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Image Embedded Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)
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Published: 11 years ago

Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)

Hi all. Many would have already read my previous posts. If not can scroll down the forum (CFS/Dying parts 1 and 2).

It's kind of embarrassing to completely expose myself this way, but i'm desparate. Hoped someone may have clues from external signs.

I have been getting worse as it goes. Weaker, more symptoms, always freezing cold to the core, and now it feels like my heart is constantly really struggling to beat. I wake up mutliple times through sleep (which is now completely reversed) & my heart starts to race.. feeling like it's going to collapse. Severe tachycardia, but very weak not strong beats. It settles after some shaking, and alot of water drinking. Sometimes I'm partially blacking out while its happening.

My only medical diagnosis is CFIDS/ME, Fibromyalgia, and adrenal insufficiency. Obviously there is more going on than this. Many say I have mercury issues (extremely sensitive to it). I ground down & I guess swallowed the dust of one of my back entire Amalgams over the last few years from teeth grinding. Too weak to go get them out.

My liver is still hurting, all the time, and feels completely stuck & jammed up. Pale yellow stools. Nausea with all food. Energy/ATP is almost completely failing. can barely stand up. Vision very dim/blotchy. Joints crackle all over. My veins have become tiny thin strings instead of thick and full which they were even up until end of last year.

I almost have no idea what to do any more, despite knowing all the best treatments (that I don't tolerate). I'm on many amino acids, lots of collagen (type 1&3) to try to rebuild the catabolic state im in, glutamine, glycine, BCAA's, Lipo-C, Monolaurin, Co-q10 (200mg), B complex, GliSODin, Mag malate, tiny doses Sam-e (keeps me alive), b12/folate. External Bentonite clay packs. Cannot tolerate herbs - increase asthma/allergies a lot (salicylates, phenols).

Last night I did a coffee enema for the first time in a long time. Today each time I had a bowel movement, when I wiped there was some long flat parasites stuck to the paper (both times). No idea what type. Clarkia herbs increase asthma, allergy, muscle pain (salicylates).

Here's some pics of the parasites, and of me tonight. This was very exhausting to do all this plus edit and upload. As you can see, I'm about as opposite as it gets to a picture of health.. and there has to be alot more than just Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome (as suggested by hospital earlier this year).

I feel like I will need to go to a major hospital VERY soon. However, I'm not sure they will know what to do or be able to help, unless my heart starts to fail I guess. Then what..?

Anyone that could help me out of this would be considered god-like.

And in case you're wondering what that is in my eyes.. it's fear. & immense sadness that I may not be here much longer.

Thanks very much to anyone who has supported me so far.

Desparately.. Chris.

My front:

My back:

My feet:

My face:


After placed in water:

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