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me again
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Published: 9 years ago

me again

hy evreyone

my ec didn't cure fully. i was a little exagerate on my solution.proberly cause i got tired of this condition and want to have hope.
but!!!-my gluten evoiding does keep the ec 50 percent smaller
in comparing to when i do eat gluten foods.

sorry if i Delusion anyone. i apolegize. i only had good intentions.
i was wrong by thinking and telling that the white stuff went away,it didn't,but my lips does being much better becasue of evoiding gluten.
i dont know if it is also helping my lips the fact that i try to also evoid eggs and dairy.

maybe i have celiac or sort of gluten senstivity without the celiac-maybe.

is this thing have to do with vitamin deficiency?

i'm starting to put my focus on that lately.

in blood tests i had that checked also my b12 it was low so i taking now vitamin b12 1000 microgram a day.
its a b12 you take under your tongue and it's absorb by little Capillaries undernith.
this assuring you absorb the vitamin becuse it goes straight to your blood and don't have to go like food and regular piils throgu your Digestive System(that might be damaged)

i also have seborea dermetitis for many years and i found out recently that it might be due to luck of other vitamins from the b group.
so right now i'm serching for a lab at my contry that do thos other b vitamins tests(b1,b2,b3,b5..all the other friking b's)
and not just the b12 test.
i also red that when you have b12 deficent it is very likely that you have defenict in other b's vitamins.
i have to do a test in order to know if there is relly deficiency , it cant be fixed by buying vitamin b comlex.
becuse in vitamin b complex-there is only the amount of vitamins that recomended for a person to consume a day.
if i am deficent it won't fill up the deficient-at best it will only keep the vitamin amount on the same level it is and prevent it to go lower.
for exampele my b12 deficient could never be fixed by taking a b complex-becuse it has only the recomended pair day dosage- at best it would kept it from go lower.
the doctor gave me high dosage-and only like that it can be fixed.

i need to check my vitamins(maybe not just the b group)

also if i have deficient in them i will maybe need to get them throgh injections(becuse it might be a problem of absorption(celiac or other digestive stuff). maybe other vitamins also have the under toungh form and then there isnt need of injections.

many people took vitamins and it didnt helped them-
but like i said - if you have low of certain vitamin and you take the reglular pills that sales, your vitamin deficeniet will at best stay on the same low and wont get lower-but it wont raise up-and if it is a proplem of absorption-and you take the pills that you need to swallow it might be absolutely meaningless-like you didnt take them.

so what i think must be ruled out is this vitamin deficiency(if this is in all of us it will indicate only on the symptom -the problem might be the absorpiton which can be from variety of illnesses)
the vitamins must be checked and if there is deficien and you get treetment you will have to go through another test for see that it was fixed.

this test arent being done on the standart blood test.
and right now i found a lab that do a b1 and b6-but it isnt enough-i need all the b group- i think we all need to get testes for all the f***uing fricking vitamins that exist and even not exist-in order at list to rule this out.

like i said- regular vitamins pills wont help you if you have defenicy becase you will need very high dosage in order to fix the problem-and also you might need to get it theough injection direct to your blood system-that way it assured it is absorb.

i'm not saying it is the problem-all i am saying is that this thing need to be cheeked.

i also aded to my diet lots of beef liver,and beef meat- becuse of its high b vitamins amount(and hoping it is abosrbing),and i still taking the b12 under tongue pills.

hope we will all get cured some day(tomorrow!!!!). bay

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