.The Science community says what we've seemed to have aquired is incurable,they don't have much of an answer or much to offer us because of their lack of knowledge or inability concernng this disease.

Well i was watching Gloria copeland on tv this morning who said when we pray we have to believe we've received what we've prayed for.Most will probably think ,am I good enough for God to heal me,my reply is ,No!(bet you didn''t see that coming did you?LOL).We've sinned and fallen short of God's glory,but we as Christians don't rely on our own goodness to get us saved,we've received the benfits of salvation becasue of what Jesus did for us.

In the bible it says that if we believe in our heart and confess with our mouths Jesus as Lord then we're saved,isn't that right? well the bible also talks about our being healed by His stripes,the same blood that saved us is the same blood that heals-healed us (He gave his bblod to save us and His body to heal us).God says healed and we pray fr healing,God says it's already been done,all we have to do is receive it .it's the same thing we did when we got saved,we believed we received what Jesus already provided for us,that's the same way we get or are healed,we have to receive it by faith .

mark ch 11 talks about our believing we receive when we pray (this came to me as I was watching Gloria)We have to believ that we're healed the same way we believed that we were or have been faith,that's how we get or were saved isn't it?So if we're saved by faith,after we receive it,then that must be the same way we're healed,by faith and if we're healed,then we're just dealing with symptoms that the devil is trying t use against us to discourage us and cause us to doubt god,did he try that when you got saved,telling you through your thoughts that you didn't get saved or nothing happened,trying to cause you to doubt so that you can go back into your sinful ways or lifestyle,doing hat you used to do.the devil tempted jesus ,so he'll try to tempt you and cause you to doubt,Jesus defeated him with the word and that's how we're to do it.

Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it died(that's what he wanted to happen,so don't think you're going to die if you start speaking to your body telling it to line up with the word of God,that you're healed like God said and commanding the syptoms to leave,lol)This is something that we as christians have to remember that we don't just deal with the natural but the supernatural because there' just not this natural world but there's an spiriitual one that intersects,runs parallel or concurrent with this one,there are spiris that are for us and then there's those that are against us,but those that are for us are greater in number and the one that indwells us is greater than them all because He not only created the world but th entire universe with just his words.

God spoke everthing into existence but when He made us He spoke to himself and used His hands to shape and make our bodies,that shows love and care.God made us like him becasue He said let us make man in our image and likeness and gave us dominion over the earth and every creep that tha we've ever run into,well that is things not people,LOL.sometimes i wish the people whom we call creeps were under our control too,LOL.But god didn't give us the abilty to control people but things.He spoke and things happened ,his words have power and if we speak those same words and believ what He'd said then we'll get the same results that He said would happen all according to our faith inHis words and ability.If He can create an universe with words ,h can and has given us the abilty to be saved ,healed and delivered bu those same words ,but it's only if we believe.

We have to speak to the mountains that stand in our you believ god loves you and wants you healed.3 john 2,he said it so trust that's it.Do we suffer in this life sometimes,of course (whether saved or not) but god has also given us the abiltiy to rise above what we're facing,the trials and circumstances of life.Behold i give you power to tread luke 10:18-19 read matt ch 9 that talks about the sower sowing the word for insight into what the devil is after.Just know athis and don't forget that God so loved the world (you included) that He gave up Jesus to die so we could live and Jsues said He came to give us life and that much more abundantly.

When the docs and life says no,ask God what He says about the situation and read his word about it then trust that faith in god will work all the time even if seems impossible because all things are possible with God and to them that believe (in God and his word)sorry that i made you miss lunch but i now you're going to make it up as soon as u get home,LOL.Remember God loves You no matter what it seems ,He' answered your (all of our prayers )through Jesus Christ.

He made Him suffer the worst pain so we don't have to,although we go through things it's not forever or god punsihing us but it's for someone else that through our testimony (of healing,deliverance) others may be saved and come to know how good God is,that even when man can't or wont help us GoD can and always will . that our benefits are guaranteed in his word,will- the bible and we receive those benefits not because we're so good but God is and let Jesus suffer the worst part of the consequences so we can receive the benefits,all to his name and for his glory. when you pray receive what you've prayed for and thank God for the answer,forgive people that have wronged you, love God and love people (hard at times i know) even when they don't deserve it because faith works by love (God's love flowing through us) and it's stopped when we stop walikng in love ,which is an device that enemy uses against us to stop the blessings and try to cause us to doubt God's love for us and goodness towards because of Jesus Christ.Everyone have an good daya dn God-n- keep you and show his goodness through answered prayer today ad always give Him the glory even when things seem to go the opposite way,it's jsut an test or the enemy trying to get you let go of the word of God which is the foundation for and of our healing.God is good all the time and...until next time family God bless you and i pray that we all find our pathway to healing whether through medicine or divine intervetion through our faith in God-God heals both ways (faith without works is dead.there's nothing wrong with study to find solutions but pray that the solutions work for us.

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