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Body odor cure, fbo - here it is. This WORKS!
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Published: 9 years ago

Body odor cure, fbo - here it is. This WORKS!

For some reason my other post was deleted. But here it is again.

I have never posted on this forum before. But after about a year and a half of research all over the web including this website... i feel the pain of a lot of people on here. I believe I found the cure to most of your BO and FBO issues and it needs to be shared.

I have tried everything before. Pills, diets, pro-biotics... literally everything, and nothing worked. This works. Most likely you don't have tmau, SIBO, candida, leaky gut or anything along those lines. I tried all the routines for these conditions with no success on any of the treatment plans. I just wasted money and time.

I think the condition is multi-faceted and it takes a two layer approach.

1. Low stomach acid or low stomach digestive enzymes

If you have low stomach acid you simply will not digest your food properly. This means that undigested proteins and other items will make it's way into your gut and ferment and putrify causing both gas issues and once your gut is overloaded it will transfer to your skin causing FBO and BO issues. If the first step of your digestion is off, your whole digestion is off. There is Betaine HCL supplements that will boost your stomach acid to help with digestion. THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL IN THIS PROCESS AND THEY MUST BE TAKEN GENEROUSLY WITH EVERY MEAL!

2. Trouble digesting FODMAPS. FODMAPs stands for Fermentable Oligo-, Di- and Mono-saccharides, and Polyols. These are carbohydrates that are difficult to digest and highely fermentable in the gut. These will produce gas and BO issues with those that have trouble digesting them. You will need to eliminate them COMPLETELY from your diet. When I say completely, i mean you will need to stop eating them all together for a period of around 4-6 weeks during the elimination phase, until you can begin introducing them one by one again. But you will see results from this within 1 week.

Ok so what's the cure? Here it is, ill do a step by step.

1. Buy 648mg Betain HCL supplements and 150mg pepsin. I prefer the NOW brand. Also buy the NOW brand product "Super Enzymes". Amazon has them much cheaper than health food stores. Super enzymes has the betain hcl in a low dose but also contains some other powerful enzymes. The HCL is good for proteins and the super enzymes are good for other carbs and sugars - but they need to be taken together for the best effect.

2. If you want fast results... Clean out your system completely. I recommend using the approach used in colonoscopy prep, because this is what I did prior to the next steps and I think it sped up the process - i felt results within a week and am now completely odor free. This is basically taking a bunch of laxatives to flush out your system. Go here and read "directions"

3. Once your system is flushed immediately go on the FODMAP diet. This is hard to do because your cutting out TONS of food and end up eating a lot of meat and eggs. But in all reality it is actually a very healthy diet, so look at this in a positive light when you go on this diet. It is important to STICK TO THE DIET and be strict about it. Do as much research on FODMAPS as you can and watch out for processed foods, fast foods, certain spices that may have fodmaps without you knowing (onion powder, garlic powder, etc...). This is a good list of foods here:

It is absolutely vital you stick to this diet as strictly as possible. If done correctly you will see results FAST... within a week or less. It's funny though too because I used to be so afraid of eggs after being on the low choline tmaue diet, but I eat them all the time now.

4. 10-15 minutes before eating every meal take 4 of the betain HCL supplements and 1 or 2 of the Super Enzyme supplement. You may need more betain HCL tablets then 4 when first starting... i was taking 6 or 7 my first week. Once my stomach started producing it's own acid I backed down and lowered my dosage. You can tell when to back down by feeling a burning sensation after taking. If you get heartburn, just take the Super Enzymes or take a similar enzyme product without betain hcl in it.

5. Take psylium husk (no sugar, no additives... just raw psylium husk) twice a day.

This is basically it. I promise you this works. It worked for me after I tried literally every imaginable thing in the world. My life is dramatically better and I feel great now. The reason it works is that the food I am eating is being properly digested in the stomach and it is not an issue causing food when it gets into the gut.

One more thing that is optional is when you go number 2... go like this:

It is the way our bodies our designed to go.

Just an additional note... I am no longer taking any other supplements besides these and a daily vitamin. No colon cleanses, no pro-biotics, no charcoal tablets, no chloroform tablets... NOTHING.

Seriously, if you have a Body Odor issue... Try this approach. You will thank me. It works. It may take a week or so to start noticing some results but overtime you will begin to see some dramatic improvements.


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