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Elemental diet & candida? CFS/Dying Pt2

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Sypher7 Views: 9,767
Published: 11 years ago

Elemental diet & candida? CFS/Dying Pt2

Hi all. As stated on my other post, am in a dire state of health, seemingly only getting worse. Severe CFS/ME, adrenal insufficiency, with such stuck liver aches and poor digestion that I can hardly eat. I can barely stand up any more I'm so weak, and all food is very reactive.

See original post here:


I got the results of my Triad Profile (Metametrix) which is very comprehensive. The results are basically:

not detoxifying ammonia
large level of oxidation
severe fatty acid deficiency
massive yeast overgrowth
very low metabolic energy production
low sulphate/sulphation
very impaired mitochondria
leucine phenylalnine valine deficient
severe leaky gut

I react so severely to all food. I have been on partial elemental diet for a couple months now, but only half or so, and all other food is still causing severe reactions and systemic inflammation.

Wondered if anyone has done 100% elemental diets before? I have read it can heal the leaky gut. I have so far today only had Vivonex (100% amino acids and carbs, vits & mins). I have a lot less inflammatory feelings than when I eat normal food so far. However, I have the candida 'yeasty taste' in my mouth, and sore glands etc that always occur when I eat too much Sugar etc.

Annoying catch 22. I am way too thin now and cannot do any other type of fast. Wondering if there's a way to keep the candida down while doing the elemental diet? I cant take oregano oil because of allergy. Similar with many herbs unfortunately. Many people have gotten great results healing leaky gut and chrons/colitis with 100% elemental diet. However most report candida issues. For me its significant.

I am however, dying so it seems, and have no idea what else to do, as im way too weak for a liver flush. I did the 'minor flush' with 2tbs oil, 2 egg yolks, 1 whole lime juiced with some phos choline. Made me way more toxic brain & body, no benefit. The liver pains are getting stronger (and concurrently so is the feeling of 'dirty blood' flowing under my skin, irritating nerves system wide and in the brain). Anything I seem to do 'liver wise' seems to make me worse.

Still got my amalgams, mercury toxic for sure. Any chelators make me much worse (ALA, zeolite, etc). I'm now far too weak to go get them out.

I try to turn over in bed, which has itself become really hard, and 100's of tiny 'crackles' occur throughout my tiny joints. This is also day & night and I spend any small energy I have all day every day massaging my body - muscles, arms, legs, rib cage, neck, because it all hurts SO much and feels like there is zero 'flow' without me doing so.

Very soon I will likely end up in hospital as my body, liver and brain are continuously becoming more toxic and unable to work. Mitochondria are likely failing at the level of extreme fatigue I have. None of them seem to want to help me, but I guess they can't as their blood tests are relatively normal. What happens if I cant live at home any more though and end up in a hospital just going down hill? Nothing, that's what. Or perhaps my liver will finally start to show complete failure, then they might look at transplant. *sigh*.

Many thanks for reading guys.

Desparately.. ~Chris.

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