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Possibly extreme healing crisis for someone with a history of drug use
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Published: 10 years ago

Possibly extreme healing crisis for someone with a history of drug use

Hi all.

First off, I ask you please not to judge me. I am trying to better my life but, unfortunately, the past won't let me off that easy.

I'm 45 (in 6 days). I started a juice fast 12 days ago. Ultimately, I'd like to do 30 days. My main reason for doing this is to detox my body thoroughly (although weight loss is a bonus as I can stand to lose a few pounds).

In my 20's and 30's I was a hardcore party club person. I did everything from poppers to cocaine, pot, hallucinogenics, meth, special k... not pretty and I'm not proud. I also smoked and drank a lot and took a ton of pharmaceutical narcotics and benzos.

I was feeling terrible on the first few days of the fast as could be expected but then I started feeling pretty good and on some days, I felt amazing--- full of energy.

Yesterday I was fine until the evening when I suddenly felt congested in my chest. The congestion led to panic which led to paranoia that something was wrong and that I was going to die. I felt a little lightheaded and my legs were really sore all of a sudden. The panic/paranoia reminded me of the paranoia I have experienced on hallucinogenics, pot and when I was coming off of xanax.

I lay awake for a while but finally fell asleep after taking a melatonin. When I woke up this morning, I felt okay at first. As the day progresses, though, I'm starting to feel these symptoms again. I'm coughing a lot and there's definitely fluid in my lungs. When I was making my juice earlier, I felt lightheaded.

I want to continue with the fast as I suspect that these are all detox symptoms from the insane amount of drugs I have done in my lifetime. Even on Day 12, my face is still ridden with Acne and isn't "glowing" like I've read so many others have experienced by this phase. My menstrual cycle kicked in two weeks early, my gums have been bleeding, headaches subsided about day 5. I had this weird discoloration blotchiness appear on my forehead which seems to be fading.

But then I fear that it might be something health-related and not symptomatic of detox. I really do not want to break the fast because I want my body to be purged of these toxins and if I break the fast early, I won't be giving my body the opportunity to complete it's detox.

I have done over the counter fleet enemas and have been taking an herbal laxative. I ordered an enema kit on ebay and am going to give myself a coffee enema as soon as it arrives as I have read that caffeine stimulates the liver and will help release more toxins. My bowel movements have been rank... for a while it smelled like metal and looked like cat litter and there was also a metallic taste in my mouth.

Is it normal for someone with my history to have such extreme side effects and is there anything I can do that I'm not doing that can help me get it out of my system? I really want to experience the "mental clarity" I have read so much about. It's been such a long time since I've felt that.

Sorry this is so long but I want to give you the full scope of what's going on...

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