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prostate flush-outs -- passive procedures are preferred; cutting-out type procedures should be the last resort to prostate suffers!
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Published: 10 years ago

prostate flush-outs -- passive procedures are preferred; cutting-out type procedures should be the last resort to prostate suffers!

prostate flush-out; colon enemas, colon massages, or retrograde ejeculation are not related to prostate relief.

Hello curezone browsers. I am about to begin self experimentation -- all passive type procedures on my enlarged prostate. I have been reading through many of the curezone-member imputes and did notice several persons performing enemas for prostate relief. In my opinion, the only way to impact the prostate is by entering inside it from within, and the colon is not an entry point of any kind with respect to prostate relief. I suspect it is coming from the many marketing attempts by sellers of message devices used by homosexuals! The only way to impact the prostate is by entering into it, internally, either from the urinary bladder or the urine channel from the penile side! So all enemas entering into the colon are for assisting the colon at best.

Another item of concern is the clinical definition or belief of medical personnel, regarding retrograde ejaculation. It may be real or not. Why do I say this? If it is real, it could only exist under a very special condition in a very few persons within our population. Why? Well the urinary bladder´s exit is sealed off by a large internal sphincter muscle which is controlled by the body (involuntary function) and an external sphincter in front of the prostate (voluntary function). The latter is controlled by our minds, and when need of release, the person shuts off this muscle to not piss in their pants – but in the nearest toilet! This muscle is open most of the time, and only the much larger internal sphincter muscle controls the exiting of urine from bladder. The latter much larger muscle is huge and is closed by much force, when comparing the smaller prostate side sphincter muscle. The idea that the weaker can stay closed during ejaculation and allow the much larger one to take up semen is rather presupposed medical claim YES or NO!

First the bladder is upstream and gravity forces require the muscle to stay closed at all times, except for pissing into a toilet! The other idea that the sphincter has lips or can open muscle in such a way to receive semen is even more ridiculous. This entire idea has developed for men can not admit they make less semen when getting older or that the tiny channels and reservoirs are clogged up with plaque. I believe more in the latter statement, less semen is being made or released due to clogged up prostate gland, then idea the urinary bladder has special sipping lips of sorts to rob the prostate of its reproductive fluids.

I will close with this final comment, I have been taking Chanca Pierda for many years, and have witnessed a lot of solids, mostly calcium, be removed and sent into the toilet. This excess calcium is one huge problem for entire reproductive organs of the male; peyronies, prostate enlargement, and plaque laden sperm cells – i.e. testicle sperm morgue of the older folk! There are no bloodless surgeries for leaking internal sphincter muscles, and wetting ones pants in the golden years must be a problem for both men and women. The only chance of keeping plaque from forming within this urinary muscle is via taking this tea of Chanca Pierda from your mid-years and beyond.

p.s.1 Even though my c-patch story is over simplification to a very complicated manufacturing process (see peyronies, beesting letters at, its building block material is very basic. The material is mainly calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living material, which are stored in over abundance within the body. Please note: calcification materials can be seen as plaque on teeth.

In regards to removing free floating calcium bodies (called stones), there is one herbal tea worth taking over the long-run! The tea is called Chanca Piedra.
Chanca Piedra has a long history of removing free floating bodies out of the body, and is available throughout the world. Even though the matter is not laminations or clumps, they are generally huge and troublesome to the body and its functional organs. This involves stones in kidneys, urinary and gall bladders. I cannot prove it, but suspect even smaller masses of calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials that exist throughout the body fluids within and around all living cells! Actually, living cells are not connected to each other completely: The body is 85 percent body fluids anyway, to allow living cells access to food and rid themselves of cellular waste by-products. Within body fluids (bulk volume) are calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials everywhere too. Why? For the immune system is everywhere too and to make instant repairs calcium is the main defense; encapsulate to kill all invaders of any kind!

Anyway, lets get back to the original topic of proving Chanca Piedra can really remove calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials called stones.

Honey Bucket Collection/Observation of Free-Floating

1. Get one plastic pail 2 gallon (6-8 liters) or less with a lid and wire handle
2. A flashlight, hopefully with re-chargeable batteries
3. A plastic water pitcher about 4 pints (4 liters) or less
4. Plastic sieve, that sets on top of water pitcher, to allow for separation of tea s after cooking
5. Several packages of Chanca Piedra; online shopping

To make Chanca Piedra tea, boil 2 pints (2 liters) of bottled water with 2 over flowing tablespoons portions (or 3-finger pinch) of Chanca Piedra. then boil together for 5 to 10 minutes and let cool down to room temperature. Filter out the chanca piedra plant materials from the drinkable liquid tea, and finally store in refrigerator.

To witness the removal of calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials stored in your urinary tract, drink 1 ½ to 2 pints (liters) each night for 6 months. It may seem a long time to be drinking such amounts of liquids each night, but your late-nightly routines must change too. It means several trips to the bathroom each night, or garage better yet. The second problem is to store the urine in a pail and place it where other family members do not protest. YEP, your garage becomes the perfect place to continue this experiment for 6 months or longer.

The process is simple, you release your urine into pail each night, and empty it each morning. A flashlight is used to illuminate the liquids, for which soon, the liquids will change from clear to cloudy. It will become very cloudy, over time, to the extent you cannot see the pissing pail´s bottom.

When pouring the urine, into the toilet, be sure to watch for suspended white solids within urine mass itself. After pouring out urine, rinse pail out and return it to the garage each day. And do not forget to use the lid or your family will protest further.

Within a short time, the white cloudy solids will begin to plate out onto the sides of the pail. This is especially true, if your pail´s inner surface is with a rough texture. The plated out materials can be from two sources, stones themselves, and much smaller free floating calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials within the body fluid itself. I suspect the latter is impossible to remove completely, so stay concentrated on just removing the stones within the body.

Within a longer time, the color of the calcium will turn from a off white into a pure white crystal substance-- right on top of the older deposits clinging to the plastic pail´s inner surface.

Within a much longer time, calcification materials will greatly reduce, and your urine will become clearer once again.

In Conclusion:
By faithfully duplicating this procedure, so you can be witness to calcium-based aggregates or concoctions of non-living materials eventual removal from your body. I have been taking this tea for, over 6 years now, and have reduced my dose to ¾ of a pint nightly. And if I miss a few days of taking Chanca Piedra tea, each week, no big deal. Why? Well it would take many years for new stones to develop, at best. And with the least doses of same tea taken the long-run, it would be impossible to support any kind of harmful stone within mthe body!

And it is not a bad idea before starting to take a scan of internal organs (looking for stones), and scans each year thereafter! I do believe you will be well pleased for taking Chanca Piedra for the long-run and YEP no diapers for your golden years. Now that sounds like great non-doctor type news! Doctor, Doctor, do not worry there are still plenty of patients to practice on!


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